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Zambia U17 lose to Guinea

The Zambia U17 national team kicked of their campaign at the Niger 2015 CAF U17 Championship on a poor note with a 1 – 0 loss to Guinea.

The Chris Kaunda coached who now have an uphill battle to qualify to the semi-finals started the match brightly and seemed in control of the match until the 25th minute when Salati Lungu failed to deal with an Aboubacar Toure’s strike from a corner to concede against the run of play.

This was after goalkeeper Daniel Sikanyika had tipped a ferocious shot over the bar to concede the corner.

The young Zambians remained composed despite falling behind but they failed to exploit the chances that came their way.

In the second half, Enock Mwepu twice came close from range but the Guinea keeper was equal to the task.

Half way into the second half, Kaunda made changes bringing in Kenny Sinkala and Gift Sikaonga for Pumulo Siwanga and Edwin Chipile respectively.

The changes gave Zambia a spring in attack with Sinkala proving to be a terror as he combined well with captain Patson Daka.

Zambia continued to press till the end but even last minute efforts by Daka failed to yield a goal the West Africa desperately held on to the lead clearing off the line in some instances.

In the early kickoff, favorites Nigeria made easy work of Niger as they eased past the hosts with a 2 – 0 victory.

Zambia next play hosts Niger on Wednesday evening.

Zambia XI v Guinea

1. Daniel Sikanyika, 5. Wayne Museba, 3. Prosper Chiluya., 4. Salati Lungu, 13. Edward Chimfwembe, 14. Ngosa Sunzu, 11. Enock Mwepu, 10. Musonda Siame, 9. Patson Daka.(C), 8.Pumulo Siwanga (Kenny Sinkala), 7. Edwin Chipile (Gift Sikaonga)

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39 Comments to Zambia U17 lose to Guinea

  1. john says:

    Awe sure gents this is getting embarrassing. We simply can’t win a game at caf level. Our administrators send our players a day before a tournament and maintain useless coaches like Janza. Janza was supposed to be fired after that failure. Our failures are now in our junior teams we simply can’t win a game. Our senior team has failed since 2012 to win a game. Even our juniors can’t win. It’s embarrassing and shameful that we have failed to win a game from senior to junior this year at caf level. We should stop celebrating cosafa cup and focus on caf

  2. Alex zz says:

    @Paradox, maybe your friend john is tired of celebrating mediocrity, What sets apart nations like Brazil,Germany,Spain, Italy is that failure is not tolerated, even here in Africa Ghana,Nigeria and Cameroon dont tolerate a failure.

  3. badosqi says:

    I know how u guys will feel after this match, well all hope is not lost sha. 1-0 lost is better if only ur players can play better and win with lots of margin against Niger. And you hope for the best against Nigeria in your last group game(Nigeria would have most likely qualified for semi after their guinea’s games).
    But guys it won’t be anything close to easy against Nigeria, bcos the nigerian boys are the caf u-15 champion which those boys won in 2013 in botswana.
    Another thing Nigeria is an expert in u-17 championship both in world cup and caf

  4. simwinga boas says:

    im sure the boys wil play there games of there life times when they will face the host n Nigeria.Its not yet over until its over.

  5. john says:

    We are now proving to be perennial failures. If you can’t win under 17 or under 20 you can forget world cup. This is how the likes of Ghana, ivory Coast, Cameroon, Egypt, Nigeria have dominated African football and that is by winning these junior cups and sending their boys to Europe. I am surprised honor Janza is still coaching the team. The man is a failure and vision less.

  6. john says:

    Honor Janza should be fired to send a warning to the likes of Chris kaunda that we do not tolerate failure in zambia

  7. Mumbi says:

    Anything can happen in football. Nigeria will thrash Guinea so if we beat the hosts, we stand a chance as Nigeria won’t be serious in the last game.

    • Kundu says:

      Poor Mumbi. Hoping against hope. You are the most disgusting individual l can ever imagine. Resting on the belief that Nigeria qualifies early so that, they hand over the final match to us. What a pity!!!!!!!’ COME AGAIN FOR THIS IS MEDIOCRITY AT ITS BEST.

  8. Papa says:

    Southern Africans are weak mentally. Zambian teams just get stage fright when they get to major tournaments. The first match is so crucial for confidence and I won’t be surprised if we come away without a win. This is a wake up call and it shows that we should not judge our teams’ performance by Cosafa. The nightmare continues.

  9. Alex zz says:

    Failure has become a culture in Zambian football, from senior teams, caf club competition, players in china,india,vietnam etc,now even the juniour team is joining in the party, um scared to ask whats next?

  10. john says:

    @ papa you are spot on. What is that tournament our u-20 won gold In Zimbabwe. I can’t believe our coach Janza called patson daka ,a small boy, based on his performance in that mickey mouse sadc tournament. Rodgers kola should have been selected for the afcon not that small boy patson daka. These small boys are failing to perform at caf level they can only shine at cosafa and this is disheartening. Our administrators are also failures. Time and time again they keep making poor travelling arrangements. Kalusha is taking zambian soccer down the drain with his coaches he is a disgrace. Since 2012 zambia has failed to win at all levels of caf be it senior or junior. Disgraced we are!

    • Uncle Bobs says:

      john you dont even know your players-Patson Daka (U17) wasn’t called to the National Team but Patrick “Dude” Ngoma (U20) although they both played in the Zimbabwe tourney. Learn to enquire from us that watch these boys week in week out as you’re out there in the diaspora! There’s a difference between negative feedback (You failed the nation boys, just work hard in your next game to save your face to the nation) and criticism that you specialise in (you boys are useless and have embarassed us)!

  11. tc soccerman says:

    We always get angry when our west African friends make fun of our failures, but the truth most them speak the truth as what Alex zz and the above mentioned just put it. Failure starts at administration level. We only qualify if Nigeria helps us….sounds familiar? Get your calculators folks.

  12. Seen from afar says:

    This is a youth tournament and it was the first game. Anything is still possible if everything is in the right place. Lets see what happens next.

  13. tc soccerman says:

    Kalu is pathetic, I will say it again. Nothing will come out of Zambia as long as this selfish corrupt absentee Faz president continues to do what he pleases at Faz.

  14. john says:

    @ Tc you are right we are not going anywhere with the stubborn and rigid kalu. Poor travel, poor preparation in South Africa, and useless coaches. This guy kalu has never advertised the national team job. Instead he just brings his friends. Why is he also failing to pay bonetti? Kalu is stubborn

  15. john says:

    Kalu is indeed pathetic these small boys were jet lagged arriving on Friday for a big tournament. He is a useless administrator.

  16. Kundu says:

    Why are we always facing this same TRAVEL problem over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over again? DO WE EVER LEARN? I am now fully convinced the 2012 AFCON was a fluke, as our friends constantly tease us.

  17. john says:

    Honestly our boys are really frustrating. Winning useless cosafa games but failing to perform when it matters at caf level or fifa level. Cosafa is useless we are a disgrace. We are failures I’m very annoyed with this loss. This was a golden chance to go to the world cup. How pathetic our boys are weaklings! Anyhow let’s hope for improvement. Maybe we can qualify by a miracle

  18. al idi amin al gaddafi says:

    Overhyping small fishes as SHARKS!!!

    Pack your baggages and get ready for flight

  19. Frank Nonde from Gabs says:

    Support these boys, remember this is the first game for Zambia at U17 level and these same boys will be U20 in 2017 when Zambia will host the tournament. Let them learn something they will apply in Zambia when We host the U20.

  20. Mutongo Asante says:

    The Stage is getting tougher for zambia because meeting and beating the Host and Nigeria will be a very big task

  21. Mumbi says:

    Failure starts from some bloggers here, they can not give encouragement to our small boys who just qualify for the first time. Now you are even condaming their good perfomance in Cosafa games. Surely where can we start from?
    Other experienced teams in west africa in junior toneys are recieving encouragement from their supporters while we are trashing our inexperienced team for losing by a narrow margin.

    • Kundu says:

      Are u ashamed to mention GHANA because of your hatred for them? Grow up. They are way better than us in football, if not in other things.

  22. Mumbi says:

    Our own funs is the reason why our teams fail coz they are Grand wizards, wizards don’t even appreciate anything good i.e qualifying for the first time in your history. Even for the senior team at 2015 afcon some wizards where saying Zambia will be eliminated in first round for carrying small boys, while the same wizard where calling for exclusion of Veterans to build a Youthful team.
    You want our junior players to force their way in european leagues when the dont qualify for junior torneys.

  23. David says:

    The team was suppose to camp in west africa.

  24. Morgy says:

    Its very perplexing how some bloggers here want fans to be supporting mediocrity like a bunch of clowns. One team failing at a tournament is one thing but where all teams are failing to progress beyond the group stage at CAF tourney’s be it women under 17, women senior team, Senior chipolopolo, Chipolopolo under 17….well tell’s u a story. All these teams that have floped at these tournaments have been coached by Zambians, so its either our coaches suck we have an incompetent F.A and in these case i think its our F.A which is incompetent. Most of these guys have been running Zambian football for over 10 years and they have reached a point where they think they are the untouchables. We need fresh blood with new ideas at administration level.

  25. Judge Joe Bidden says:

    Pathetic. Mediocrity……. (Fill in the blank)

  26. Duncandinho says:

    As much as we would want to point fingers at the administration, some credit should be given to them for making sure that almost all our teams qualified for these tournaments, it’s a good start and something that has never happened before in our history.

  27. Discipline says:

    Pathetic Kalu and his fellow clowns at FAZ and imwe tu ka Budo pull up your socks it is your bulali future yenu, stupid boys.Us southern Africans are just not “angry” with our lives,look at the North and West African brothers they die a little for glory not only for themselves but also for their countries.

    • Kundu says:

      That is what we lack. Sacrificing for dear ZAMBIA . Low mentality persons like Mumbi ard of the opinion of we qualify for the games, we are done. NO. Good preparation after qualification is also key. Travel arrangements & other logistics are equally important but because we Only have egoistic individuals running our affairs, we will always be behind our West African friends whether we like it or not. The west Africans are still going through same problems but the are always prepared to learn from their mishaps, unlike us. Take Ghana , Nigeroa

      • Kundu says:

        Ivory Coast & Cameroon. They did poorly at ths last World Cup but hurriedly closing all loopholes. What have we done after AFCON 2012? NOTHING & since then not even won a single AFCON match. HORRIBLE INDEED.

  28. Atase says:

    Pathetic fus hate Kalu when he did not kick a ball with Guinea and Congo DR. When he used to play he had talent and fought for mother Zambia as did other guys who had great talent but haters think otherwise!

  29. boas simwinga says:

    No accepting mediocrity

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