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Walter, Ziyo, Patson & ‘FIFA’ Sikazwe got more money than most clubs

The colourful 2016 MTN/FAZ Awards were held at Lusaka’s Intercontinental Hotel on Tuesday night with Zanaco’s Ziyo Tembo winning the 2016 Zambian Footballer of the Year.

But much of the talking point was on the prize money some of the clubs in the MTN Super League got compared to the individual awards.

Sixth placed side Kabwe Warriors got K30, 000 compared to Ziyo’s K25, 000 with the clubs who finished 7th down to 18th pocketing below what the Footballer of the Year got.

Seventh placed side Red Arrows went home with K18, 000 while league top scorer Walter Bwalya received K20, 000.

By the way just a suggestion on the amount the top scorer should be getting especially for next season, let each goal be valued at K1, 000 like what happens in most European leagues. This means that if it was in England, the Nkana striker who be getting K24, 000.

Close to six clubs, including the legendary Mufulira Wanderers got K8,000, that is less than what Zambian Young Player of the Year winner Patson Daka got. The Kafue native went home with K15, 000 while former St Pauls Secondary pupil and Zambia’s ‘FIFA 1’ Janny Sikazwe got K10, 000.



1. Player of the Year – Ziyo Tembo – Zanaco (K25,000.00)
2. Top Scorer – Walter Bwalya, 24 goals – Nkana (K20,000.00)
3. Most Disciplined Player – Jacob Banda – Zesco United (K15,000.00)
4. Young Player of the Year – Patson Daka -Power Dynamos (K15,000.00)
5. Coach of the Year – Mumamba Numba – Zanaco (K20,000.00)
6. Best Referee – Wisdom Chewe (K15,000.00)
7. Best Assistant Referees – Kabwe Chansa (K10,000.00)
8. FAZ President’s Award – Janny Sikazwe (K10,000.00)


1. Zanaco – Champion (K250,000.00)
2. Zesco United -Runner-up (K100,000.00)
3. Nkana (K50,000.00)
4. Power Dynamos (K45,000.00)
5. Green Buffaloes (K38,000.00)
6. Kabwe Warriors (K30,000.00)
7. Red Arrows (K18,000.00)
8. Nkwazi (K15,000.00)
9. Forest Rangers (K12,000.00)
10. Napsa Stars (K10,000.00)
11. Mufulira Wanderers (K8,000.00)
12. Nchanga Rangers (K8,000.00)
13. Green Eagles (K8,000.00)
14. Lumwana Radiants (K8,000.00)
15. Lusaka Dynamos – RELEGATED (K8,000.00)
16. Nakambala Leopards – RELEGATED (K8,000.00)
17. Lusaka Tigers – RELEGATED (K8,000.00)
18. Mufulira Blackpool – RELEGATED (K8,000.00)

Patson got K15, 000

Patson got K15, 000



20 Comments to Walter, Ziyo, Patson & ‘FIFA’ Sikazwe got more money than most clubs

  1. sly says:

    The whole money is too little. Nowadays we ought to talk millions for the tittle winners.I wonder how this setup in Zambian soccer impacts on the clubs that play continental football?

  2. 90minutes says:

    this is far much better than the kalu administration. the league championships used to walk away with k50.000, I remember very well, when power won the league. they almost rejected the money. kalu game K100 to the women national team who made it to the Africa cup for the first time. kalu????? thumbs up to kamanga

    • Big Steve 4rm SA says:

      Kikiki……I’m waiting to hear what the Kamanga haters and Kalu lovers will say about your post. Chance is they might not comment because your piece actually has facts unlike their usual sentimental rumblings with no facts. I’m not even a big Kamanga supporter but some of the hate that is thrown his way is so nonsensical.

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      @90 mins, How could Kalu care to pay more money to the clubs and awards to those that deserved them when Kalu was channeling all resources to his luxury life in South Africa. Cassetti needed to be pampered, so Kalu had to grab all the money. Kalu is a worthless corrupt thief and its sad that I have to even use those words to someone we all dearly adored when he was playing for Zambia. Just sad that Kalu abused the Faz presidency.

  3. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    Clubs make some sort of money all year round, this is a once off for the players that won it so we cant really be making a comparison. Compare apples with apples so that a true reflection can be made.

    Even though it is actually not a lot I have to say big up to FAZ as this is a vast improvement in recognizing achievement on a local level. Hopefully it keeps getting better than this season after season after this.

  4. SLIM says:

    @ Big Steve 4frm RSA…….. Wat you shud understand is that the Kalu Lovers loved to merely admire Kalusha in his expansive suits at these occassions! The chap wud pocket more kwacha than the league winners and this made him arrogant and admirers proud. Unfortunately this kept sponsors away from our game.

  5. Billy says:

    Kalusha is a big thief. The guy used to still money meant for clubs and players. Big up to Andrew Kamanga. Just watch and see how Zed football is gonna improve under Kamanga.

  6. Positive thinking says:

    Is this all the money that MTN pays out to the clubs?? I hope that is not the case, because MTNs revenues could surely allow for greater funding in the league. I hope that it’s being considered

  7. You children of kamanga before you pass your useless comments research first the zambian super league had no proper sponsorship apart from been sponsored by the konkola copper mine that time our league use to be called the KCM super league and the winners use to be given hundred million in our old currency it was the effort of kalu that made the MTN to be sponsoring our league stop praising your useless kamanga for the works that kalu has done

  8. Zamfoot why are you blocking my comments and yet you allowing the children of kamanga to be vomitting the rubbish about someone who can’t defead himself

  9. The MTN deal was signed by kalu not kamanga infact this is the same money that clubs were geting during kalu administrations so you fools before you vomit fieces here, research first, stop talking about things that you don’t know.a lot of you here don’t stay here in zambia infact stop pretending that you are not kamanga supporter just say the truth that kamanga is your god. FOOLS

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      Nonsense, dude bring a new level of stupidity, that I can tell you. You win the award of the day for being the dummest fool for supporting a corrupt thief like Kalu.

  10. So you fools how many deals has your father kamanga sign so far?what new ideals has he implemented to improve our football?how many elections promises has he fulfilled so far?zero. this man called kamanga is useless,a failure,a flop,and is the waster FAZ presdent we have ever have in the history of zambian football.can you image some people celebrating the bus and the under 20 cosafa.zambia has won that cosafa eleven times get that into Your empty heads

  11. BYOBYONKA says:

    imwe bantu please can k250,000 improove zambian soccer? look nkana are asking for $300,000 from any club interested in walter bwalya now? mmmmm

  12. As for you ka TC soccerman stop smoking weed otherwise you will go mad.smoking is harmful to your health.let me educate your ignorant you fool, here in zambia we have the zambian police the anti corruption commission and the drug enforcement commission so if kalu is a thief why are they not arresting him?answer my question you fool.im awaiting according to the zambian. Law every one is innocent until proved guilty by the court of law.

  13. Criminals and thieves are in prison let the court and the anti corruption proved kalu guilty then every one will be at liberty to call him corrupt but as things stand he is innocent take it or leave it that’s the fact.ewee ka Tc soccerman a.k.a mr hegoat are you the lawyer I guess not because from your level of thinking I can tell that you are a grade 2 failure just like your fellow hegoat kamanga who has failed every were he goes

  14. Remember last time I made a promise that whoever attack kalu I will attack him too, so watch me you fool you think that you are star.you started this shit finish it if you are a man.before you call others names check yourself first do you have evidence that kalu is criminal if you have then report him to the anti corruption comission so that they lock him up end of the story

  15. Kalu is no longer a FAZ presdent we have kamanga now so it will be better if we stop talking about him because our football will not improve but let’s push kamanga to put more effort in what he is doing because if will keep on singing praise song about him I’m afraid he won’t do anything to improve our football.people here use to criticize kalu day and night they use to call him all sort of names but we did not insult any body but when we criticize kamanga people are like this ka small boy TC soccerboy are insulting us why? the answer is simple he is a moron with no manners not even the bad one, keep on kissing kamanga ass while our football is going

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