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Wedson Nyirenda confirmed as Chipolopolo coach

Chipolopolo coach Wedson Nyirenda has revealed that the Football Association of Zambia  (FAZ) has confirmed his appointment as Zambia national team head coach.

Speaking on ZNBC’s Sunday interview, Nyirenda stated that all what is remaining are formalities with the Ministry of Sports who bankroll the senior national team.

“The issue of an expatriate coach has fallen off. We have concluded the talks (with FAZ). All we are waiting for is finalization of the document (contract) which is now with the attorney general. As you know the government sponsors the national team,” the former Chipolopolo striker said.

Nyirenda was appointed to the Chipolopolo technical bench to be assistant to a would be appointed national team expatriate coach.

But with the head of state President Edgar Lungu indicating that he was impressed with what he saw after watching Zambia go down  to Nigeria in Ndola under the tutelage of Nyirenda, the button automatically fell to ‘Wada Wada’.

The former Nchanga Rangers and Power Dynamos striker has so far presided over four games losing two (against Nigeria and Zimbabwe), winning one against Uganda and drawing against Cameroun in Limbe.

He will be the first coach to be confirmed as Chipolopolo coach since the departure of French man Here Renard who resigned in 2013.

Patrice Beaumelle, Honor Janza and George Lwandamina have all acted in interim capacities without full contracts in a period that has seen the Chipolopolo lose the momentum that saw the Copper Bullets lift the Africa Cup of Nations trophy in 2012.

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  1. Nostra says:

    Thats sad.

  2. isoka says:

    Well deserved Wadda. Congratulations

  3. Billy says:

    Zambian football at present, kuwayawayafye mwe.

  4. tatu saad says:

    We need n expatrait coach,soon wheen wada will fall to deliever the nation will blamme and shame faz,our soccer is going thru a transition so we need an expatrait,till we have all structures from U17,U20,U23 and chipolopolo in place then we need a local coach

  5. Shadreck says:

    Good move FAZ, let’s give him all the support and respect, am sure he’ll succeed. I for one am not a fan of the so called expatriates more especially after we went through at the hands of Buckhard Ziese… a local coach who is well motivated & well paid can achieve a lot because he’s first of all Zambian and secondly he wants to keep his job….

  6. Zim bullet says:

    Its a very sad development to learn that faz and the government have failed to employ a foreign coach. The appointment of wada wada thats duplication of error . We failed with chicken and took time to study why these local coaches are failing. Chipolopolo fans have been begging faz and government to employ an expatriate coach after they realised that they are heading nowhere with these poor and corrupt coaches. Chipolopolo its a high profile team which has never at the world cup. In the past people attributed its failure to poor preparation . And monthly camps were introduced but this didnot yield desired result. The team selection is done in a public toilet. Players are for marketing purporses not to do national duty. This is what chicken said in an interview when he was asked why he was not calling foreign based players and he said i do not call players who are doing well to come and sit on the bench. Chisamba lungu exposed him.. The same cancer is spreading to big headed under twenty coach. He never spoke about isreal based players ngosa sunzu and conlyde luchanga. They were marketed already he will not benefit anything. Faz should sit down and look into this issue seriously.. Zambia they have over 40 foreign based player who can do better for zambia.. Just a reminder zambia won afcon with a team of professionals and only nathan sinkala made grade coz he is exceptional. Locals are failing to beat namibia and malawi and then you expect to qualify to the world cup playing aganist star sturded teams ..

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      How much have you donated to FAZ so they can pay the foreign coach that you want? When you tell us the amoung, then we can talk, until then please shut up as FAZ does not have money and corrupt Lungu won’t help as he is busy jumping around in the plane from country to country with no shame.

  7. As for me I support this move all heartely because I saw someting in wada wada which chicken did not have, the selection of players under wada wada was much better than under chicken although they are some players that wada wada did not select players like walter bwalya having said that let’s support wada wada.


    Your point is noted “Zim bullet” but the idea of idolizing white intellect in every field is what we need to learn to avoid at all costs, that’s why we are a poor continent. We need to learn to start standing on our own not depending on foreigners to teach us how to do things better this kind of inferiority complex rooted deep down our bone marrows should be eradicated.

    1. You analyses people are baseless; how do you expect a Coach to perform to his best when all you do are negative sermons.

    2. No matter how we feel and think we are only going to win any kind of competition with Zambian players and why should we expect a foreign coach to make us winners? People this is a slavery kind of mentality (having been brain-washed).

    3. True development comes and starts when the indigenous believe they are able.

    To sum it up, Zambian Soccer will not develop as long as you cry all the time for foreign Coaches, if they are irregularities stand up and voice them whilst taking action. Only a people that can stand up against the evils of their leaders will change their Land and this is called REVOLUTION.

  9. Angola nation team qualified to their first world cup under a local coach egypt manage to won the Afcon three times consecutive under a local coach and even the current DRC national team is under a local coach.so if other countries can do it we can also do it.so! good move ba FAZ let’s just help the coach to select right players to our team.players like walter bwalya emmanuel mbola lubambo musonda should be called to the national team while player like adrian chama chepeshi mkandire jack chirwa should be dropped

  10. The football association of zambia should also consider organizing friendly matches with teams that have qualify to the Afcon, by so doing the coordination and the cohesion of the team will improve. like what truth seleniko has said let’s learn to do things on our own.80per cent of the team that won us the Afcon in 2012 was built by the local coach kalusha bwalya. players like kennedy mweene,joseph musonda,isaac chansa,the katongo brothers chris and felix,mbesuma and james chamanga were first called to the national team by the local coach so let’s give wada wada a chance he seem to be an intelligent coach

  11. Zim bullet says:

    I heard all what you said, but where are we heading with these blind coaches. There is no slaverly if we appoint a white coach. Local coaches they are still on learn curve. Already zambia is out of world cup race if we are to be frank and realistic unless a miracle is going to happen.. We have never beaten all those teams at there own back yard.. Worse for the past ten years zambia they have never any of those teams.. Destiny does not fovour us . The road to russia its not a smooth sailing. Algeria, cameroon and nigeria are perrenial campainers and they do have materil. Nigeria will top the group they only need two wins to qualify and zambia need four wins in four remaining matches.. Guyz lets go back to the drawing board

  12. I do believe in wedson nyirenda he can be a good coach if we give him support as fans, go wedson go.
    am behind u.

  13. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    Sad development, this means no world cup again and another struggle to make it to the 2019 Afcon. I respect Wada but truth be told he does not have the mantle for world class success on stages as big as Afcon and world cup. Another crap decision by you know who!!!

    • Positive thinking says:

      Agreed brother. This is not about foreign or white coaches, it’s about capacity to perform. Sorry, but I have not seen this tactical or even technical improvement watching chipolopolo under Wadda. I might be harsh, but I don’t think this is the right move. The President jumped the gun, and this is not his decision to make. It should have fallen on FAZ and the coaches association, why? Because if awards fails, everyone here will blame FAZ not Edgar Lungu, yet he basically made the appointment. Here’s a goodbye to the World Cup

  14. SLIM says:

    Listening to Sunday Interview i think Wada is a try! Lets support him, he comes across as a honest and reliable chap. Wada’s revelation abt the Chile friendly clearly exposes our suspicions that Kalu sold the game in the second half! That scumbag shud never ever b allowed near the team again.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I thought we played quite well against Nigeria in the second half and against Cameroun. It is a tough group and after the departure of the coach a new coach will struggle but so far Mr Nyirenda has done well and far from being the whipping boys we may still cause a shock or two.

  16. Anonymous says:

    At the very least you’d expect FAZ to make an official statement/announcement of such an appointment. That we have to hear this from the coach himself tells you what level we are at as a nation – Pathetic!

  17. coach nyati says:

    I hope you people who supporting a local coach today will not change your tongue when we lose one or two games


    What has a local coach won for zambia that a foreign coach has failed to win lest get the best local we have had and the best foreign then we compare .

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