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Zambia U17 crush out Africa Championship qualifiers

The Zambia U17 national team on Sunday afternoon crushed out of the 2017 Junior Africa Championship when they were beaten 1 – 0 in Sudan.

The young Chipolopolo needed only a scoring draw to go past Sudan but they succumbed to a 15th minute go by Shihabeldeen Siddig Alzobair and they failed to recover.

Coach Numba Mumamba had made three changes to the that drew nil all at home but still failed to get the winning formula.

The 2016 team has failed to emulate the 2014 squad coached by Chris Kaunda that saw Zambia make a maiden appearance at the African Championship.

Many will look at what could have been if the team had not been embroiled in the age cheating saga that saw Zambia expelled at the Cosafa Championship a week before the qualifiers began.

Zambia XI v Sudan

Prince Bwalya – Andrew Phiri, Zax Katongomola, Hillary Mwiinga, Jonathan Kapelembe, Abel Kanyamula, Paul Mwachisemu, Prince Mumba, Niza Simutenda, Martin Njovu, Francis Mwepu

In the photo: The U17 Men’s national team poses outside the team hotel in El Obaid, Sudan before the match with delegation leader Brenda Kunda

19 Comments to Zambia U17 crush out Africa Championship qualifiers

  1. DISCIPLINE says:

    Awe sure it is dununa reverse in all age group teams,failure after failure

  2. chisuta says:

    we’ve paid for our sins of cheating

  3. amos mumba says:

    No,we are paying for removing Kalu.Under him we qualified for the first time with the under 17 team,we also qualified with our under 20 and the women under 17 went to the world cup.Ba KAMANGA!

  4. Alexander Liwana,RSA says:

    Things are really falling apart in Zambian soccer.Kalusha Bwalya was exposed to soccer both locally internationally.Having an Accounting qualification does not make anyone a better administrator

  5. PINK FROG says:

    The mistake was when the entire team was chanegd after the COSAFA sage. They could have just dropped overage players. You do not change the whole team and expect miracles. Its was a next to impossible mission

    • Pungwa says:

      You are right Pink Frog, that was an irrational decision, though I agreed with it at the time. They should have recalled all those that were proven to be of the right age. This is not a Kamanga blame bla blaa blaa, if it was Kalu this that- No ! This is the spill over from cheating and continue with correcting matters. Things will come round chapwa !

  6. There was no enough time to start afresh, the boys only trained two days b4 the 1st game,they could hav jst expelled those two players who were overage atleast the team spirit was high just imagine scoring 10 goals in 3 matches without conceding any even without the presence of the two ineligible players zambia could have done it, i thnk ba kamanga is exposed to business not soccer they say when two groundnuts gets rotten all of them become infected not ku bola.our soccer is dying slowly just look at fifa rankings we never use to reach kuma 20 in africa, wake up Mr kamanga do something that can make zambians happy/proud of you,for sure we cried for change but not change for the worse.

  7. Leo says:

    That’s why kamanga lipulanga he should have intervaned in the matter by not removing all the players
    Ngatwalanda ati kamanga is a failure ati we are kalu worshippers
    Kamanga is a qualified accountant but not qualified to run faz

  8. Matero boy says:

    For the first time in history, Zambia national team being involved in age cheating.For the first in history, somebody is defending Kamanga blaming the failure to qualify to age cheating saga when it happened under the leadership of Kamanga.Kamanga is a documented football adminstration failure.those who are aguing point at his succes and i will point at his failures.

  9. This is what I was telling some people here that kamanga is a failure but some people don’t listen they keep on defending him even those who claim to know football just look at his track record as an administrate now ever since he was elected faz presdent its disaster against disaster

    • Amos Mumba says:

      CAF has even today ruled against us in the case we lodged against Guinea.This is the worse beginning of any football administration in Zambia.

  10. Felix Payne says:

    Yah Caf Has Ruled In Favour Of Guinea Bissau…Nw Lets Set Our Eyes On The World Cup Qualifier’s.
    But We Need A Coach First And It Should Not Be The South African George Igesund Gordon Awe Ba Faz Twapapata!!!

  11. Zambia is not going any were with this man he has not recorded any success at any level ever since he become our FA presdent. now that caf has ruled against us what next?and yet some fools will say no its not kamanga fault you foolish zambians you will never learn

  12. TOP CLASS says:

    Something serious has to be considered, Development!
    We can go with the proper age but if basics are not there
    we will get hammered, its right age with basics then we
    are moving forward.

    FAZ must find right people who can work with development
    only and these guys must know what they are doing.

    I believe out there we have guys to do this job and when
    we start this we have to be prepared with losing and the
    nation must deal with it.

    Kamanga and co are ok its just putting right people in each

    We really have wrong people, imagine FAZ SITE is updated after
    5 days yet we have a lot about what is happening in Zambian
    about football, it starts from there just simple things.

    KAMANGA and CO you are ok just look for right people to work

  13. Pungwa says:

    Any credit to the Kamanga administration for getting the Kappa sponsorship deal ? we are all quiet when all and sundry had been going to town about some fake kit deal with an unkown supplier which they wanted to attribute to Kamanga when it was all lies ! Kappa naisa.

  14. Wesu Nandibo says:

    I have been trying not to comment on the warfare of our game. To be frank since great kalu administration was booted out our game has gone to dogs. sorry to say this, i have no confidence in this kamanga thing. Senior team out! under 17 out!Up to now we have no one to dress our team. No coach. what kind of administration is this. I guess the only agenda this guys had is to kick out Kalu. Come on woke up, time for honey moon is over we need results imwe ba shetani!

  15. moses mwanampumbe says:

    twalibelela ukulusa dununa reverse ilebomba. infact we are just miss using tax payers money. kufileka fye filekeni fishimyeni. fiburningeni.

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