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Wins for Nkwazi, Fole Malembe while Warriors & Buffaloes settle for a draw

Action in the MTN Super League continued as City of Lusaka hosted Real Nakonde while Bla

Konkola Blades 1-2 Forest Rangers

Kobe Chipeta scored from a rebound as ‘Fole Malembe’ went 1-0 up.

Winger Green Mumba added the second to give the Perry Mutapa and Masauso Tembo a two goals caution before John Sikaumbwe put one back from the spot

City of Lusaka 2-2 Real Nakonde

Nchanga Rangers 0-2 Nkwazi

Green Buffaloes 2-2 Kabwe Warriors

Jacob Phiri continued with his rich vein of form as he banged a brace for Warriors.

Phiri, who scored in Warriors previous game grabbed his second of the day in the 55th minute as the Chintu Kampamba coached side led 2-0.

Bilton Musonda was spared from the sack as Buffaloes scored twice to salvage a point.

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  1. humble says:

    Welcome back zamfoot crew, we rily missed u

  2. Pungwa says:

    We are back !! anyway, outside topic but quite revealing . I thought i should share :

    Sacrificing Simataa For A Non Rated Coach

    They say no man is indispensable. So is the immortal football administrator Simataa Simataa. His premature sacking at Lusaka Dynamos where he served as CEO was always going to come; he was never meant to be an ‘Elite’ into eternity.

    One would argue this could probably be the best time Simataa exited Dynamos. The exit is not as a result of poor performance, but denial by the astute figure to budge on his principles.

    In a country where men and women who believe in respecting principles are hard to come by, the likes of Simataa are a rare breed. And they are often unpopular in many an organization. That’s because not many of us are cut from the same cloth as Simataa and fail to operate by the book.

    Dynamos club president Hanif Adams is not a good a example of a man who respects rules and regulations. He has survived all these years as a businessman because our country permits men of his type to go about the shortest-cuts to success. And it had to be Hanif to scribble Simataa’s way out of Dynamos.

    One thing Hanif is clearly not saying is the reason he fired Simataa. The claim that Dynamos is streamlining its operations and will no longer require a CEO is not only false, but an attempt to depart from the very reason FIFA has instructed associations to set up the Club Licensing Department.

    The decision to fire Simataa comes after two developments at Dynamos. First, Simataa as club CEO, sacked Egyptian Mohammed Fathi who has some nondescript role on the Dynamos technical bench where the respected trainer Patrick Phiri is Head Coach.

    And while he was sacking Fathi, Simataa opened a ‘canon of worms’ when he brought to FAZ a disciplinary case involving one of the country’s hottest strikers Walter Bwalya otherwise born Heritier Binene Sabwa.

    Simataa reveals that the apparent Mr Bwalya – a Nkana striker – once lived another life in the neigbhouring Democratic Republic of Congo where he was identified as monsieur Heritier Binene Sabwa where he played professional football.

    And any player in the position of Heritier or Walter (whichever is applicable) must be cleared through the issuance of an International Transfer Certificate (ITC) to feature in another foreign league. Heritier or Walter (however your tongue is comfortable) did not get his ITC to play in the Zambian league.

    For three plus yes, Heritier or Walter (let’s just say Heri-Walter), has played in the Zambian league illegally. And his continued use by Nkana is an affront to the ethical administration of the game in the country. Do we still have the Player Status Committee in Zambia? Anyways, that’s a topic for another day.

    Now who picks a fight with the ‘mightiest’ Nkana? Even if you present a clear-cut case against the 12 time league champions and tell them the colour is yellow, no one will dare listen because all they see in Wusakile and beyond ichilata is red.

    No matter how legitimate the Binene case is, Simataa was fighting against all odds. He was destined to emerge on the losing end. Not because he has no case, but because no one has the guts to take the bull by its horns.

    For the record, Simataa and Dynamos have a legitimate case on Binene. Whichever way it will be disposed of, It can only serve as a caution to whoever intends to play around with what may be a national embarrassment in future. Kindly take note.

    Back to Simataa’s sacking. He was not shown the door because of the Binene case, but his clash with Fathi – a masquerade whose specialty is making local buns – but pretends to be a coach. This is indeed surprising. That Dynamos should chose Fathi over Simataa is an indictment to any aspirations they may have this season.

    The Dynamos of the last three months is not the ‘Elite’ we have known all these years at Queensmead.

    Simataa’s footprints are written all over the proper organization of the new look Dynamos. It’s a club that has slowly been transforming from that kawayawaya type of business to respected arrangement, thanks to the magnificent Simataa.

    Sadly Hanif thinks otherwise. He believes Fathi brings more value to Dynamos than Simataa. Well, for a man with no coaching credentials whatsoever. How on earth did Fathi become an accredited coach in Zambia. The man knows nothing, but black marketing players.

    And if he is neither resident nor Zambian citizen, how was he granted a work permit for coaching in Zambia? Since he has no coaching qualification, what credentials is he using to work in the country? Has he got qualification in terrorism or what?

    Zambia is not in short supply of coaches. And if it were, Lusaka Dynamos is the best case scenario to groom young coaches. There should be no exception for Fathi to operate as a coach in Zambia. Maybe baking bread for players.

    Hanif should know that Fathi is not a coach. If in his own country he has no trace of even beach coaching, why should he be treated to royalty in the Zambian league?

    This Fathi does not even qualify to coach a Zambian third rate Coca Cola Schools side from Kabundi. And how he finds himself masquerading as a coach in the local league leaves so much to wonder. Anyway, we seem to be content with riff raffs messing around with our game.

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