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Expert View: Chopping and changing holding Buildcon’s progress

Buildcon FC has struggled to cope with the pressure and demand of the Super League despite the club being a financial power house. After being promoted to the Super Division in 2017 everyone was expecting Team Kopala to dominate the Super League because of their stable sponsorship.

But reality is that they have been falling apart each season; Finishing 9th on the log in their debut 2017 season in 55 points and 8th last season with only a point better than the previous season.

Team Kopala has made marquee signings in previous seasons listing Zambian legends and stars Brian Mwila, Chisamba Lungu and Given Singuluma amongst them many expensive signings who have been listed on their books in previous season. They have gone across the borders to bring in international talent but success continues to elude them.

Then what could be the problem that is hampering Buildcon’s progression to the summit?

The problem so far is that there are too many changes at the club. In 2018, the club made 17 signings in the off season as they overhauled the team that gave them a mid-table finish in their first season in the super division. If news going round that they have signed Lameck Banda is anything to by, the former Zesco United attacker becomes the 14th player to be signed ahead of the 2019 season.


In the past two seasons Buildcon have had 3 different coaches, Arena Guglielmo, Tenant Chembo and newly appointed Srdjan Zivojnov; it is these changes which are costing the club their first Super League title or even a top four finish.

Every time a new coach is appointed that means the players will need to start from square one learning and adapting to the new coach’s tactics and philosophies, it’s the same when new players come in, the coach will start at the beginning teaching his philosophies to the new players hence the progression being stagnant.

That is the circle haunting Buildcon, if the club can maintain the same coach and squad with a very few additions for next 3-4 years they’ll make up a very good team, success is a gradual thing which goes with proper planning.

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One Comment to Expert View: Chopping and changing holding Buildcon’s progress

  1. Daniel says:

    Very good observation writer. Management need to be patient. They should have given Chembo time at least 3 years.

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