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Zambia close in on Nigeria after dumping Algeria out of World Cup race

Zambia kept alive their hopes of qualifying for the 2018 World Cup finals in Russia after they defeated Algeria 1-0 in their Group B qualifier played at the Chahid Mohamed Hamlaoui Stadium in Constantine on Tuesday.

The victory, their second in four days over the Desert Foxes, took Wedson Nyirenda’s side to seven points – three behind leaders Nigeria – while Algeria, on a single point from four matches can no longer qualify. Cameroon, the other team in Group B, are in third position with three points.

The result means their match with Nigeria in Uyo on 7 October will be decisive. A win for Zambia in that match will move them level with their hosts while victory for Nigeria will ensure they qualify.

Patson Daka scored the lone goal of the match in Constantine on 66 minutes after he picked a loose ball at the top of the box to beat substitute goalkeeper Abdelkadir Salhi, who had replaced Rais M’bolhi in the first half.

Algeria were perhaps unlucky not to score when they were awarded a penalty but Kennedy Mweene who rolled back the years on the day made a brilliant save to deny Riyad Mahrez in the fifteenth minute.


Zambia’s next game in the world cup qualification is an away match against Nigeria on 7th October before winding up the group matches in Lusaka against Cameroon on 6th November.

Team Lists

Algeria: 23 Rais M’bolhi (Abdelkadir Salhi 21’) 4 Youcef Attal (Adam Ounas 50’) 3 Faouzi Ghoulam 2 Aissa Mandi 21 Rami Bensebaini 8 Saphir Taider 14 Raouf Benguit 10 Nabir  Bentaleb 7 Riyad Mahrez 11 Yacine Brahimi 15 Hillal Soudani

Substitutes: 1 Abdelkadir Salhi 6 Brahim Boudebouda 12 Carl Medjani 16 Mehdi Jeannin 17 Adlane Guedioura 13 Islam Slimani 9 Sofiane Hanni 5 Illas Hassani

Zambia: 16 Kennedy Mweene 6 Simon Silwimba 20 Fackson Kapumbu 19 Ziyo Tembo 13 Stopilla Sunzu 23 Kondwani Mtonga 17 Augustine Mulenga 14 Enock Mwepu  12 Justin Shonga (Alex Ng’onga 60’) 10 Patson Daka (Donashano Malama) 2 Ernest Mbewe (Emmanuel Banda 90’)

Substitutes: 1 Toaster Nsabata 5 Rodric Kabwe 4 Adrian Chama 21 Isaac Shamujompa 15 Donasahano Malama 11 Chisamaba Lungu

32 Comments to Zambia close in on Nigeria after dumping Algeria out of World Cup race

  1. Don says:


  2. C2 says:

    Thanks to the Chipolopolo they have made us proud

  3. Anita says:

    Ngonga is a very useless player. He was shooting at goal as if he was playing with his one year old child.

  4. Matafwali says:

    Well done Chipolopolo…you’ve done us proud yet again!

  5. STUMPY says:

    u r right @anita on ngonga

  6. GSK11 says:

    An amazing 2 days!! Surely one of the major upsets in the group of death. Congratulations to Wedson and Beston – astute in their strategy. The first result neutrals may argue was fluke – the second with all their superstars available for Algeria – was skill. Make no mistake – Algeria played well- our defense looked far better – none of that shakiness from Saturday.
    Augustine Mulenga what a revelation!!
    Kennedy was a hero – save after save – he was simply outstanding- thanks Sundown’s for keeping him fresh!!!

  7. Noble man says:

    zamfoot,who else is on technical bench apart from quick silva?

  8. Ngake says:

    Excellent performance by our guys. No one gave us a chance when we were drawn in this group at the start of the qualifying. Taking 6 points off the dreaded Algeria in back to back games who does that? Well done team, well done coaches. Wada has silenced the critics. Dropped Kalaba, Fwayo and CCC and come out with 6 points. Hats off.

  9. discipline says:

    Ngonga Thats why he failed to make the cut at that Gabonese side and Augustine if he just improves on releasing the ball fast he holds on too much to the ball I can tell you Nigeria can now feel the heat,they are sweating hopefully all the lads will be fit come 2 October

  10. Chimpombwa says:

    Can we just forget Ngongas and other mistakes for a little bit.. Everyone wrote us off.. We have done it!! Let that sink in!! The boys have done the unimaginable… Edward Chilufya should start sorting out his VISA issues, we need all guns pointed at Nigeria on 7 October.

  11. Wiza Andile says:

    I like this Mulenga guy he runs with the ball ii think goes should come from the wings the boys re strong fashion Sakala will be back

  12. Anita says:

    Lets forget about the undisciplined Kalaba, Chama and Fwayo. Augustine Mulenga is the man. He just needs to improve on his shooting but he is the best where running at defenders is concerned. He created that goal by Daka yesterday.

    • Michael says:

      Exactly my thought lets not bring kalaba in this team.The guys who there are doing fine so there is no need of calling him though i appreaciate his immerse contribution to our national team.

  13. GSK11 says:

    Agree with Anita.
    Fackson too .. was bad against Mozambique – but he has improved. Love his boots – look nice.
    The mafro kit too looks very nice -( not the dull “Just do it” – at one point it looked like my ex’s pyjamas…)

  14. E B HIBALWA says:

    Ngonga… What a useless player. I wonder how that player was really picked for national duties. Am not being malicious but calling a spade a spade. Ngonga has not been performing well even in the local league. One on one with the Mbesuma…Mbesuma is by far a better player. I know we want to give younger players a chance but that should not be at the expense of quality.

  15. FC LUO says:

    Forget about the ageing Mbesuma.Ngonga should be replaced by Fashion or Edward Chilufya

  16. slim says:

    Ng’onga played to instructions! Who doesn’t miss sitters anyway? When he came on the front was lively than when Shonga was there. Don’t discourage the boys u morons

    • Dynamite says:

      Tell them boss…sometimes players are ofc form but that does not mean they are bad players…You also need a little bit of luck sometimes. Congratulations zambia

    • Yebo says:

      I thought the same. Justin Shonga was quiet but when Ngonga came on, it was different. Plus the other thing we need to understand is the type of football Ngonga plays, he the kind you need to run down the clock as he is able to hold on to the ball.

  17. PapaFem says:

    It’s evidently clear that Algeria is overrated. As far as I’m concerned, they are the weakest team in this group, if not the whole competition. That said, Zambia shouldn’t think Nigeria in Nigeria will be easy like those Desert Foxes. The Super Eagles in this campaign has been outstanding, and this boils down to there factors: the defence marshalled by Balogun, the midfield anchored by Mikel and attack led by Moses. If these three players, especially Mikel, are available for selection in Uyo come October, then Zambian should brace up for a whitewash. The momentum is high now, and as a keen follower of the game, I can’t remember the last time the Super Eagles are in this devastating form and lose at home, not when a World Cup ticket is at stake, not when a draw will be enough to qualify. Congrats to the Chipolopolo though; I never expected them to be this strong. Great job Mr. Wada.Your lads are good.

  18. FC LUO says:


  19. MULENGA PULU says:

    BIG UP to chipolopolo

  20. Soccerguru says:

    Chimpombwa is right….Edward Chilufya Will add value to the team….especially on the wing…Ngogais useless….he is is useless at power (even though he flukes goals there)….and will never be national team material…there are much better options ba coach…..even Luchanga is better

  21. PapaFem says:

    Game of IFs

    If it ends on 11 points apiece, Nigeria will still go through if they maintain the healthy goal difference which currently stands at +7 to Zambia’s +2.

    If, by whatever means the Zambians are able to equal the goals difference, Nigeria can still go through with a comfortable goals scored which is currently 10 compared to Zambia’s 6.

    If, by whatever means the Zambians are able to equal the number of goals scored by beating Cameroon silly while hoping Nigeria lose scandalously to Algeria, the Super Eagles can still go through due to number of direct points between them and the Chipolopolo. Three points from the away win in Zambia plus another one point from the hypothetical draw in Uyo in October will give Nigeria four points as against one for the Zambians.

    However, if Zambia win in Uyo and both teams get the same results in their respective games against Algeria and Cameroon on the final day, it will now depend on who had the better goals difference in the two games played in Ndola and Uyo.

    If both teams are still tied on goals difference in games between them, FIFA will now use actual number of goals scored in the two games between them.

    • Yebo says:

      Hmmmm enough analysis right here.


      • ask Germany they will tell more about Zambia we are the powerhouse of southern Africa.you will cry in uyo what ever you call yourself we are not scared of you anymore that analysis is not genuine its just talking about Nigeria which is not fair ,we know you you westafricans no wonder you organise biased referees to be officiating our games because dont like southern african teams to dominate ,you will cry things have changed now in Soccer.

  22. Amandla says:

    Bring Ama Ben pa Bench! Quickplay from Quicksilver is what has been confusing the opponents.

  23. Amandla says:

    Hibalwa you are right! Mbesuma could have buried those goals home!

  24. Don says:

    PapaFem…coincidentally both countries were born in October n the battle is in October , 1st n 24 th respectively. So let’s wait n see who will bag the ‘Battle of October ‘ We got nothing to lose after starting the campaign on a low key.

  25. tipo says:

    Zambia can win the two remaining matches and still not qualify. as good as they have bee the odds are stacked up against them.

    Nigeria would have to really screw this one up really badly like they’ve never done before in order to miss the world cup.

  26. discipline says:

    Good players can miss a sitter just once not twice,ngonga missed it twice, ati he Was playing to instructions, I dont see him do the holding up either the chasing as he was fresh the bottom line is this lad is pathetic and he would have cost us the game,so wada wake up how many chances are you going to give him

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