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Wada Scouting More Local Players

National team gaffer Wedson Nyirenda has in recent weeks taken the time out to watch some Zambian Super League matches live from the stadiums and has had his eye on a number of players across the country.

Among the players scouted is a lad not known to many outside Kitwe but is a huge favourite in Buchi township of Kitwe, Robin Siame.

ZamFoot’s Kondwani Gondwe had the chance to see Siame in action as Kitwe United beat Indeni 2 – 1 at Kitwe Playing Fields and had the following to report.

Names: Robin Siame.
Club: Kitwe United
Position: Left Wing
Nickname: Robinho

Physical Attributes: Short, slightly built player, Low center of mass, Fast on the turn and good acceleration.

Skill Attributes: Dribbling, Crossing, Short passing and can beat a man for raw pace on any day.

Performance on Scouted day: 6/10 – Absolutely dazzled the crowd with his footwork and pace but tended to delay his left footed deliveries and overcook them while crossing late on his right foot.

Clearly a final this player who can come up with some end products around the right players.

National team head coach has seen games between Zanaco and Power Dynamos, Power Dynamos and Mufulira Wanderers and now Kitwe United and Indeni and is said to be looking to add some finishing touches to the next formidable national team.

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16 Comments to Wada Scouting More Local Players

  1. Let this boy prove himself in the chain team otherwise this what we want a coach who can discover talent

  2. Don says:

    Way to go Boss ,there is always someone knocking on the door.

  3. J.S says:

    Keep up the goodwork! This how we are going to have a large pull of players.

  4. yeah this is how its suppose to be done local is laka seems like our very own (local) players are performing better that outsiders.

  5. Zulu says:

    My question has not been answered and I am curious to know..Has Zambia ever won an away match on West African Soil? i.e Ghana Nigeria?

    • Paschal says:

      Zambia doesnt need to have won an away match on West African soil in order to have self belief and confidence. If they are determined they can win in Nigeria. I am a Nigerian but I do not believe that Zambia cant win because I think they have a very strong team too that can challenge anyday. Though I pray that Nigeria wins, I also know that nobody gave Zambia a chance against Algeria yet they won both games convincingly. Football is unpredictable, therefore you must have courage and determination.

  6. Zulu says:

    Question for Zamfoot to research the record for Zambia’s Away wins in WEST AFRICA? this should give us an indication on where Zambia stands

    You gave us history before on Zambia’s ever first soccer game played which was against the Ghana black stars during your independence day and lost to Ghana, making your first ever lost with many more to come from West Africans, So my question to Zamfoot is since that day of indepenance how many times has Zambia gone to west Africa and won? how many time has west Africa come to Zambia and win? Please we want FACTS

  7. Zulu says:

    So No Zambian wants to answer this simple question? if not then I suggest you people keep your mouth shut and play the match with tactics and hope for a historic win away in west Africa to mark your world cup birth.

  8. Thoko Ngwenya says:

    Ggoodness “Zulu” no one is answering that question. Go to Fifa and check the archives of the Zambia national Team. It is that simple! Why are you beside yourself? A man From West Africa who calls himself ‘Zulu’should first learn the history of these lands. Telling people to “shut up”. Do you know the Zulus? They are all over Southern Africa . Now please tell about your people???

  9. Muchinga says:

    Wda Wada call Charles Musonda Jr. and look for number 3 because F. Kapumbu is just escorting strikers. Well done National coach that is your job

  10. slim says:

    Zulu; Zambia beat Nigeria 3-0 at Afcon in Lybia: We also beat Senegal 1-0: We also beat Mali 4-1 at Afcon 94.

  11. Thoko Ngwenya says:

    Zambia also wired ivory coast 3-0 at the CHAN finals in group play last year I believe.

  12. Zulu says:

    @slim I am not saying Zambia has not ever defeated a west African country, the question was has Zambia won against the teams you mentioned on their home soil? that is the question, Has Zambia won against Nigeria,Senegal,Mali,Ghana etc in WEST AFRICA? that is the question

  13. Zulu says:

    I cant find anything on Zambia having an away win in the history of Zambian football in WEST AFRICA, if Zambia is to prepare for the future it is very important you overcome the weakness of failing in west African countries and find a solution to what it is that makes you fail and work on that. Because you can never go through a world cup qualifier without going through the West Africans. This will happen every 4 years so I suggest playing consistent friendlies in west Africa to overcome this issue because you will face them again and again only to be disappointed because you choose to not work on your weakness year in year out and that’s winning away in west Africa

  14. Don says:

    13 march 1982 Africa cup of nations Nigeria 0 – Zambia 3

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