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Wada Wada recalls Tripple C for Swaziland game

Zambia Coach Wedson Nyirenda has recalled Clatus Chama for this weekend’s CHAN qualifier against Swaziland.

Nyirenda has also recalled Zesco United and Zanaco.

The likes of Ziyo Tembo, Toaster Nsabata, and Fackson Kampumbu.

Others are Dave Daka and Jackson Mwanza.

Kelvin Malunga (Nkana), Allan Chibwe (Power Dynamos), Toaster Nsabata (Zanaco)

Taonga Bwembya, Ziyo Tembo (both Zanaco FC) Donashano Malama (Nkana), Adrian Chama (Green Buffaloes), Solomon Sakala (Napsa Stars), Isaac Shamujompa (Nchanga Rangers), Fackson Kapumbu, Simon Silwimba (Zesco United FC)

Jack Chirwa (Green Buffaloes), Godfrey Ngwenya (Power Dynamos), Boston Muchindu (Nkana), Kondwani Mtonga, John Chin’gandu (Zesco United FC), Clatous Chama (Lusaka Dynamos FC), Augustine Mulenga, Ernest Mbewe (Zanaco FC)


Brian Mwila (Green Buffaloes), Justin Shonga (Nkwanzi), Lubinda Mundia (Red Arrows), Jackson Mwanza, Davy Daka (Zesco United FC), Martin Phiri (Power Dynamos FC)

48 Comments to Wada Wada recalls Tripple C for Swaziland game

  1. Pungwa says:

    Fwayo Tembo ????

    • Mingalato says:

      Missing: Fwayo and Bruce Musakanya.
      From Zanaco only need Ziyo and Toaster.
      From Zesco onle need Kondwani and Kapumbu.

  2. SLIM says:

    Is Fwayo injured?! if not the nation deserves an answer! This is not yo personal team Wada remember that! You already big headed. When a senior player is dropped reasons are given; weather injury, unfit or personal issues. Come on guys we need to know. Otherwise the Kalu nonsense will creap back in selection. If Wada is above questioning boot him out.

  3. Akomfour says:

    Why is zanbia not calling the likes of mayuka? Stoppila sunzu? To me these 2 players are the true backbone of zambia. I see alot of people here dissing mayuka at his club level but what you fail to see is that some players are not built for clubs, some.players are built for the NATIONAL team, an example of this is Asamoah Gyan of the Ghana black stars, gyan is not the best striker at club level but when he puts on his national jersey its do or die to the point he will score against anyteam in the world this is because his passion for his country is far more greater than club level. So put Mayuka on the front line and he will perform better than what you see him do at club level. Word to the wise

    • Billy says:

      Stoppila Sunzu is always called for serious international matches like AFCON and World cup qualifiers, and not for small tournaments like COSAFA. The said players are also not eligible for CHAN tournament as CHAN is only for players plying their trade in their respective countries only. However, I agree with you that Mayuka is worth trying him in AFCON and World cup qualifying matches. He has the experience and exposure. Right now we don’t have an outright striker at senior level. So maybe Mayuka needs to be assessed by the technical bench. Unfortunately, we have a coach who lacks football brains.

    • Chiko says:

      Mayuka is the only powerful striker other than Mbesuma at the moment. You call Singuluma instead of Mayuka? Wonders shall never end!

    • Big Steve 4rm SA says:

      Eish Akomfour your comment is so wrong on so many levels…..lol

  4. GRAND says:

    @ S I L I M,
    please don’t bring Kalu name here, please.
    Yo kamanga gave Wada a three year contact without any probation,
    A very raw coach without any national team experience being given a three year contact

    • Leo Pretoria says:

      We told them and called us names ati “bakandilepo” mwamona nomba

    • Big Steve 4rm SA says:

      Kamanga like any Zambian loyal to plot one was simply following instructions. He held interviews and scouted for an experienced coach then he got last minute instructions to abandon his plans. Don’t shoot the wrong guy down. We all know that had it ben left to FAZ to make the decision, as should be the case, Wada would not be our coach right now.

      • Tc Soccerman says:

        Right Big Steve

      • Amos Mumba says:

        Klau stood his grounds.That said,even among the local players Wada did not have the right credentials for such a high profile job.From Mozambique to Chipolopolo was a huge jump!Just like Klau got the flack,please let kamanga take full responsibility.Befriending politicians with aview of personal mielage will cost him.

  5. Akomfour says:

    @Billy i understand that sunzu get called for important matches but since zambia currently dont have a large number of quality players you need to call the likes of sunzu for these matches because you always need at 1 pro player in every match, it sends a a positive message to the other players who are not yet on that level and this encourages them to do better, its all psychological. On the other note i strongly recommend mayuka really needs to be looked at, his better than any of these unknown strikers your currently using,i even think chris kotongo should be recalled and partnerd with mayuka up front. ZAMBIA RETIRED CHRIS TOO EARLY, GHANA IS STILL USING GYAN AND HIS REAL AGE IS PROBLY 40, sometimes a players name and status can scare a defender even if his not as good as he was before and by acaring that defender he can score goals because they feel intimidated by NAME, its all PYSCOLOGICAL. Word to the wise

    • Billy says:

      I agree with your suggestions on Sunzu but I am not sure he can be brought in for those small tournaments like COSAFA. We have local big defenders who can do the job like Ziyo Tembo, Kondwani Mtonga, George Chilufya, etc. On Mayuka I agree with you he needs to be looked at. As for Chris Katongo, it’s a big NO for me. After AFCON 2012 Katongo struggled big time at senior national team. He later on played football at club level for his club Green Buffaloes. But unfortunately he is no longer the Katongo we used know. He will struggle big time at national level. I am not sure if he is even playing at club level

  6. kensplash says:

    Yes Toaster Nsabata is the man of the moment, he is needed.Please Fwayo must be the captain of this team.I had a lot respect for Wada Wada but i am slowly losing confidence in this coach.He does not know whether he is going or coming.He is in sixs and sevens.What is his strategy?I think FAZ must deal with him should he lose the match on Saturday because we are tired of mediocrity.

  7. Chinyonge says:

    mu chan cup takwaba ukwita ama foreigner based players kano ama local based players chapwa guys

  8. Thoko Ngwenya says:

    The question of Fwayo Tembo needs to be addressed. This is the match a visionary coach could use him to try different combinations in view of the impending World Cup Qualifiers (back to back with Algeria)


    This coach is not serious, he lacks depth and clear understanding of modern football. To begin with , his selection of players is off-side. Look at the strikers he has selected… I wonder if he takes time to watch local league,

  10. I was one of the people who supported the appointment of wada wada as coach of the nation team little did I know that the man is useless.can the football association of zambia togther with wada wada tell us why fwayo tembo is not part of this team?

  11. I was one of the people who supported the appointment of wada wada as coach of the nation team little did I know that the man is useless.can the football association of zambia togther with wada wada tell us why fwayo tembo is not part of this team?because as far as I know fwayo is not a foreign based player

  12. General says:

    to this team selected plz wada call Spencer sautu and fwayo TEMBO. don’t ever make any mistake to ignore these two prayers.

  13. sly says:

    Guys you are harsh on Wada. I personally did not have confidence in him before the COSAFA games. However, despite the loss to Zim I feel confident he will build one stubborn side. The team showed some glimpse of good showing. Let this coach continue. Swaziland should be very careful. They will be lucky to escape the onslaught.

  14. sly says:

    My worry is with with Zesco. That coach is killing the momentum that Zesco had. I wonder if the Zesco players will have a good contribution at national duty in future. Those called for the Swaziland might disappoint.

  15. Zamfoot stop blocking my comments zambia is a democratic nation we have freedom of speech why do you like blocking my comments whenever I want to criticize kamanga?is kamanga a god or untouchable all these things that is happening is kamanga fault because he is failing to give direction to the coach on which player to select to the team. the man is inept,toothless and on top of it he has no vision to run the association if anyone is offended let him go to hell and kiss the devil

  16. Don says:

    What has Fwayo Tembo done kanshi, the guy has abundant talent yet this coach or is it Katanga decide to overlook him ….WHY???

  17. Don says:

    Kamanga mu masuleni FWAYO.

  18. 90 minutes says:

    honestly if wada was good, he should have known the qualities of Fwayo Tembo. I am one of many who felt wada could do wonder’s at the national stage especially with his analysis he always gave when Janza and chicken were in charge. but with this kind of team selection omitting Fwayo, it look’s like the Ni cekeleko is back

  19. Billy says:

    Fwayo is the kind of player that is needed to show leadership on the pitch and impart some form of confidence in the team. He has played football at a moderately higher level and has the experience. His presence is needed in the team.

  20. Goodwells Ngámbi says:

    Fwayo Tembo ???? Fwayo Tembo ???? Fwayo Tembo ???? Fwayo Tembo ????

    Fwayo Tembo ???? Fwayo Tembo ???? Fwayo Tembo ???? Fwayo Tembo ????

    Please can someone in Zambia inform us to whether this gentleman s injured or not.

  21. Indi says:

    The problem at zesco is Chembo, undermining the senior coach

  22. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    I’m not a Kamanga supporter but as the saying goes, he is by far the “better devil”. Wada is the one that picks players not Kamanga so why are we shooting down the wrong guy?

    Had Kamanga and his team been allowed to follow through with their plans Wada would not be Zambia Head coach, so why the constant stone throwing at the wrong guy. Why wont those throwing stones accept and redirect the trajectory of their stones to the right direction?

    • Leo Pretoria says:

      @Big stive
      Just thinking we lose to Zimbabwe on Sunday night on Monday morning the team is anounced
      Don’t you think somebody gave wada the team to play chan?

  23. Billy says:

    Thats true Big Steve. Plot 1 interfered in the selection of the coach. I think on this one Kamanga is innocent. Kamanga just played to the gallery to avoid confrontations with plot 1 otherwise if he stood his ground, we not have Wadda as coach and the relationship between FAZ and plot 1 would not be cordial.

  24. But as an association presdent he suppose to advise the coach in the area of selecting the player because he is the overlo boss so kamanga and wada wada are to blame for the poor performance of the team

  25. Pungwa says:

    Kamanga has no say and in fact shouldnt have any say in team selection. The buck stops at Wada ! Advising the coach in area of team selection is called interference. We are no longer in that era when the President would turn coach at half time – awe !!



    • Billy says:

      Its OK in order to have a large pool of players from which the best players can be chosen for the senior national team. It also promotes competition which is healthy for quality in our senior national team.

  27. Chocho says:


    • Don says:

      Phew ! A sigh of relief , as Zanaco n Zesco players jet in coming from their continental assignments , this alone make s me loosen up a bit as Wada didn’t have the full arsenal to lift the regional trophy. But I still stand my ground on the fact that FWAYO should involved in all our senior teams as he is now based locally.

  28. Sibs says:

    The Coach is a good as an assistant. He can’t carry our National Team. We have been saying this for a long time.

    Forget 2019 Africa Cup qualification and WC don’t even think about it. He had the opportunity to beat Cameroon in their own back yard and all he came out with was a draw. That was a disorganised, ordinary and off form Cameroon we played. They have become stronger now after reorganising.

    Our soccer is doomed if this Coach continues. Mozambique, Swaziland and all these team who have never beaten us will do so. We saw already what the Maambas did in Ndola.

  29. Don says:

    FAZ should make Wada work with Chambeshi if they not able to get a n expatriate coach….2 heads are better than one.

  30. Egwugwu says:

    This coach is something else jackson mwanza is old AS WELL AS DONASHAMO

  31. Amos Mumba says:

    Imwe ba kamanga supporters,you just cant accept the fact that your man is inept.Who do you think is running Football House?I cant believe you even have the spine to protect him when you spent your entire lives condemning Klau when the team faltered.Kalu stood his grounds against intereference from RB,thats what is called leadership!You want to praise him when the team wins only!

    • Pungwa says:

      Stood against interefernce from RB when went on to intefere in Lwandamina’s job by taking over the half time talks and instructions !

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