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Zambia is not a threat, Nigeria will be in Russia


Super Eagles Germany based defender, Leon Balogun, has dismissed the as mere boasting, warnings from the Chipolopolo of Zambia that they will be in Uyo to pick the available three points over the Super Eagles, and open the Africa group B qualifying of the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Balogun, who plays for Mainz 05 in the Germany Bundels Liga urged Nigerians to disregard the mind games of the Chipolopolo Coach, insisting that the Eagles are Russia bound.

The defender, who won the heart of Uyo fans as he was arguably one of the Eagles stand-out players in the double header against Cameroon this month, has made eight appearances for the Super Eagles since he made his debut in 2014.
Zambia having beaten Algeria home and away in the last round of qualifiers have boasted that their new youthful team will beat the Super Eagles on October 7 in Uyo to leave the group qualifying ticket open.

The Chipolopolo have reportedly concluded plans to train in Ghana for the game with the FAZ president, Andrew Kamanga, revealing that the former African champions would also camp in Spain.

However the Mainz 05 defender has said that there is no cause for alarm as the Eagles are well aware of the task ahead.

“We are unbeaten so far in the World Cup qualifiers. The way we presented ourselves as a team so far, I think there is no need for one not to be confident.

“I don’t say it’s not possible that we lose, but I want to win and I think the whole team want to win and everybody wants to go to Russia and what better way to qualify than to do it in front of your fans. So let’s all just be confident.”

The double over Algeria by the Chipolopolo Boys has sent shivers in the Super Eagles campus o

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49 Comments to Zambia is not a threat, Nigeria will be in Russia

  1. One Zambian says:

    Dear Super Eagles you will have to earn your way to RUSSIA Chipololo gunpower is now wet anymore

  2. One Zambian says:

    Chipolopolo gunpowder…

  3. Dynamite says:

    Mind games at play!!

  4. Christopher says:

    Zambia will hand Nigeria their first loss of the World Cup Qualifiers

  5. Amandla says:

    Nigeria 0-2 Zambia

    • KWAME NKRUMAH says:



  6. discipline says:

    Zambia is just having fun in these qualifiers we messed it up in the first game we Lost at home so I can not understand Why the eagles keep on making worry like noise if it will be a stroll in the park

  7. Bsimms says:

    We voluntarily gave up on Russia in Ndola…. October 7, 2017 will just be a day our Under 20 boys should go and exercise against the supper chickens.

  8. Positive thinking says:

    No worries. Play without fear and let the Nigerian team just get over confident

  9. Zulu says:

    Has Zambia ever won an away match on West African Soil? i.e Ghana Nigeria?

  10. Zulu says:

    Question for Zamfoot- Has Zambia ever won an away match on West African Soil? i.e Ghana Nigeria?

  11. djeniko says:

    If I am a Zambian I will keep quiet. When hiding from a lion, one do not make any noise although the lion can still smell you out, but silence makes it harder for the lion to find you out which may save you for rescue team may have come. These plenty noises you are making will make Nigeria use the hammer treatment on you. Chelsea 6-0 Qarabag; PSG 5-0 Celtic; Man United 3-0 Basel; Barca 3-0 Juventus. Chose one for Nigeria vs Zambia and apply.

  12. Joseph says:

    Mayb 3-0 wil do.. u know there are coming with their u-20… fashion daka is their leader

  13. Bsimms says:

    Yes we shall bring forth our young boys! Without shame they always put on national colours with pride and play their hearts out.

    So whether the eagle has suddenly become a lion & / carries a hammer, Zambian team shall show up in your back yard and do its best. Since it will be a mortal 11 beings with two legs. Anything is possible. See you soon.

  14. Bsimms says:

    With belief we tackled the desert fox.

    Surely we can bring down an eagle as well.

  15. Joseph says:

    Algeria have the poorest defence currently. If we had nt shown our brothers how to beat them, probably they wouldn’t av won.

  16. Joseph says:

    If ur u-20 can pick a draw here…i will forever respect zambia!.

  17. Muchinga says:

    The bullets will be fired at the eagles and silence them all. Charles Musonda Jr. of Belgium is coming with the under 20 front line. Nigeria here we come. It will be Nigeria 1- 3 Zambia.

  18. The super chickens of Nigeria will be surprised at their own backyard the desert foxes also had underrated the copper bullets because of the big names they have but couldn’t do what was suppose to be done, and so Nigeria will as well be shocked for failure of qualifying to Russia 18
    its 11 mortals with two reds indeed Nigeria has not yet qualified to Russia its 50-50.

  19. Joseph says:

    If musonda whr to be in the eagles, i believe he can’t make the match day bench…
    Common brothers, we trashed u at ur own backyard u should respect us 4 dat at list.

  20. Godwins says:

    This guys are talking about youth. The Nigerian team is old, right? If you know them you can as well instruct yourselves to be calm. From kelechi, Moses, Moses, Leon, etc. The average age of the Nigerian team is below 26.

    You don’t win games by making noise. Let us wait and see!

  21. djeniko says:

    @Chibo Umwene you chose Nigeria 3-0 Zambia? As a Nigerian I chose the highest score of Nigeria 6-0 Zambia. Why? If we visited Zambia and beat you in Lusaka and beat Cameroon 4-0 in Uyo, what stop us from beating you 6-0? Do you understand my analogy? As it stands Cameroon are stronger than Zambia. I will put my naira on Cameroon beat Zambia when they meet. A tip: go and study how you will wedge the attacks from Victor Moses who plays as a defender in Chelsea but as an attacker for Nigeria. Confusing indeed. What of Odion Ighalo. He is better and sharper since he went to the Chinese league. How can the Zambian under-20 mixed with some unknown and bench warming Europe based players get pass a back line of Leon Balogun, Troost-Ekong, Elderson Echiejile/Aina Ola and She hu Abdulahi? The names Mikel and Ndidi will put an intimidating fear in their midfield. Any way one look at it, Zambia will not take anything less than 3-6 goals in Uyo. You see what I mean?

  22. Thoko Ngwenya says:

    Zambia has an eagle embalmed on its flag. Do you see the Zambian eagle? Do you even have wildlife in Nigeria?

  23. Thoko Ngwenya says:

    Genuine question above

  24. Zulu says:

    the only question to be answer is the following

    Has Zambia ever won an away match on West African Soil? i.e Ghana Nigeria?

  25. Thoko Ngwenya says:

    Genuine question above and I believe that Zambia will fight on that day even if Nigeria may come through they will have known they played no other team but Zambia. Recall everyone saying Ivory Coast would run over Zambia at an Africa Cup final…with probably the best Ivorian team…their golden generation…ask Cameroon about Zambia after their first good World show in 1982 Spain. Who stopped them from appearing at Mexico 1986? At this stage Nigeria was not even existent at the World Cup. I am a scholar of the African game. To me Nigeria is now feeding on its Europe contacts. The Nigerians are good at looking out for their own so in this they are very Jewish like…but then I wonder why they are not united at home. One thing perhaps is Greed.They do not have talent perse. The last talented Nigerian player is the amazing JAy Jay Okocha! I believe this is a 50-50 affair…but Zambia need certain ingredients which they have by the way to go to Russia2018.

  26. Bsimms says:

    Nigeria 0 – 2 Zambia

    Call it noise, I say its the sound of patriotism.

    Say blind Patriotism, I say I would rather be blind than imagine travelling all the way just to lose.


  27. Zulu says:

    So No Zambian wants to answer this simple question? if not then I suggest you people keep your mouth shut and play the match with tactics and hope for a historic win away in west Africa to mark your world cup birth

  28. djeniko says:

    @Thoko Ngwenya. Did you reread your comment before posting? Listen to yourself. Nigeria depends on our foreign players? What is wrong with that? There is no African player that will not love to play outside the shores of their country. I believe there are some foreign based players in the Chipolopolo. More Zambian players will go abroad if they are good. Thoko is just envious. Meanwhile know that Nigeria still has some talented players although they may not be like Jay-Jay Okocha. Mikel Obi, Victor Moses, Ndidi, Alex Iwobi, Odion Ighalo are known all over Zambia. I cannot be able to mention one popular Zambian player. Of course, come 07102017, Chipolopolo will fight, just like every other teams will do, but they will be fighting not to be defeated but not to concede too many goals like Cameroon conceded.

  29. Zulu says:

    I cant find anything on Zambia having an away win in the history of Zambian football in WEST AFRICA, if Zambia is to prepare for the future it is very important you overcome the weakness of failing in west African countries and find a solution to what it is that makes you fail and work on that. Because you can never go through a world cup qualifier without going through the West Africans. This will happen every 4 years so I suggest playing consistent friendlies in west Africa to overcome this issue because you will face them again and again only to be disappointed because you choose to not work on your weakness year in year out and that’s winning away in west Africaa

  30. Thoko Ngwenya says:

    I would like Nigeria to develop its local league. For the most populous country (I guess Nigeria is 10 times the population of Zambia) give your local league some impetus just like India is using its huge population through the game of cricket to bring big money into it through the international India cricket league..your coach Rohr had to be forced to use some local players..or even China based players…Nigerian clubs are non- existent on the African scene..facts are facts …you are relying on Europe to develop your talent. Zambia is using mostly local players and we gave a local coach. I can say that is not just talk but reality. No ounce of envy here…just facts.

    • Larry says:

      You’re using home based player cos your players aren’t good enough to play outside Africa,they lack experience. homebased supereagles are far better than home based “rubber bullet” CHAN has proven that, so don’t even go there

  31. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    “ZAMBIA IS NOT A THREAT, NIGERIA WILL BE IN RUSSIA” The big question is as follows; If Zambia is not a threat why are these 2 fools opening their mouths

  32. treasure says:

    When last has the rubber bullet of Zambia defeated Nigeria? like 20 years ago right, so even a draw is impossible for you guys.I have spoken

  33. discipline says:

    Zulu zulu zulu awe sure bro the new john as in for Nigeria don’t worry we are just coming for fullment we messed up in the first game you are already in Russia

  34. Bsimms says:

    Prince I admire your faith but home games are important & Zambia messed up in Ndola. Who was the coach again? Why did he choose that game of all games to use less motivated players? Home games are key to boosting confidence, however we shall do our best.

    Well, am buying into your belief. Impossible is nothing. If the supper chicken could do it in Ndola, we shall do it in Uyo!

  35. onyeagoro Johnson Chima says:

    If wishes are horses beggars could ride. Why is Zambian(s) so confident of coming to defeat Nigeria in Uyo. It is like living in fools paradise. They can’t go beyond 7points. Nigeria will give them “Cameroon” treatment (Nigeria 4 vs Zambia 0).They will even lose their last match at home to Cameroon. They (Zambia) defeated Algeria which is the weeping baby of the group and that is giving them (Zambians) false hope. Nigeria will also claim the double over Algeria. This Zambian team should forget about Russia 2018 and focus on the next World cup. They missed it on day one of the qualifiers in Ndola. Had they (Zambia) won that match, they would have been on 10 points and Nigeria 7 points. So,they have already missed it. What they will not miss is the bashing they will receive in Uyo, come October 7, 2017.

  36. samuel says:

    FIFA itself will be happy for nigeria to be in Russia

  37. Abdulrazak says:

    Zambia and their coach are all over the place, shouting at the roof tops about what they are going to do to the super eagles, come October 7 in Uyo. Have you heard any word from the Nigerian coach? Thats how you prepare for battle. Say as little as possible.

  38. R2D2 says:

    Nigeria is going to get whupped! No ifs, buts, one way ass whupping & best of all; in front of their home fans for the biggest prize in football, a ticket to the world cup, and at the last stage with only a point to qualify. Couldn’t get any better; the stage is set!! Victor Moses is a Chelsea, England, reject, a bench warmer for Diego Costa, Mikel Obi was a fringe player at Chelsea and now ply’s his trade in CHINA; Nigerian players,in Europe,are fringe players. West African players are slow, heavy, with little endurance and ball skills; the German style adds a cherry to the cake of what we are going to do to you! Nigeria will lose with a margin of 7 goals or more. We started the journey in 1993 and will pickup were our fallen brothers left off and knock the super eagles out-cold!

  39. Samuel Kawewe says:

    This will not be an easy game for either teams. It will be a different game for both teams. No history, no experience will count on Saturday.The team that will put in all they have will carry the day. The team that slumbers on this day will cry. I wish both teams the very best

  40. Juis says:

    Just wandering, my brothers from the eagles side find it offensive when the bullets say something. Have u taken tym to hear what your defender based in German said, and that so called head master your former midfielder. I’ve been following soccer Africa and representatives of your country can say anything about zambia coz you see yourselfs ores in Russia. When Zambians attack u back u think they are insulting u. Take it easy even the least considered can become the chosen. Remember in this group Zambia was not put even among the top two but it is becoming a threat to the favorites.

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