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ZAMBIA WEEPS! as Kamanga tumbles in Cairo

Football Association of Zambia, FAZ President Andrew Kamanga has been defeated at the CAF executive committee elections in Cairo, Egypt on Thursday.

And Samir Sobha from Mauritius won the CAF Southern Zone seat after beating Kamanga and Bomber Mthetwa from Eswatini.

Sobha got 38 votes while FAZ president Andrew Kamanga had 12 votes.

Eswatini’s Bomber Mthetwa got 2 votes.

The 12 votes Kamanga got reflects about 23%.

For the past two terms, the seat was being held by African football icon Kalusha Bwalya.


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9 Comments to ZAMBIA WEEPS! as Kamanga tumbles in Cairo

  1. Evans says:

    After falling to take Zambia to two Afcons i am just surprised how this man is still in the position sir with all due respect you have failed just resign.call for early elections so a new executive can come in and fix the mess we are in thank you.

  2. Daniel says:

    Caf positions are not for babies. We tried to advise you to allow kalu to stand.

  3. Jonas Zebiggie says:

    This guy can’t even qualify to AFCON and he expects to be nominated? Ludicrous. He needs to be sacked.

  4. Luapula Bize says:

    Sheer selfishness costed Zambia a position at CAF.

  5. Slim says:

    Kali a would have been vetted he has some tainted name! In any case Kalu over the years has worked against candidature of any Zambian in football circles examples abound: he blocked Mulonga at Cosafa, also he campaigned against Kalaba vying for Caf award, as if this is not enough he reared his egg head against Kamanga in Egypt!! The chap is a menacing beast interested only in his own welfare.Zambia is only a stepping stone for his own schemes.

  6. Logic says:

    Self inflicted gunshot. Zambia would have still had this position had Kamanga not tried to extend his personal grudge against Kalu. This was a miscalculated move

  7. BYONKABYO says:

    I think caf position was not a good idea for AK to participate that was wrong timing for now concentrate on local football also be a listener

  8. Sibs says:

    Greed and desire for power blinded AK. Ask Danny Jordan the South African football Association President how difficult it is to win at CAF. He has tried a few times and lost pants down. Danny Jordan is a guy with Financial muscle and Big connections than our won A.Kamanga.

    Kalu knows his way in CAF and he carries a lot of respect in Africa and at FIFA. Forget all those corruption issues that were surrounding Kalu he would have won i can bet my money on that. Kalu is part of a “clique” in CAF that has been around the block for a while.

  9. Saidi says:

    I hope Kananga learns that he cannot always go after all the positions Kalusha had and embarrass him, he should just have his own way and tactics of doing things. CAF is not easy

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