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Zambia U20 to camp in England and Korea ahead of World Cup

The Zambia U20 national soccer team will camp in England and South Korea ahead for the FIFA U20 World Cup which kicks off in May.

The ZamFoot Crew understands that the African Junior champions have been invited to play in a four nations tournament by the host nation in preparation for the World Cup which will also feature other teams that have qualified for the FIFA tournament.

Sports Minister Moses Mawere has also confirmed that the technical bench has indicated that they would prefer to camp the team in England and the government are willing to fund the camp.

Zambia who are in group C will play Portugal in their opening match on 21st May before engaging Iran on 24th May.

They wind up the group stage with a game against Costa Rica on 27th May.

43 Comments to Zambia U20 to camp in England and Korea ahead of World Cup

  1. serenje says:

    north korea or south korea please clarify ba zamfoot

    • Prince says:

      It’s obviously SK! It pays to be champions, u r always noticed!! Nice initiative from FAZ and govt.!

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      Imwe a Serenje, North Korea is busy making balistic Missiles that fat boy Kim is directing them to do,they don’t play soccer anymore(if they actually did) Lol.

  2. RICHPOPO says:

    am so delighted as i hoped 4 u20 to 2 camp in england hand up to faz nd govt support,in u20 we have a future team

  3. STUMPY says:

    some morons are insulting me 4 stating the plain truth that we won because we used 24 year olds. we have finally woken up. nigeria won 7 titles using this method. the world cup will be a test as chambeshi lacks criteria. he made no impact subs. used the same squad against egypt in a game we had already qualified. was too timid to make even minor changes (real coaches take risks) and was too against luchanga. i had said kamangas best was an overage squad. faz cud have combed zambia for real talent and not just select players from the midlands.

    • Truth is says:

      Some people are so dull hey. It’s unbelievable… Lol.

    • Truth is says:

      Can’t you just be happy for the boys?

    • Syd says:

      Wow nothing to see. Imagine waking up every morning being this angry haha. Just give credit where it’s due

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      @Stumpy, you actually a total idiot. Then why didn’t you Nigeria qualify with your method? What Nigeria does is there own problem. Zambian players were all tested and all was confirmed that they were under 20, so eat that.

    • danny says:

      bastumpy eimwe mulumba banabour nga balelwa nabakashi benu.our boyz did the best and they will do the best for the nation.learn how to appliciate,like the way u appliciate when yo wife having yo child

  4. YOU says:

    Good initiative from faz & govmt, gud planning always yield succes at da end & this is wht we call spot on!! England is so special 4 morale boosting 2 our boys jst lyk da way it was in spain before & S. Korea is also very special for climatization, dat 4 nation tournament is so! so! Special 4 our boys & da coach 2 knw da areas where they need 2 improve before da actual tourmament starts, already I can see young chipos 2 da nxt round & even beyond that good luck boys!!!

  5. Bozo says:

    Ba stumpy mulibakalamba limo mwaikalafye
    suck a thumb

  6. Soccer Lover says:

    Let us give respect where it is due gentlemen. It is not necessary to always be bent on criticism. The under-20 team are champions of Africa, and if someone is not happy about that, let him go hang himself. We wish the boys all the best as they prepare for the World Cup in Korea and thanks to the new FAZ administration for showing doubters and haters they can do it.

  7. tatu saad says:

    Big up lads,,just go and do your thing(winning)am also apealing the. Boys to take there own style of celebration (unique) nnot the pointing to the sky or whipping the devil,come up with a dance ,doing it together adding the samasots its fine,,,,,,no copy rights even chikokkoshi dannce is fine

  8. Logic says:

    Misery loves company. I have come to find out that in life, some people will complain when the sun is shinning and others will complain when it’s raining so in short they van never be pleased even by the air they breath. The boys won and instead of being happy for them we want to keep hating. Congrats to these under 20 years of age young men and I wish them all the best in their respective futures. Credit to the coaching bench for sticking to a winning formula and not fixing what wasn’t broken. Their accomplishments can not and should never be devalued simply because some people have hang ups in life. Success is sweet and bitterness is…well…just plain bitter. Find something to make you smile in life

  9. Mwebantu says:

    You have not grown up still wailer!

  10. Mwebantu says:

    @Logic sorry the above was directed at the old wailer, not you Sir!

  11. Tc Soccerman says:

    I am convinced Stumpy is really a sad and angry person, I can’t imagine what his relatives go through just to be around such a person. What a sad human being finding faults in everything when there isn’t any. Mcheew!

  12. RICHPOPO says:

    stumpy is a stampede just like the food stampede in lusaka,what else wud sme1 need in any team is it not a trophy?ase

  13. soccerguru says:

    Stumpy is just an idiot….just like his friend John was

  14. Good iniativie by the government and FAZ with good preparations we can do it

  15. SLIM says:

    Stumpy listen to Undefeated Guru if u hv ears!

  16. Jbs SIMUBENARD says:

    mwebantu stumpy maybe alipena coz takwabapo ena nangu ifintu fiwame ena ninshi fibi kanshi what kind of human being are you wechimuntu iwe wileka tukulofaule iwe ka chikq……………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. discipline says:

    Stumpy is a frustrated human being, where is john kanshi ?

  18. J.S says:

    Now thats how its ought to be. Early preps will be very vital. Moreover the South Korean tourney will give the technical bench a chance to assess our opponents.

  19. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    It would be nice f the boys got to play at least one senior EPL team whilst there, what a good litmus test it would be for our boys. That said though this will be really good advertising for our lads, if they get to play at least four or five games then at the very least one of the lads should get a contract even in the lower division.

  20. SLIM says:

    Chambeshi needs a lot of help going forward! He froze on that bench during the Egypt game.

  21. SLIM says:

    @ Steve frm RSA……. Zambia U20 vs Man U or Chelsea or Arsenal etc senior teams; at this critical time of their EPL campaigns??!!! Lets b serious guys.

  22. SLIM says:

    Chambeshi had opportunity to sub Fashion, Daka, Chilufya E, Mwepu during Mali/ Egypt games! We lost the chance to look at other players like Mwape, Luchanga, Kalunga! He claims he wanted to maintain cohesion in the team! 15 minutes to the end wudnt dusturb the flow!

  23. lol where is John (mayuka)?… proverbs 23 vs 9 says ‘don’t try to talk sense to a fool; he can’t appreciate it’.

  24. Kasama Boy says:

    Good news if all of it comes through. These boys all know and understand the game. And boy aren’t they good at it? Mali, Egypt or Senegal can answer that one.
    So the biggest thing here is the psych. As the boys play and win some preparatory games with English (or any European) U20 or junior teams, they will develop the confidence we need when we finally march in Seoul, South Korea. It is already good to see Enock Mwepu smile after messing up a team.
    We are actually going back to where, in 1988, Zambia became the first African Team to reach the quarter finals of an Olympic game. It was Zambia vs Saudi Arabia, 2-2; Zambia Vs Italy 4-0; Zambia vs Guatemala 4-0: In their group Sweden deliberately lost a game to avoid Zambia. So we met Germany and received the 4-0 we had been dishing out to other teams, but in our hearts, we came out the winners.
    What will be written this time around??

  25. STUMPY says:

    slim atleast is talking sense

  26. YOU says:

    Gentle men we hosted da tournament & we won it, wht more can 1 want than being sad, jst luk at chelsea they’ve playd 26 epl matches wth almost da same line up & they’r still winning. No 1 is complaining, Conte has got faith in those players but our U/20 has played jst 5 matches & has won all da matches yet som1is complaining wht for? The coach is da 1 who spend time wth players & he knws dem well he sticks 2 his game plan & in dis case it worked for Chambeshi.

  27. kensplash says:

    Just like the adage goes “YOU NEVER CHANGE THE WINNING TEAM”This is exactly what Chambeshi and friends did.However,in that game against Egypt we needed to try out other players just to assess how deep the team was.Chambeshi could have even made about 4 or 5 changes to the team.We were not so much under pressure coz we had qualified and topped the table anyway.The closest the second team could come was on 5 points.We need to be sure that we are carrying the necessary ammunition in as far as the world cup is concerned.

  28. YOU says:

    Those players u r crying 4 will b assesed during friendly games in England & S. Korean tournament. Chambeshi will come up wth best team again b4 da actual tournament. I cud imagine he makes some changes, bring on thoz players u think r good enough & we go on & luz dat game. STUMPY wht r u going 2 say? I hop u’ll b happy bcoz we’ve won all matches & u dnt seem 2 b happy.

  29. Justice lukanga kafusha says:

    Trying out players in the course of the tournament. Reserves should just work hard in training and show that they are better than the ones in the starting lineup this way the coach would notice them

    Good to know that the camping and preparatory games are in place. This what we would like to hear

    Good start and nice sweet music for my ears. Early bird catches the worm

    Thumbs up

  30. The Problem With Us Zambians We Ar Only Good At Mouthing. Why Testing Players During The Tornament?? Players Should B Tested During The Training Camp. Chambeshi Knows All The Players, Therefore He Kept Faith In Those Players Who Do Better In Training Camps. Go Chambeshi shinka Amatwi Bekukowesha.Abantu Bambi Bena Kuwayawayafye.

  31. Positive thinking says:

    Before we lose focus on the article. Just want to say so glad that planning is already on the way. Also want to give credit to Kalu and his admin for having the vision from so long ago. This thing all started from the Zone 6 U16 tournament then some other junior tourneys, then getting Zambia to host so we could focus on preparation and have the necessary support to win it. So glad this has come to fruition. Let’s not just aim to participate in the World Cup, but to win that too. With enough preparation and determination; we can do this!!!!

  32. kampombwa says:

    Chambeshi this chambeshi that chambeshi has done his part and reached his limit he needs help otherwise we will embarrass ourselves and africa at the world cup mark my words.

  33. Amuna Onzuna says:

    All contributions on this blog are good for Zambian football. In the Game against Egypt, yes the coach should have given game time to fringe players so that they also feel what it means to play in a tournament of that magnitude. But also, the coach was fully aware that many people were looking out to watch Zambia – Egypt, including the Republican President, hence he never wanted to risk getting a disappointing result.
    I think the Technical bench learnt one or two things with regard to playing the same team all through , sometimes it backfires like it did when Zambia played at AFCON with the late Ben Bamfuchile as he couldn’t make any substitution for fear of what he called ‘disturbing the rythym of the game ‘.
    Sometimes players get fatigued, sometimes injuries, therefore tinkering is not a bad idea.

  34. soccerguru says:

    Chambeshi is a Joker….He won’t take us far

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