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Zambia U20 will be paid their dues – Andrew Kamanga

Football Association of Zambia  (FAZ) President Andrew Kamanga has assured the victorious Zambia U20 national team will be paid their dues by the government soon.

Kamanga disclosed that the government was in the process has been given all the account details to the government and they should be getting their payments soon.

“Their issues are being addressed, all the matters to do with payments are handled by the government. As of last week all their account details were collected and they will be paid whatever is due to them. I don’t think that is a big issue,” Kamanga said.

“Their could be a delay but at the end of the day they will still be paid and we gave them that assurance,” he added.

The FAZ strong man also confirmed that the team was in camp preparing for the Invitation tournament in North Korea which kicks off on Friday.

There were reports that the Africa U20 champions are protesting the none payment of their allowances after they were not paid before breaking camp after the Africa Cup of Nations tournament.

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  1. Tc Soccerman says:

    The Monies should have been allocated and ready even before the tournament started, meanwhile Lungu is busy flying around with his clueless mofon ministers instead of allocating enough funds for the players. What kind of idiots are at state House Kanshi. They are busy screwing around with national interest. The Zambia football teams at all levels are a national treasure and they represent us all. Thus deserve immidiate attention by our leaders. Failure to recognize that by Lungu and his clowns or anybody else for that matter, is an insult to the Zambian people. Lungu and his worthless ministers need to see to it that the players, coaching are paid without any delay. Enough of this nonsense.

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      Did those fools(our leaders) ever head of a term budget? Useless. I expected money(base payments) to be wired into these kids account every after game played. That is how it should be. Anything else such as winning bonus should have been the subject of the aftermath. While we at it, Kamanga, how much are we getting from Caf for winning the tournament? You said you were going to be transparent right? We need to know so nobody starts to Nyunya us again….just a valid question there.

    • jose mputu says:

      FAZ should have planned this goes even our families.

    • Prince says:

      Poor planning…the boys should have been paid as the played..work without pay is a basic evil…Kamanga promised opened books at FAZ…tell us what you are doing with the money that we won, if at all we have received it? The boys need to paid before they leave for the friendly tournament in SK and World cup payments should be sourced before the tournament…keep your expense receipts separate from game dues owned to the boys!

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      “Lungu is brain dead” true that is, sad for the future of mother Zambia.

  2. Interesting! up to now the boys haven’t been payed their winning bonus as for me I won’t entirely blame the government but kamanga is to be blamed too because he is the one running football in this country.where is the money that we were given by CAF for winning this cup because what I know part of that money is given to players the other part will go to FAz and the government treasury so kamanga should be truthfull to himself he shouldn’t play the mokey tricks to the boys remember we are watching you because some of us we can’t be deceived like the way you deceived your children on this blorg so mr kamanga just pay the boys what is due to them

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      You have any information you can share about CAF paying FAZ just yet? Until then hold your breath, common sense tells me CAF has not written the cheque just yet or it has not yet been cleared. So its immature to talk about the CAF money, but government should have had a package ready upon the end of the tournament.


    Give the Boys their money or don’t show your face to us as no one will show you our teeth ala!

  4. Mwebantu says:

    Yes, the delay in paying the boys is not a good gesture after they had worked so hard to make us happy. This is important for the future. We need to keep the motivation high in the team. Winning and running football are expensive ventures. It is also time we began building a stadium in Kitwe and in Livingstone if we want to host AFCON. Two fields are not enough! Please start NOW!

  5. paradox says:

    the boys should consider themselves fortunate to have won afcon under kamanga. under kalu, they would have been crying by now.

  6. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    Yaba all the time the same old story. Kaya mwe

  7. What about the 2012 winning team did they cry? Don’t just speak as if you are in tarven drinking chibuku

  8. Egwugwu says:

    ati kalu is corrupt.

    • Positive thinking says:

      Tc,stop bringing the President into this. There is a minister of sport and there is also a FAZ president. Let’s try to keep this blog as football centric as possible. Ifya politics is not necessary. That just muddies the waters and we lose perspective on what brings us together.

  9. PAPA GAME says:

    What is this nonsense again but pa zed awe mwandi

  10. paradox says:

    ask yourself, did the 2012 get all the money CAF sent to FAZ, part of it was disclosed, the rest….tidyemo

    • Prince says:

      Plus the millions from the Japan and Brazil games…????

      • Tc Soccerman says:

        Yeah that’s right, but tell that to the deplorables also known as Kalu cadres, they won’t make sense of it all. Just amazing how ignorant most are and are still drinking Kalu and Kazala’s koolAid. Lol

  11. Martin says:

    Kamanga is useless. How can they only be collecting bank details now? Please pay the chaps all their monies

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      How so? Did it ever occur to you that since most of these players are young, maybe some do not have any bank accounts just yet? I don’t remember having a bank account while in Zambia when I was their age, but maybe things have changed now. Either way, Kamanga will need to scout more funds outside the government as relying on the government will lead to disappointments and just wacky operations overall. We all know how politicians work, whether its being Edger Lungu and admin or just any President, they are all useless and will always be, even if it was HH same would have been the case. They all lookout for those that kiss their butts, period.

  12. Mr TC soccerman where did you get that information that CAF has not realese the money? don’t just defend your father for the sake of defending him.when did FAZ realese a sentiment that CAF has not given them the money?answer me! You think you are talking to children that you can deserve no way my friend the check was realese the same day the under20 won that cup so stop hallucinating can you give us facts and not those lies you are telling us

  13. Positive thinking says:

    This is poor planning by FAZ and poor coordination with Government. The issue and logistics of remuneration should have been sorted out prior to the ball being kicked.

    The issue of paying players should never be an after thought. At the very least I hope that the players will be paid what they were promised.

  14. The person who is suppose to realese a sentiment that CAF did not realese the money is the spokesperson for FAZ not you mr TC soccerman by the way when did you become the spoke person for mr kamanga?because you seem to be obsses with him. The players that won Afcon in 2012 never complain about the winning bonus there were given a lot of money plus the land to each player so stop those lies bring out real isues not those lies

  15. The question that I’m going to ask you panado and TC soccerboy is, Did the players complained about the winning bonus in 2012 after winning the Afcon and after the brazil friendly I’m waiting for an answer

    • Positive thinking says:

      Ba Guru naimwe. You’ve been waiting for something to attack Kamanga about from the second he took office. How about you explain the U20 or U17 girls who went to the world cup and came back to peanuts for money? I believe the admin stated that too many teams had qualified therefore they could not afford to pay them.

      Let’s not pick specs from others eyes when there is a beam in yours. I can even picture you salivating over your key board acting like your Kalu was any better.

      This is an issue that has been in Zed football for a long time so give us a break bro.

  16. The one who comparing kalu and kamanga are you positive thinking,panado and TC soccer boy not me because when I try to bring out the mistekes that kamanga is making like the delay in paying the players they winning bonus you keep on bring the mistekes that kalu made during his time.when are you going to move on? Because kalu is no longer a faz presdent yes I always talk about kamanga because he is the FAZ president and I will never stop criticizing him when ever he made a misteke I will speak out

    • Positive thinking says:

      The problem is not you bringing up problems. The problem is the nature with which you attack the current admin. Then you also heap praise on Kalu like they were infallible.

      Your message gets lost when you are constantly criticizing. We have not seen any praise from you. U20 won Africa Cup and nothing…The U20 haven’t been paid yet, and here you are criticizing.

      Ifwe we gave credit to Kalu mu 2012. I still give him credit for the Supersport deal and even this U20 cup because he worked very hard to get us to host and zone 6 games in getting the players ready.

      Imwe on the other hand. You have picked Kamanga as your nemesis. The man could walk on water today and you will have negative to say about him. Read my post on the players getting paid. This is wrong. As long as you continue with this agenda, you will not be listened to by the neutral folks here. Instead your followers will be those who are known for their negativity at all turns.

  17. We all know that there is no proper funding for woman football in zambia so mr positve thinking you can’t compare the victorious under20 team and the women under17 and under20 team the situation is different here infact the women team did not win any thing.NEXT

    • Positive thinking says:

      We are not comparing performance. We are comparing payment of what is owed, so give me a break sir.

      If you don’t have a counterpoint it is easier to just be quiet. NEXT back to you.

  18. As for me I’m not even close to kalu the last time that I ever seen kalu was the time when he use to play football I do not just comment for the sake of commenting but I gather all the facts first I do not believe every story on the social media I do the reserch and check the soucil of the story first

  19. Mr positive thinking whether you listen to me or not I don’t care because you people on this blorg you are not prepared to listen to the truth. let me tell you this I won’t stop speaking out the wrong things that kamanga is doing, coming to the isue of giving credits go through the story concerning zambia and senegal game read all the comments and the sporseship deal that he sign with FNB read the comments there too and then come back to me that’s when will continue with this disscusion I will be waiting for you hurry up

    • Positive thinking says:

      Mr Undefeated. I think we can simply agree to disagree. There is no reasoning with you. I have a better chance of talking a rock into turning into a bird. Ine at least I listen and respond accordingly. I also agree with some of your points, but this hatred you have for Kamanga is ridiculous. You also refuse to acknowledge that the issue of payments has always been there even under Kalu.

      You want to talk about 2012, but even then the payment of dues was not immediate. In fact, they are players who still state that they never received the houses they were promised. But that is neither here nor there. Whats funny is that we actually agree here that FAZ should have sorted this out much earlier.

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      Guru, you need to shut up, I do believe everyone on this site is getting the idea that you are ignorant and plainly dull. And I am being nice to even characterize you in that category. You are just running your mouth with no facts. Kamanga this, Kamanga that, shut the fuck up.

  20. paradox says:


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