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We want to build a very strong team- Chiyangi

Zambia national team assistant coach Aggrey Chiyangi believes the previous Zambia U20 National team’s performance was key to the rebuilding process at the senior team level.

Chiyangi revealed that the technical bench was a process of phasing out players from the team which was being used just some 12 months ago and that the technical staff want to build a strong team to compete at highest level.

” In the first place we have a programme of building a team. If you look at this team it’s full of new players. The team we had about a year ago is being phased out. The performance of the U20 National team was vital as it’s our base for rebuilding process as we want to build a strong team to compete at the highest level,” he said

The former Sensational Zanaco and Nkana Coach said qualifying for the 2019 Cameroon Africa cup of nations was the primary target but we’re aiming at winning it.

The Copper Bullets who missed a chance to make their maiden appearance at the World cup will continue their pursuit for the elusive first set shifting focus to Qatar 2022.

” We missed qualifying for the world but our building process continues for the next world cup. We also want to win the next AFCON but before that happens we have to secure qualification which is our primary target for now,” he said.

Zambia U20 National team won the 2017 U20 AFCON title for the first time in the history of Zambia and reached the quarter finals of the World cup another first . Three of the players from that all conquering U20 squad have already established themselves in the team with a further four joining the fringe players bunch.


8 Comments to We want to build a very strong team- Chiyangi

  1. Zambian Buffalo says:

    All the best all the best! Good planning. We have to lift CHAN trophy no compromise, do not use Ng’onga if our target is to win the trophy.

  2. kensplash says:

    what is wrong with you people? Can we please encourage Alex so he can improve on his scoring otherwise he is a very good player and he does the donkey work upfront. You almost ruined Patson Daka’s career in the same fashion (i don’t mean sakala). Lets hope he recovers in time for the quarter finals because we are missing his services.

    • Luapula bize says:

      True, some people can really discourage to the core…Oh My goodness! Patson’s issue is a clear case – they scorned him day and night but thank God, he is on cloud nine.


      Well said Kensplash most of these over excited pin-head bloggers don’t know a lot about soccer and they have ended up destroying a lot of players! I have been labouring to explain and defend many players and Coaches but to no change in attitude….. awe kaya mwe! Daka, Lwandamina and Wada to mention a few were stripped naked with insults on this blog but at last all the chilli mouth-screamers were disappointed….. ALA MULEKE IFI MASELE they don’t help us at all let us learn to criticize objectively.

  3. Ngake says:

    Was really impressed with the balance of the team against ivory coast. Despite what the critics say, Zambia needs a double pivot in midfield. Having Donashano and Kondwani at the same time works very well and balances defense and attack as long as one of them adds to the numbers in the offense once in a while. Wada doing a good job so far.

  4. Lubbs says:

    THis Ngonga boy is superb harrising defenders and very courageous.

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