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Chiluya: It will be a tough match but Zambia will carry the day

Zambian export to Cyprus Prosper Chiluya believes Zambia has enough quality to beat Nigeria in Uyo. The Pofas FC left back says the match will be tough for both teams.

“It won’t be an easy game for both our team and Nigeria because both teams have quality players and they both want to qualify to the world cup. But I believe in the Zambia national team and with the quality of player’s we have I think that they will deliver and we might get a chance of qualifying,” Chiluya told ZamFoot in an exclusive interview

“I just hope and pray that Saturday will be a miracle and lucky day for us. I know that God will help my brothers in Saturday’s game,” he added.

The talented left footer believes he has what it takes to play for the senior national team but will patiently wait for his time to come.

” Yes ofcourse I have hopes of playing for the national team, it might not be now but surely in the near future I will, ” he said.


The former Kafue Celtic man has already started making an impact in Cyprus with three assists from two matches played so far.

The 19 year old who was a key member of Coach Beston Chambeshi’s all conquering U20 team has targeted learning the philosophy of European Football this season to prepare him for stiff competition next season.

The budding left back is setting his sight on breaking into the Chipolopolo squad

“My target for this season is very simple, first I need to adapt to the philosophy of European football and prepare myself for very high competition in the next season. As you know I just came here and I had a bad injury which I have now recovered from, plus it’s my first time to be in a European club which is first division,” he said.

Paphos are currently 5th in the Cyprus league which is six weeks old.


15 Comments to Chiluya: It will be a tough match but Zambia will carry the day

  1. Prince says:

    Work hard sonny!

  2. Bsimms says:

    Massive talent with lots of potential. Go and conquer Cyprus, when done move on to France, Holland, Italy, Katalunia/Spain or England. Impossible is nothing, you of all people must know this…..Humility coupled with the following is key:
    ☆ Mwepu’s drive;
    ☆ Patson’s hunger for goals;
    ☆ Fashion’s fierce style;
    ☆ the silent arrogance of Martial;
    ☆ Rashfords dedication;
    ☆ fighting spirit of Mickitarian;
    ☆ Fallaini’s never say die attitude;
    ☆ Valencia’s focus;
    ☆ Lukaku’s self belief; and
    ☆ Above all the fear of God the source of all gifts & breath.

    Kafue Celtic > Cyprus = Good start. Now fulfill your potential.

    I like your style of football. Just improve on your crosses & set pieces😁

  3. Zambian Buffalo says:

    All the best younga man. Good talking.

  4. Bingorasnimbus says:


  5. Dynamite says:

    These under 20 guys have really done us proud. I can’t remember a time when Zambia had alot of players out in Europe & the good thing is that they are young. Patson Daka, Fashion Sakala, Smock Mwepu, Prosper Chiluya, Emmanuel Banda, Edward Chilufya plus many other young guns that I haven’t mentioned will one day make a serious & dangerous chipolopolo. Well done & keep it up

  6. km says:

    It’s high time, countries like Nigeria and other so called big guns should start having respect for Zambian footbal.The young boys have introduced a fear factor in the Zambia national football team.its time the insults need to stop.As watched soccer Afric,i liked the humble comments of peter,saying that they have respect for zambian talent.chiluya, you have innate talent.just work hard.

  7. Benny says:

    I agree with above mentioned name this will include U17 player whose shooting was like magic Zambia’s future in football is bright.

  8. GODWIN EVOH says:


    How true is this?

  9. treasure says:

    you called what you have quality players?

  10. Mboyo says:

    Let’s see what will happen on the field not with mouth bet me young man, you will be reduced to on Saturday

  11. Naijaguy says:

    The league in Cyprus is not better than the leagues in Africa just better pay.

    • Chimpombwa says:

      That may be true..and if it is, its a good thing.. Whats African should be good..Our leagues should aim to compete on the world stage..only then will we have claims for more spots at the World cup..etc

    • Luapula bize says:

      I agree with you; however, its good for the youngman’s exposure and confidence…who knows, sooner or later he might break into the more competitive European leagues if he works hard.

  12. km says:

    Comrades don’t worry about the here say injuries. Any player in the zambian team can hundle the Nigerian s.The truth of the matter Is that,zambians by nature have respect for good teams like Nigeria. But they don’t Condon any team which underestimate or insults zambian soccer.such teams which have done that,they Ave paid dearly.Nigerians kindly be levelheaded. Have respect for zambian football. Just as zambian s respect you.

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