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Wada: Our objective has been to rebuild

Zambia coach, Wedson Nyirenda, says he is proud of his side despite their 1-0 defeat to the Super Eagles of Nigeria in Saturday’s FIFA World Cup qualifier in Uyo.

Nyirenda rues the Chipolopolo loss to the Super Eagles which ended their hopes of qualifying for their first ever World Cup.

The win sees Nigeria record 13 unassailable points from a possible 15 to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, six points adrift Zambia. The last Group B fixtures in November are now mere formalities.

Nyirenda congratulates the Nigerian team, adding that the Uyo match wasn’t an easy task for the three time African Champions.

“We want to congratulate the people of Nigeria for qualifying for the World Cup. It was not an easy game, just like the first one,” Nyirenda said

 “I think the game was a game of wits, like the first one because the difference was just a goal.

“We played the game dominating Nigeria, but with their experience, they got the needed goal from the half chance they created.

“We had so many injuries in the team, but inspite of that, we accounted for a good game and played very well. This is the best game in the qualifying series.

“Our objective has been to rebuild the team in a very short period of time. We had the nucleus of the team in short time. Very discipline and hardworking after one year.”

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15 Comments to Wada: Our objective has been to rebuild

  1. Don says:

    You played well yes but you also shot yourself in the foot by leaving out Kalaba. The guy has a knack of running at defenders thereby pulling them towards himself which creats space for others like Victor Moses was doing for the eagles. Fashion should learn to cross the ball n stop going it alone when in an acute angle…..cross the ball sonny!


    Please FAZ appeal to FIFA that was a clear goal….. at least do something for the boys and the Country.

  3. Logic says:

    Objective should have been to go to the world cup!

  4. Chali says:

    Who enters a competition to rebuild a team? Ba coach wesu – too much talk and no delivery.

  5. Anonymous says:

    let us see if that was the objective. the problem is you say we are building a team, and then you destroy and then anew…that is not building a team.

  6. Don says:

    So 2022 na futi ati Zambia bows out of Qater W/cup but twali teya bwino. When is this lousy song gona ever end? I watched the game 3 times as I recorded it, you can cry the many begging chances we had. Without Brian Mwila, Daka how do you leave out our trump card Kalaba?

  7. Amandla says:

    You are not serious! “Ukusensela elyo kawa!” We lost the game in the first two games by featuring people who want to win when maths come to play. Remove all who were ineffective, that is the administrators.

  8. Zulu says:

    Zambia jst needs to have a lot of away friendly games in west Africa to get use to defeating them at home, this is Zambia’s weakness and needs to work on nothing else except that to over come the inferiority complex when it comes to west african teams as there is no way around getting to the world cup without going through the west Africans

  9. Anonymous says:

    That’s why we are losing because your objective is to build not to go to the World Cup or Africa cup . Open your head and start making objective of wining

  10. Benny says:

    I think having big hopes of going 2 the world cup in Quota cannot bear fruits, it’s better to concentrate on building current term we need effective strikers not Ng’ongas.

  11. Benjamin says:

    It’s a shame Zambia lost,if Zambia had scored Nigeria would have made it two or three goals. Nigeria lost lots of chance. I wish there would be a replay to shut the running mouths.I know Nigeria they would want to play Zambia in a friendly game where nerves are calm let’s see how genuine this noise is. Just accept the fact that the best team won the group. Just beware Cameroun is gunning for the second position. A home defeat by Cameroun is far fetched.

  12. Bsimms says:

    WOW! The whole lot of FAZ thought it wise to use WORLD CUP qualification games to rebuild! Geniuses.

    So tell us when will the process end? When we fail to go to the next Afcon?

    With a coach who uses a national team to rebuild during qualifying games we stand no chance at anything. MISPLACED PRIORITIES, we should play qualifiers to qualify for a tournament & not to build a team that won’t compete anywhere.

    We are already out of CHAN before we even kick the ball

  13. Bsimms says:

    What an objective. If you have nothing to say just keep quiet. There is no need to justify anything. You are already a poor, egocentric tactician who won’t listen to anything others say.

  14. Mufana says:

    I know that the next world cup qualifiers for 2022 we will be rebuilding a team. The Greatest challenge we have in our football selection is that the roaches and technical team don’t listen to advice, can’t forgive a player or reconcile with them.

  15. Tembo says:

    After all the noise Zambia has been brought back to earth. Cameroon will be coming to Ndola to take their pound of flesh as well. Algeria was just a weak team and Zambia football is never near the quality the fans have been thinking. Such a shame. Even with Africa parading 9 slots in future world cup, i still don’t see Zambia breaking the jinx. I am sorry.

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