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Walter faces FIFA wrath

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Super League side Lubumbashi Sports have reported the matter involving Nkana striker Walter Bwalya’s nationality status to their provincial government, reports Zambia Daily Mail’s Robison Kunda and Mulwanda Lupiya.

Haut-Katanga Sports Minister Serge Nkonde confirmed yesterday that the club wants Nkana to pay a transfer fee to them because Bwalya, who is still registered in DRC as a Lubumbashi Sports player under the names Binene Sabwa, was their player.

Nkonde said the Congolese want to resolve the matter amicably, but failure by Nkana and Bwalya to respect their wish would force them to report the matter to world football body FIFA.

“This matter is now before my office because Lubumbashi Sports have complained to me. That player is Congolese and his club here did not clear him to start playing in Zambia. He just disappeared some years ago,” Nkonde said in a telephone interview.

“The people here don’t want to ruin his career but help him by normalising this matter. Nkana have to come here, sit with Lubumbashi Sports and agree on a compensation fee because he is playing in Zambia illegally. His ITC [international transfer certificate] is still in Congo.”

Bwalya is at the centre of a dispute after Lusaka Dynamos complained to the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) to investigate his eligibility to play in the local league without an ITC.

Bwalya, who claims he is Zambian, once played for the TP Mazembe Academy before moving to FC Corbaux in DRC and then finally Lubumbashi Sports.

He then appeared at Forest Rangers who later sold him to Nkana three years ago.

The Immigration Department in Zambia has declared Bwalya a Congolese.
Nkonde advised the player to be truthful if this matter was to be resolved.

“In his heart, he knows what the truth is because I have been investigating this issue in Congo. Let him and Nkana co-operate, otherwise people risk being banned from football if we pursue this matter further,” he said.
“In fact, Lubumbashi Sports were in the process of writing to the Congo Football Association and FIFA to complain but I have stopped them for now.”

Meanwhile, former Forest Rangers team manager Peter Witola said Bwalya had a Zambian national registration card (NRC) when he arrived at the Ndola based club in 2013.

Witola said Forest registered Bwalya as a Zambian with FAZ because the player had an NRC.
And FAZ said the association is still investigating the matter and will only give a position once the investigations are over.

“The association is already in receipt of a letter of complaint filed by Lusaka Dynamos Football Club. However, FAZ will only be able to state clearly its position on this matter once the findings are concluded.

“FAZ has so far commenced investigations into this case with full support from the Congolese Football Federation (FECOFOOT),” FAZ communications manager Desmond Katongo said in a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday.

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14 Comments to Walter faces FIFA wrath

  1. soccerguru says:

    This is ridiculous. ….can we have sanity in our football please…Nkana should stop burying their heads in the sand and suspend him from playing until these claims are resolved otherwise they risk losing points for all these games he has been playing in.

    • Logic says:

      I agree with you that maybe Nkana should sit him down till this cloud s cleared but I hate to see this type of situation play out years after the guy entered the league. Its seems verifying his nationality would be simple trip to immigration and Congo if need be but alas we want a full blown fire before we think to put it out

  2. Ngake says:

    True @ soccerguru, how can Nkana continue playing this guy under these circumstances. Nkana are putting themselves in a situation where they could be penalised. In a work environment it the employer s responsibility to ensure an employee is eligable to conduct work. When a company employs an underage person or illegal immigrant what happened at the previous employer is irrelevant. The person was under your employment when the matter went to the legal authorities is what counts.

  3. Bowman says:

    We always said it that Walter Binene sabwa is a congole
    but nkana and their mungulu fans have always been urging even
    lobbying for his selection to the national team.I don’t understand
    why this cheat is even playing in our league.

  4. Muchi says:

    Honestly it’s not fair to football fraternity in Zambia. I personally would say the immigration department are to blame cause I’m sure thy new bt if only this issue is resolved with respect an well codinated negotiations trust me Walter can still be retained as Nkana player.

  5. Luapula bize says:

    Hm, ok naikaba! I can imagine what is going on in Walter’s inner self.

  6. gb says:

    Mr. Nkonde wants Nkana to pay a transfer fee, when that was paid to Forest Rangers. They want want money. This is a very serious issue. I remember the immigration raiding Nkana stadium for foreign players. We do not know what really happened. I suspect some envelope changed hands. There is something fishy in the way this player came into Zambia, got his NRC because it seems FAZ and some national team coaches knew something or were tipped about his issue.

  7. Anonymous says:

    its oky its jst tht th player is doing fine nw ,so th only thng u wnt is to bring him dwn. lusaka dynamol ar th enemies of progres ,i beliv u nw about ths long time ago bt why were u qiuet,if nkana is to be panished thn it shuld start wth ba LUSAKA D Coz its nt fear

  8. Tony mash says:

    The player was registered as a zambian from which club? This is a big question to forest rangers. Was the young star cleared to play for your club? They later sold the player to nkana and they cleared him to play for nkana.. Scandal

  9. Pungwa says:

    Solution : Negotiate and pay the congolese club. FAZ : Declare amnesty for all illegals to come and regularize their documentation.

  10. Billy says:

    I knew it. This guy is Congolese. And he will be banned. No wonder FAZ didn’t want to rope in the Chipolopolo squad.

  11. Discipline says:

    I said it time and again that he is not zambian those old enough remember the mathew kamwanshi saga Congolese people are just too crafty the immigration even raided Nkana at one time but to no avail also simataa the whistle blower

  12. Born C says:

    Guys what if he has dual nationality. Remember our new constitution ,we should be using it to recruit the so called foreigners in our national team to better our performance, look at France, Germany ,England, Spain . . .

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