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Zambian fans delighted with Charlie Musonda’s Chelsea competitive debut

Former Zambia international midfielder Charles ‘Charlie Cool’ Musonda’s son Charlie Jnr made is competitive debut for English Champions Chelsea in the Community Shield defeat to Arsenal to a delight of a host of Chipolopolo fans.

The nimble footed youngster replaced Brazilian winger Willian in the 82nd minute.

Chelsea went on to lose 4-1 on post match penalties after the much ended 1-1.

Though Charlie Jnr is likely to opt to play for Belgium, that didn’t prevent the Zambian fans across the globe from cheering on him  in his 8 minutes cameo.

The highly rated youngster will be looking to push for more opportunities this season after Chelsea manager Antonia Conte handed him squad no.17.

His father ‘Charlie Cool’ came through the ranks at boyhood club Mufulira Wanderers alongside Kalusha before they trekked to Europe.

29 Comments to Zambian fans delighted with Charlie Musonda’s Chelsea competitive debut

  1. zamfoot how far faz have gone in negotiations with the newly introduction of due citizens ship in persuing the boy to play for zed.last time you told us Charles musonda father is under 23 coach how far with yo news Ba zamfoot stop telling us rumors

  2. Zamfoot why are you blocking my comments

  3. Guys charles musonda does not love his country I’m sure kamanga could have given him that job as the under20 coach I’m sure the man decline that job history has it that the man is unpatriotic to his country the last time that he played for the nation team was in 1989 during the zambia vs zaire and the game ended 1 all draw so zamfoot could you stop reporting about people who does not love their country

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      How old are you? The last time Charles Musonda played for Zambia was in 1993 in Morocco in a world cup qualifier we lost 1-0. He got injured in that game after FAZ ignored or not helped in the medical bills, he quit playing for Zambia. To say he last played for Zambia in 1993 is a total lie, check your facts first.

    • Mukei71 says:

      Point of correction ,he played against Morocco in 1993,when Zambia lost away one zero

  4. dilo says:

    you guys should stop dreaming, he will never play for Zambia, FAZ cant afford to pay him.

  5. soccerguru says:

    Which Zambia n’s celebrated….??? Only the dumb bootlickers. …..we don’t need this youngster ….We have Fashion….Paston. ….Mwepu and Tiger. …..and Emmanuel Banda who are better than this boy…..let him go and warm the bench for Belgium

  6. Pungwa says:

    Truth is, i dont consider these boys as ours, and to be fair to him, he is Belgian. He was born bred and cultured there. His first Choice will obviously be belgium, unless he fails to break into that team and as age catches up can he look at Zambia. Our qualification to the world cup would also be incentive for him at such a stage.

  7. Ghost says:

    wat do u min zamfoot Zambians got a excited were I was didn’t c anyone excited pliz kindly report on Zambian players n stop dreaming.

  8. Discipline says:

    Ba zamfoot also stop reporting anything about these people this boy is just for sell and they are using him to just like add value to him and he will not be used in premier games just in that stupid cup carling something and then he will be sold like l pray to say bournmouth as in for Belgium who is he going to bench for him to play

  9. Bsimms says:

    Uzelesss boy who will never play for Zambia.

    Safe to say, his only link to this country is his name. Besides this he is Belgian.

    Unfortunately, despite being young, he may never feature for their national team.

    & Zamfoot please stop reporting on such un patriotic chaps…

  10. Concerned Citizen says:

    Zambia doesn’t need mercenary players.

  11. Tc Soccerman says:

    He will never play for Zambia because he does not regard himself as Zambian. Let he does not owe anything to anyone or Zambia so please let this young man alone and let him do what is best for him and his family. None of you will help him out if he played for Zambia and got an injury like his dad. So as much as we want him to play for Zambia, it is up to him to make that decision based of what he sees best. Yes for selfish reasons, I want him to play for Zambia and not colonial oppressors in Europe, but I am also a realist and know that he will make more money playing for Belgium than Zambia. If he plays for Belgium he will also have a retirement package after its all said and done. In Zambia, our past heroes are not helped after their playing careers and are thus suffering in the combonis and muma tarven, so lets be honest, if you and I were in this kid’s shoes, we would first look at what best for us. Beside he knows nothing about Zambia, maybe just a few visits here and there and that’s pretty much it. Good luck to him if he decides to play for Belgium or Zambia, but to think that he need to patriotic to Zambia is baseless. The kid was born and raised in Belgium period.

  12. Tc Soccerman says:

    On a different note though, I like his ball handling, I just think he needs to release the ball early and quit trying to take 3-4 opposing players on himself. He is a good player though and I love it when commentator says something regard Charlie Musonda Sr having been a regular for Zambia. It reminds people that Zambian with good talent development from a young age as Charly can feature for big teams as Chelsea. The real issue with Zambia is poverty and when the good players start to making it, they see this eventual money and they get confused instead of becoming better football players. You look at Mbesuma…though he grew up for the better, you look at Mayuka’s deteriorating form and getting fat could all be as a result of getting this overnight millions and not knowing how to handle that. A lot of Zambia players have rushed to play for useless clubs just to make a living because they have a burden of living in poverty while young.

  13. General says:

    Let him be.we won afcon swnior and u20 without him and his father.

  14. Boas says:

    Lets talk about the under 17 and under 20s. We have talents to develop from these young stars!

  15. Amandla says:

    The match (not much) ended 1-1. Congratulations Charlie Muzo.

  16. J.S says:

    Irregardles of him playing for Zambia, support is okay. Musonda is a typical Zambian name. Point is he doesn’t have to play for Zambia to be accorded my support. Best wishes and keep up the good work.

  17. slim says:

    Highlight the form of Sikombe and Ngonga. The Chipolopolo need these two boys in front and midfield, especially Ng’onga. His game has improved after a stint in Gabon. Wada should consider them in the reverse fixture against Bafana.

  18. kensplash says:

    I agree with you Slim. N’gonga especially must be considered,now with wada you never know.

  19. MULENGA PULU says:

    Charles Musonda isnt a Zambian .Enock Mwepu is a better player

  20. he is a racist just leave that man alone hes not patriotic and not a Zambian,we dont need his boy ,we have a lot of talent in zambia who can play better than the ka boy we have likes edward chilufya,enock mwepu ,fassion sakala and emmanuel banda.so we dont care if does not sign for due citizenship

  21. PHOTON says:

    Umuntu kuponta sana!

  22. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    This boy should play for Zambia as both his parents are Zambians. Being born in Belgium does not change anything. So why all this noise

    Coach Nyirenda approach Charles thru your elder brother Stone Nyirenda. Umwaiche mukali and can add value to our national team period

  23. Redlue says:

    Musonda’s son shouldn’t play for Zambia considering his mother unthinkable talking and bragging that he only can play for Belgium and England, we have enough talents such as Edward chilufya,Emmanuel Banda, Daka Kenneth kalunga to mention but few

  24. this boy can add value to the national team and he is pure zambian, he is a good player and have watched him play.

  25. phiri hudson says:

    wen one says no,its no.Don’t force matters. we have a lot of talented young footballers, let’s use them.don’t force a bone in a clay-pot,the pot will break. leave the musonda’s alone.

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