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Zambia U20 arrive in Madrid ahead of Real Madrid friendly

The Zambia U20 national soccer team has left the Canary Islands and arrived in Madrid ahead of their final friendly match on their Spain tour against Real Madrid B.

He team was taken on a tour of he Bernabeu the home of Real Madrid where they will play their game on Monday afternoon.

The Beston Chambeshi drilled side are expected to face their sternest yet on the Spain tour when they play the real Madrid reserves after they managed two out of two wins in their games against Tenerife and Basel which were big won by lone goals.

The scheduled match Las Palmas was cancelled to allow enough recovery time for the boys while the planned friendly match against Barcelona did not materialise.

The Real Madrid trophy cabinet; the lads at the Bernabeu familiarising themselves with the facility where some of the world’s greatest players have played

The team will head back home for the final phase of training after the game against Madrid where they will be joined by Ngosa Sunzu, Patson Daka, Conlyde Luchanga and Fashion Sakala.

The final tournament kicks off on 26th February in Lusaka.

16 Comments to Zambia U20 arrive in Madrid ahead of Real Madrid friendly

  1. Enock says:

    As the boys have seen the apex of fooball glory, it is hoped that this will make them dream big and see that every thing is possible!!!! Well done kama
    nga!! & the team!!!

  2. EMMANUEL says:

    its not kamanga its out tax payers money at work you kamanga carder.

  3. 1king jazzi says:


  4. mbita says:

    uushitasha patunono………………

  5. SLIM says:

    @ Guru……. the boys won two friendly games! where r u man?…say something hostile abt it and Kamanga. Something like ” if it was the previous so and so, they would hv taken the team to Rsa! kikikiki

  6. Ghost says:

    zamfoot update kaili Zambia vs madrid….

    • Bsimms says:

      If its quiet, then well…. we are allowed to think aloud. My guess is that there isn’t good news.

      However, whatever the results. Let’s see what the boys can do against S.A in their final preparation game.

  7. Bsimms says:

    Great job by Faz & other stakeholders (if any) for the overdue exposure of the boys to the finest facilities and stadium.

    Hope these boys are wise enough to aim for the top tire clubs world wide.

  8. Zim bullet says:

    The current under twenty team is the best ever team .. The class of 99 wont match these boys in terms of quality. They will be parading stars based in europe. This is happening for the first time in history of zambian football.. I foresee their is light at the end of the tunnel.. The boys are the southern african power house. And they should aim higher to achieve the bigone. Destiny is in our hands nothing will stop us from being crowned african champions.

  9. Ghost says:

    let them prove themselves first b4 u cn offer kudos to de boys they av nt achieved anything mind u. I will wait until I c first..

  10. Kasama Boy says:

    Very encouraging indeed.

  11. Bsimms says:

    The job to show that they are of a special class starts late this month.

    The whole world will be watching.

    I have no doubt they (0ur boys) will come to the party.

    Personally I can’t wait for the 26th.

    I hope it will be a Southern African affair in the final.

  12. Positive thinking says:

    I was very worried that sending the kids to Spain was a bad idea because of the weather (it is winter there) and it would not be very helpful for the tourney preps, but seeing these pictures makes me realize that the psychological boost that these young men will have by having seen and been in these places is priceless.

    Kudos to FAZ for this trip and helping to grow this team. I will also say kudos to Kalu and his admin in getting Zambia to host the U-20 AFCON. We build on eachothers achievements and not use this to say bad things about the old admin.

  13. Ghost says:

    update kaili on de results gud or bad we need to know… Hello zamfoot..

  14. elvis mambwe says:

    well done guyz….its time 4 europian countries 2 know what we are made of..


    Nothing much to say but looking forward to receiving the TILOFI [ TROPHY ].kikiki
    Zamfoot all the way

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