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We will give it our all – Chiyangi

Zambia national team Assitant Coach Aggrey Chiyangi says the team will give their best when they face Sudan on Saturday in the quarter final of the on-going CHAN tournament in Morocco.

Chiyangi retaliated Zambia’s intentions of going beyond the quarter finals of the on-going CHAN tournament.

“This is a different stage and we are going to give it our best. This is a knockout stage and there is nothing like recovery if you lose you are out and we don’t want to come out at this stage,”

The Green Eagles tactician played down the favourite tag saying the real battle is on the pitch. The Copper Bullets alongside hosts Morocco are regarded as the favourites to win the tournament.

” People can say we are the favourites but on the pitch it’s a different ball game all together. We as the technical bench have a huge responsibility of preparing our players for the battle on the pitch,” he said

” Marrakech is like a home to us but that won’t give us automatic qualification but we have to work hard to win the match. The players are used to this pitch but We have to work hard for the win,” he added.

Zambia will play Sudan on Saturday at the Grand Stade de Marrakech in a 21:30 hours (Zambian time) kickoff. with the match live on pay television channel SuperSport.


7 Comments to We will give it our all – Chiyangi

  1. Zambian Buffalo says:

    The Green Eagles tactician played down the favourite tag.. This thing of Tag its just from Namibia and ourselves, Suppersport is not even taking about us its Morocco and over hyped Nigeria in the news. The trophy is ours like have been singing about, please technical bench play your cards well otherwise if I mention names here I will be referred to be a PHD for certain players who have been tried and test going back in 2015 but have failed to prove their worthy to be called to national team. I for one will not bury my head in the sand and pretend to be swimming in the pool. I have been a person who supported most of those who positively criticized the tossing of Patson Daka to the national team at all levels that the boy is being rushed. Some even suggested positively that the previous FA boss wanted a cut from the young lads deal. But today have been branded to be a PHD when in reality players like Sate Sate, lameck Banda , Shadrick Musonda, Solomon Sakala and Mayembe could have been better options. The Kilambe period is long gone when we use to shout *Uweeeeleeee yaaaba* until the game finishes. This is 21st century where we have been exposed to winning ways by the Dream and golden U20 class of 2017. Alabene ifyakulanda ati twaciteya bwino nomba cacishupafye kale fyapwa. Some player single handedly costs us from qualifying to the 2018 WC when all we needed was a win after a back to back win against Algeria. Some players are indiscipline off the pitch who have guts to assault a soccer fan and go Scott free, come on thats midiocre. If you can say Kalaba is indiscipline and fail to advice him, do you think your Zoba can change? Stop even comparing Roberto Baggio to some chap, its like comparing Circle Mata to Cozmo Mumba. By the way its not bitterness its the unfairness towards other players which compiled me to remind our coach. Have come to believe that ama players abengi balabonfya ubwanga, akafifi bena ebo balemonafye kuli coach and its a shame at this stage. Am not taking from without, I called a young player left foot 7/11 to come and stay with me and attend trials to clubs. To my shock I was told that the boy attended trials last year with Tigers and City yamoto, but the has never been to Lusaka ever since he was born until this year. Train for two days and the coach was like the boy is lacking fitness, we argued lacking fitness when he was assessed for two days only. My point is its true ing’ang’a abengi baka player balashibonfya to win favors. I rest my case.

  2. km says:

    To me,i feel Friday samu, is not material for national team,even you remember Banda is better than samu.Logic chingandu,is better than the so called katiba.Zamfoot heaped more praise on jack chirwa,before Chan tournament,Zamfoot even said that this chirwa will be able to compete with mwepu,but when introduced I didn’t see any ball distribution from him.I don’t think these players from buffalos can match with sate sate,shadreck musonda, logic chingandu, Spencer sautu,billy mutale. With kampumbu and silwimba it’s understood, because we do not have natural left and right back except for these (kampumbu and silwimba) .From Zanaco, they picked good players,from also picked good except for kondwani,mutonga whom I think, he was suppose to be be dropped. From buffalo only Adrian chama,is fitt to in the national team.Not the samu,katiba,chirwa of this world. These payers players from buffalos are very slow and lack intelligence on the ball.We just hope ngwenya recovers and take up the midfield together with Larry. With silwimba am no worried because the Sudanese seldom use wings.so the left and right back we are a bite safe.but who will control the midfield?.we need fast players like lally,and ngwenya not the buffalos slow midfielders.

  3. km says:

    Here is my line up.(1)toster nsabata.Deffenders, shamujopa,ziyo,kapumbu and mwangeni.mildfield,malama,ngwenya,lally bwalya and augustine mulenga. Strikers, kambole and Chanda mushiri.

  4. km says:

    I love Adrian chama,but I would prefer him to be on the Bench. then we put mwangeni.
    Ngwenya can take the position where mulenga operates and on mbewe’s position ,mulenga can operate since he has pace.We cannot use lorrence chungu,on silwimba position because he lacks good judgement when under pressure .It was Lorrence chungu who costed zambia during the cosafa final.He was an easy passage for Zimbabwean strikes.I don’t trust chungu from that time onward. He can only be benched until 80 minutes, that’s when he can come in.After 80 minutes, we can also substitute the captain (ziyo)for Adrian chama.The katiba s,chirwas and samus,should be benched.They are too slow.

    • Zambian Buffalo says:

      @KM you are spot on, we have soccer analysts in this country who are affiliated to some clubs who I think sometimes are being unfair to most of the players who have not been called for national duties and yet they deserve to be part of the team, but external forces manipulate to suit their wish which is very unfortunate. Look at shadrick Musonda though am not a Nkana supporter, the boy is brilliant on the ball and intelligent but not even a single day the young man was called to have a share from the national cake.

  5. Bsimms says:

    Chipolopolo showed too much respect to our neighbours the Brave Worriors but I hope they won’t under rate these guys from Sudan….. The boys should show courage and determination like the way they played the Elephants.

  6. GSK11 says:

    If luck is not with us and we fail… all I can say is Damn.
    or rather…
    Su da(m)n!

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