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Zambia U20 Player Focus: Enock Mwepu

A new king of Assists is born in Zambian football in Enock Mwepu. A lot of soccer fans have described him as the new and replacement of Issac ‘Gatuso’ Chansa. Indeed Mwepu, is a top drawer midfielder who is headed for greatness.


Name: Enock Mwepu

Date of Birth: 1 January 1998.

Place of Birth: Chambishi, Kitwe.

Nickname: Computer (My friends call me computer because I think like a genius and act before I make move with the ball.

Position: Midfielder

He is a versatile midfielder playing both in the attacking role and defensive role. However, Mwepu looks more comfortable playing high up the midfield just behind the main striker as was the case against the Amajita in a game he scored a goal. With all the skills that he has, he has a perfect height to tackle aearial threats both when attacking and defending.

He came on the scene as the lanky winger for the Zambia U17 national team class of 2015 that made a historic qualification to the Africa Cup of Nations tournament.

He is almost certain of a starting berth on Beston Chambeshi’s congested midfield selection list after a great performance at the U20 Cosafa tournaent in South Africa where he scored a goal and made two assists.

Under 20 jersey Number:11

Age: 19


2003-2011: Grade 1-9 Chambishi primary school from (2003-11) and later completed his grade 12 at Chambishi Secondary school in 2014..

Started career: Mwepu played with chambishi Rising and youth academy before moving to kafue in 2014-15. His young brother Francis Mwepu is an u17 international striker.

Previous clubs: June 2015 Power Dynamostill the end of 2015 season

Current club: On Loan to Napsa stars from Kafue Celtic

Dream club: Real Madrid

Role Model: Yaya Toure

Goals scored in career: About 40

2016 season goals in ZSL: Three

Honours: COSAFA gold medal winner and his attributes was seen as he emerged the man of the match in a COSAFA CUP final day Zambia beat south Africa last year in December.

Achievement: Participated in Under 17 Afcon in Niger. Currently with Zambia under 20 squad.

Quote: “I am ready for the Afcon and want to help my team qualify tothe World Cup”.

By Nicholas Chola

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  1. Kasama Boy says:

    Wish you the very best now and in future. We shall wait and assess your promising talent when we watch the U20 AFCON tournament at home soil.

  2. I can see the future is clear for these lads and Zambian soccer at large, looking at the way they playing against s.a u can even tell that these are the future chipolopolo boys,congratulations kamanga and faz team the organization of this team which looks promising and a plan of camping them in Spain. wishing u good luck both faz and Enock mwepu and the copper bullets.

  3. Chisuta says:

    The boy is gud, we can only hop for gud

  4. Kuku says:

    Like the column. Promising boys just have to be prepared, so that we dont say we over hyped them…There are gears in football, you change them in that 90 minutes as the game unfolds, it’s just beautiful when they start well.

  5. J.S says:

    I like his confidence. Dream on Enock, anything as long as you focus and dedicated.

  6. Tc Soccerman says:

    You keep exposing yourself as being a Kalu cadre. You need to come to terms that you corrupt boss is no more at Faz and now we have a president that focuses on the youth development and understands that the future of our national team is building a strong under 20,17 and that is why he prepared the young lady by sending them to Europe, but dunderheads like you will still insult Kamanga out of bitterness. Under Kalu, the money used for Europe camping would have been used to take Emely Cassetti for a fancy Caviar dish, while our players are relegated to practicing in the hotel parking lots. You need to keep your filthy mouth quiet, we all know you are worthless so please don’t drag me to your level.

  7. RICHPOPO says:

    ba mbuli u r fond of insulting each other instead of futball issues,grow up bakapoli guru,tc nd ako kambi ka mumbwi

  8. Egwugwu says:

    My message also goes to slim AIDS shade.

  9. Kalu is no longer at FAZ that’s the fact and I accept but why do you always keep on calling him names he is no longer at FAZ but we have kamanga now so if he is corrupt like you are puting it let the anti corruption arrest him period infact its the duty of the court pronouce a person guilty not a moron like you.the zambian law says that every one is innocent until proved guilty by the court of law but why iam i saying this to an illiterate person who don’t understand simple things our many target now is kamanga let’s just tell him off the things that he is not doing well instend of protecting him

  10. I don’t have a problem with kamanga but I have a problem with his fake promises because during the campagns he promise the football fraternity a lot of things which he has so far failed to do.he promise us the selection of players at the national team will be done on merit but we stil have player like Adrian chama in the national team while players like walter bwalya is left out. yet one moron from south Africa will defend kamanga saying he is not the one selecting players to the national team but when he promised us during the campagns that he will make sure that it is done on merit this is what I call lack of common sense

  11. That’s why I call him a failure, just look at the marketing aspect of the under20 Afcon it leaves much to be desired. yes the preparation of the team is good but the marketing and the publicity is poor but no one on this blog is even talking about it why because its kamanga but if it was kalusha bwalya we could have seen the dead woods like big steve,stumpy,John,slim,TC soccer dog,kay hammer and the company criticizing but football can’t develop with such type of people lets call a spade a spade here guys

  12. Egwugwu says:

    Kamanga cant even get us proper kit .look at our jerseys as if they are for a primary school team not to say kappa is not a good brand but the quality we have gone for ,check burkina faso’s kappa or supersport or napoli that is quality. this guy is inferior .Today on faz facebook page they have designed an ugly image for 2017 under 20 afcon appearing in the background.check this out and see for your self.

  13. Egwugwu says:

    We are told this man is an energy consultant /guru/ expert etc but he doesnt seem to understand corporate branding /marketing.everything around him is substandard.

  14. Egwugwu were have you been?we need people with progressive mind on this blog like you.not these kids who are singing praise songs for kamanga.we should speak out let’s not be intimidated by these kamanga children otherwise our football will keep on going down

  15. Thoko Ngwenya says:

    Just a note and to support the fellow above. The Zambia kappa jersey is not up to scratch. The badge/ flag looks looks like it was pasted on. I see Kappa make hood quality kits for teams in Serie A. The same was true for Nike. The Zambia kit looked inferior. Why? The colors. The only one that was good was the copper and green combo or the Afcon winning kit. Everything else Is not befitting the National team. The all green is boring. Let Nigeria have all green. Use the Zambia colors. I think Umbro and admiral did a good job with the classic Copper and black in the Chitalu era.

  16. Egwugwu says:

    Am around man.

  17. Pungwa says:

    Uganda national team defender Isaac Isinde has penned a one-year deal with Zambian league side Buildcon.

    Isinde, 25, was part of the Cranes team that represented Uganda at the recently-concluded Africa Nations Cup (AFCON) finals in Gabon.

    The deal is timely as the Ugandan player has been looking for a new club ever since the expiry of his contract with Ethiopian club St. George in November last year.

    It’s estimated that he will receive sh100m for the time he will be in Zambia plus also a furnished house.

    After his release from St George, another Ethiopian side Hawassa FC was understood to be close to signing Isinde, but the deal did not pull through.

    He had played at St. George for five years.

    There emerged local reports that the club was reluctant to renew his contract after the recruitment of younger defenders.

    Isinde joined St. George in 2011 and went on to win two Ethiopian Premier League titles and two Ethiopian FA Cups.

    His departure from St. George left Cranes second-choice goalkeeper Robert Odongkara and midfielder Yasser Mugerwa as the only national team players at the club​.

  18. Paradox you are one of the few people that I respect on this blog so I will appreciate if we discuss the development of football but if you want to exchange insults then you are welcome.the under 20 Afcon will kickoff soon. is our country ready to host it?I mean the training facilities are they in good condition,the hotels,transportation of the teams,is this tournament fully marketed how is the publicity of this tournament is it up to scratch?the jersey which the team will use is it good or bad these are the things that we need to discuss not kalusha bwalya because kalu did his part now it kamanga because when things are wrong we can not be singing praise for kamanga

    • paradox says:

      i respected you also but the way u insulted kamanga and the hate you have shown out of nothing shocked me thus my response

  19. paradox says:

    admin i come back after a long time and u delete my comment?

  20. Positive thinking says:

    Eh ba Undefeated Guru,

    Kwena mwa ponta. Let’s debunk this Kamanga and Kalu business:

    1. Kalu deserves credit for spearheading the campaign that brought the U-20 AFCON to Zambia. This was his baby and was done under his tenure.

    2. Kamanga deserves credit because for the first time ever!!! The junior side has actually received adequate training and preparation unlike in the past where you just see a team list in the newspaper and hear that Zambia U whatever has won COSAFA or some other regional tournament.

    3. You cant honestly sit there and criticize Zambia’s Kappa jersey as a Kalu supporter:
    3a. Kalu and his admin lost the Nike contract. You can call what they did either greed or completed incompetence. I still shake my head when I think about it.
    3b. Kalu’s admin lost the contract with Nike, and Zambia was playing with left over kits for close to 2 years…so I’ll take a crappy Kappa jersey over kit yaku washa after every game.

    4. Guru makes a good point on marketing. I was going to say I doubt Kalu’s admin would have done a better job, but I would say they made the effort when Zambia hosted COSAFA back in the day. Not being in zed, don’t know if the U-20 tourney is getting any real advertising.

    As for Guru. Let’s try and look at things objectively. YOu say things without any historical or analysis to back it up. Don’t Donald Trump us by posting 30 posts that are full of insults and opinions with no back up material.

  21. Egwugwu says:

    Kalu lost the nike deal and the guys were using left over kits.I totally agree and i want to mention that the nike kit was nice .It is time for kamanga to get chipolopolo a well deserved kit otherwise crying over kalu’s misdeeds cannot be substantiated anymore.(Are they still discussing with kappa or he has settled for off the shelf kit just because the previous admin used left overs for two years? ..its a big joke).The use of substandard adverts how is it kalu’s business?
    whatever goes wrong under kamangas administration it only him and the entire management to be held accountable not kalusha bwalya.Some of us we are not going to sit back and allow incompetence.

    • Positive thinking says:

      Butti Egwugwu did you read my post? I said the truth, Kalu and his admin lost the kit deal. Sitting here and criticizing the Kappa kit when Kalu and his guys couldn’t get any kit deals done in two years is ridiculous.

      You can’t walk into a room naked and ask someone in a bamba to get dressed!! Kwisa?!!!

  22. i dont know if the great Ucar chitalu ever lamented on what jerseys to wear or what deals, as much as football is business or whatever facts people know on football i think we have lost direction ( bloggers) lets stop insuting one another lets guard our morals , football is just agame at the end of it all and every nation wants to win , as much as all are not christians , i for one believe good morals paint agood picture and promotes peace , we all grieve or get annoyed whether its Kalu or Kamanga or fans but lets develop or support our game with love and tolerance plus football is not agame of insults or hatred it units all and cuts across language barriers hence , fellow zambians remember there is time for everything, to be sad or to be happy,ALL TEAMS want the same prize please no name calling we all love the game and our players , lets support them too

  23. Egwugwu says:

    Still he maintained the same kit though FAZ was buying that time around because he knew we deserved quality .
    Boss we have seen a new government come in power and immediately acquire things which the previous govt failed to acquire in a life time.why cant kamanga convince the suppliers that the corrupt regime is gone and that him the transparent energy guru/consultant/ will ensure things run smoothly onwards.

    The point is there are certain things kalu did(Connections) which kamanga CANNOT do ,so dont blame kalu for kamanga’s failures.Equally kamanga can do things which kalu failed to do (Ethical Issues and transparency).

    Lets move forward gentlemen.

  24. Positive thinking says:

    This young man hopefully ends up going places. With discipline and hard work he can definitely do great things. Zambia is lacking a successor to Isaac Chansa!!!

    Hard work + discipline + positive attitude = Real Madrid

  25. GRAND says:


    1.Look at the jersey when we played Nigeria and Cameroon, white in colour, where did the white colur come from. The last time we wore a white jersey was long time ago, we have only been using national colors. In the days of elsporto and diadole

    2. Financialy kappa deal is very bad, paying Faz almost half of what nike was paying. But remember that the Nike deal was signed before zambia worn the afcon. The previous faz executive demanded more from Nike and nike refused

    3. The kit supplied by Kappa looks to be inadequate, our national teams are still using some left over kits from Nike. Things like slipers, bags are still branded in Nike.

    4. Whenever our national team was playing at home Nike will make its presence being felt by placing a Nike perimeter advert, Your kappa is has never done that from the time the deal was signed.

    The list is endless, moreover the new executive promised transparency in all faz deals but the nike deal has been more secret than a Nike

  26. SLIM says:

    No credible kit suppliier will deal with FAZ after Nike debacle, untill the corrupt individuals involved are brought to book! All this thanks to Kalu and his minions!

  27. kadif says:

    all the best mwepu

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