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Wada Wada to attack against Nigeria

While many will be anxious to watch how the 90 minutes will go against Nigeria in the Russia World Cup qualifier match, a lot more critical fans are eagerly awaiting to see interim Chipolopolo Boys coach Wedson Nyirenda’s first ever Chipolopolo starting XI.

Wada Wada has indicated that his side will attack the Super Eagles on Sunday.

The ZamFoot Crew understands that’s Wada Wada will unleash the attacking trio Rainford Kalaba, Chisamba Lungu and Fwayo Tembo in the starting line up with the former back in central midfield partnering the ever reliable Nathan Sinkala.

Chisamba and Fwayo are expected to start on the wings while Collins Mbesuma and Winstone Kalengo will play as a twin tower strike force.

At the back, Fackson Kampumbu is set to start in his first competitive World Cup qualifying game.

Kabaso Chongo, Adrian Chama, and Stopilla Sunzu will complete the back line with Kennedy Mweene in goal.

Off the bench, Wada has enough options in the likes of Ziyo Tembo in defense, Roderick Kabwe in midfield and Rogers Kola in attack.

What would be your suggested starting XI against Nigeria?

33 Comments to Wada Wada to attack against Nigeria

  1. micheal says:

    go zambia go..we need to utilize home ground advantage if we are to have any chance of progression..

  2. CRESPO says:


  3. Truth is says:

    If I were coach Wada, I would approach this game cautiously. It would be a grave mistake to open up behind.
    1. Kennedy Mweene
    2. Kabaso Chongo
    3. Fackson Kapumbu
    4. George Chilufya
    5. Stopilla Sunzu
    6. Nathan Sinkala
    7. Fwayo Tembo (assist Nathan defensively)
    8. Chisamba Lungu (ball distributor)
    9. Collins Mbesuma (stick on the 18 arc)
    10. Winston Kalengo (drop to defend)
    11. Master Rainford Kalaba (free role)

  4. Billy says:

    Mweene keeper brings in experience
    Kabaso right back
    Kapumbu left back
    Adrian full back
    full back
    Sunzu full back
    Sinkala holding midfielder
    Chisamba attacking midfildet box to box
    Fwayo attacker right side
    Kalaba attacker left side
    Kalengo striker
    Mbesuma striker

  5. Master Ben says:

    It’s gona be an interesting match. But i xpect the Super Egles to carry the day at the end.

  6. LIMWESI says:

    I am happy with the start of Fyayo, Chisamba & master Kalaba together. Well done Wada. Thax

  7. SHI MWEWA says:

    My prediction: Zambia 2-0 Nigeria.

  8. Anonymous says:

    If Ziyo Tembo can be a converted right back, the he should start ahead of Kabaso whose fond of commuting silly mistakes

  9. Evans says:

    we are winning hard or soft

  10. Badosqi says:

    It is good to be back, can’t wait to see the eagles flying high in Ndola tomorrow. The rubber team is going down tomorrow.

    Shout out to Billy, tc soccerman, don, positive thinking, stumpy, john, paradox,mumbi and others. Eagles are winning tomorrow remember what happened the last time we came to Zambia(Zambia U23 vs Nigeria U23 last year.), we decimated and molested you guys right there in your backyard. Same thing will happen tomorrow.

  11. names or Europe players does not mean anything but team work and hard working. in 2012 afcon no teams gave chipolopolo a chance.the headline was Africa vs Europe. chipolopolo play gud football with more decorated opposition.zambia will surprise alot of people by topping the group.ask the Ivorians

  12. PAPA GAME says:

    Ziyo tembo or mutonga shud partner sunzu chama yes he can but not in this game and position.go go boys

  13. STUMPY says:

    am i the only one who”s seen that thez something wrong?

  14. Don says:

    The squad looks good , what we need to do as supporters is to fill Levy Mwanawasa stadium to the rafters. I predict a 2-1 win for the CHIPOLOPOLO.

  15. Adebayo says:

    They. Called with all these players they ii fall again they can win but not here

  16. Yazzy says:

    gud starting eleven for Chipolopolo,i like it.

  17. db says:

    I think with kabaso chongo he must take this game very serious it is true he likes making silly mistakes at the back,he likes overlaping too much living behind open,this guy he really need to be talked to,my instead of kabaso chongo at the back,it is better to bring in on that number Zeyo Tembo to seal the defense for chipolopolo,go chipolopolo go 1 -0 it will be enough to salience the eagles tomorrow’s game,man to man,no hospital passes ,play our traditional football on the ground no aerial balls

  18. Zambian Buffalo says:

    On this site we have won and on the pitch its a done deal after 90 minutes Zambia 7-0 Nigeria. Am not dreaming, I was dreaming you would have not ready my comment , but most importantly Zambia has an agenda to qualify for the first time in history the worst scoreline Zambia 1- 0 Nigeria or Zambia 2-1 Nigeria

  19. Scotch says:

    Zambia will win this game, mark my words. 2-0

  20. coaches says:

    iyeeeeeeeeeee……!chipolopolo zambia3 ababambi 0

  21. NIGERIA WIZKID says:

    the ndola stadium u guys are bostin of is the worst on earth and ur weather is as hot as hell, wat a fo*k… We will still win u guys and when ur players come to Nigeria they will testify to u guys how stadium is here in Nigeria

    • Don says:

      We’ll come to Nigeria but don’t make us warm up in the street like you did to Kenya a few years ago.

      • Mulenga says:

        Why f I’d Kenya warm up in the Street? There is a reason & you can’t score political points by being stupid. If you don’t use the time alloted g I r your training, so be it. Blame Nigeria for your stupidity and poor logistical planning.

  22. DannySE says:

    I see something around 0:3 win for The Super Eagles… Mark my words anyway, a win for Nigeria.. Goals…

  23. Zacheus Pearson says:

    The starting is good like it but coach don’t seat on the bench stand and see the mistake and substitute in time before not sub in late injury time please those are my words ZZambia wins 2-1 Nigeria

  24. general says:

    Zam 2 TB joshua boys 0. The prophet is out in Peru.

  25. Moses says:

    1.A Chibwe 2. K Chongo 3. R kabwe 4. S Sunzu 5. A Chama 6. N Sinkala 7.C Lungu 8. F Tembo 9. C Mbesuma 10. W Kalengo 11. R Kalaba

  26. benard says:

    My wary is kalaba fwayo lungu are not good in defending

  27. sly says:

    @ Truth: I appreciate your suggestion but I wonder if you considered the defensive abilities of Fwayo and Kalengo. In fact these two are poor in that regard. Coupled with the fact that Mbesuma has slowed down such a combination would be detrimental.

  28. benard says:

    If we r going to atack as a unity defend as a unity,nigeria wil fall

  29. the best result Nigeria can get is a draw go Zambia go.new Jersey, new coach, new game.

  30. Armstrong says:

    Today’s game zambia will win by 2 goals to 0

  31. chikwa says:

    i feel lets keep on supporting the boys, names ar there: mikel,musa,ehi shani uko but, with zambia united we stand and togather as one. we’ll cleanly beat nigeria, becouse if they ar good they would have not missed the afcon 2017, so fear not the names go zambia go if we can beat italy 4 zero nigeria must go with 7.

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