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Wondering: The KoPa brand – Is anything local bad?


Knives are out following the announcement by FAZ that a new local brand KoPa shall be used by Chipolopolo.

FAZ has made it clear in the statement that the new Chipolopolo KoPa kit shall be launched when the CHAN starts on January 12 in Morocco.

*Is going KoPa a failure to lure new kit manufacturers by FAZ?*

No. You will recall that many kit manufacturers were lining up to dress Chipolopolo.

It was a business decision by the Executive Committee of FAZ thus to create : “an independent sports brand, wholly owned by FAZ, made in line with the objective of increased revenue generation and full control of the value chain.”

Remember the new FAZ policy of dressing lower division teams?

This new brand shall cater for all these teams and save FAZ money.

Further, all other sports disciplines in Zambia can have their own customised kit made through the KoPa brand.

*Why KoPa then?*

For the first in the history of Zambia, this country can be dressed in its own brand. That is something to be proud of.

Americans have Nike. Germans have Adidas and so on.

As long as the quality is good, Chipolopolo fans should be proud to wear their own clothing brand line.

KoPa is Zambia’s own brand. Is anything local always bad?

For once, let us be proud of our innovations.

That’s the only way we can develop as Zambia.

We cannot always be dependant on foreign brands.

Wouldn’t it be a proud moment to have foreign teams one day dressed in a Zambian brand?

The FAZ statement says, “The growth opportunities for the brand stretch beyond Zambia’s borders and an international variant of the brand will be available to clients in overseas markets.”

All innovators initially are misunderstood or just criticised for no good reason.

KoPa is a Zambian indigenous brand, “copper.”

*Won’t FAZ lose revenue?*

If the process is well managed, FAZ shall make more money than offered by any kit manufacturer at present.

In the FAZ statement it says and I quote,

“An independent sports brand, wholly owned by FAZ, was made in line with the objective of increased revenue generation and full control of the value chain.

“This is the first step by the Association to grow its commercial arm and to create additional, profitable revenue streams.”

*Won’t there be abuse of funds?*

The FAZ president Andrew Kamanga has so far shown accountability and transparency in managing FAZ funds.

As a professional career-chartered accountant and successful businessman Kamanga was elected to bring ideas that can generate funds and make FAZ a viable entity.

But who better than a leader whose integrity cannot be faulted so far?

*Is KoPa g’onga?*

No. Here is an assurance that it shall be a competitively good brand:

“The KoPa brand will be manufactured to international standard.”

And shall be available at “affordable prices to meet the needs of the market.”

The KoPa shirts and all team wear and equipment shall be made in the same place as other kit manufacturers.

*What does the KoPa brand represent?*

“The brand, named KoPa, represents the best of Zambian football and the new Zambia kit is a true reflection of all the positive attributes in the Zambian game.”

It’s your brand, it’s my brand. It’s Zambia’s own brand.

*Are the KoPa shirts out?*

No. Not even pictures have been released to the public yet.

So disregard any picture of the purported Chipolopolo kit you have seen so far.

But the designs and quality are excellent.

Let’s wait for the launch.

*And the criticism?*

You can expect that.

Remember ZAWA shirts?

Remember Fong Kong replica shirts made by the former FAZ which were disowned by Nike?

Genuine criticism should be centred on the quality and design.

*Is KoPa a good idea?*

Unless you believe any local Zambian innovation is bad, and everything foreign excellent.

Put the knives down, support Zambia, build Zambia.

  1. Proudly Zambian.

10 Comments to Wondering: The KoPa brand – Is anything local bad?

    • Nostra says:

      Who owns KoPa brand?
      Who filed patent?
      Who is keeping the trade mark?
      Do we expect future ownership wrangle?
      Are lawyers ready?

  1. FAZ, away from dependacy.That’s good for own innovation.
    Why everything Chinese,as if Chinese are good footballers!

  2. GRAND says:

    Please tell the TRUTH. we have failed to atract reasonable kit sponsors. Tell me which major footballing countries has gone this route ? Belive it or not we are likely to become the worst dressed time in Africa. No reasonable fedaration has ever done this.

  3. In KoPa jersey i trust.copper for like.

  4. discipline says:

    Botswana did the same when they qualified for their ever first afcon,boy were they wrong and looked awful in their local brand and they did that just like our chipos because they failed to attract world reowed sports brands I for one see a disaster at the end of the tunnel.

  5. Zambian Buffalo says:

    Yes thats the way to go, lets just put our knives down and support our own. Proudly Zambian.

  6. Positive thinking says:

    Can we see what this Jersey looks like? Ello, how are we calling this local when it is made in China?

  7. Do we just criticise.Analyse the reason behind it.If no foreign sponsor comes up do we just sit and wait for the unknown.

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