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We ‘ve slipped since AFCON 2012, says Wada Wada

Chipolopolo Boys coach Wedson ‘Wada Wada’ Nyirenda has said Zambia needs to massive rebuilding in order to rekindle the glory days.

Nyirenda said this following Zambia’s 2-1 win over Botswana in the Cosafa Cup quarter final in South Africa on Saturday.

“We need to build a bigger pool for our national team because we’ve slipped since we won the African Nations Cup in 2012,” said coach Wedson Nyirenda.

Zambia next meet either defending champions South Africa or Tanzania, who play on Sunday.

The former Zesco United coach has been under pressure following a dismissal performance by the Chipolopolo Boys.

Zambia has just picked up a point from a possible six in the Russia 2018 World Cup qualifier and lost at home to minnows Mozambique for the Cameroon 2019 African Cup of Nations qualifier.

13 Comments to We ‘ve slipped since AFCON 2012, says Wada Wada

  1. SLIM says:

    Wada Wada i agree with u! but during the period 2012 to 2016 Kalu and the ExCo did not slip up my boy…. they succeeded in lining their pockets with cash; at least it was a bright spark though at the expense of our football.

    • Kuku says:

      Wada has started showing character, let’s focus on that. He also spoke well after the Mozambique defeat.

  2. Mr wada wada the only way we can build the strong national team is by calling quality players to the team not these useless players that you have called, my prayer is that zambia should lose the next game so that you can be fired otherwise some us are tired with this 2012 excuse that you are giving.As for the inept kamanga, my mesange for you is that we want to see results not those fake promises you were making during your campagns otherwise you are the most useless FAZ presdent we ever have in history of zambian football

  3. In order for zambian football to develop we need real men like Ahanif adams just look at how he has transform lusaka dynamo into the big club the club is able to attract players as far as brazil we need such people at football house not someone who has failed every where that he goes, we don’t want ladies at football house like kamanga and his mentor simataa simataa but we want real men.As long as kamanga remain the FAZ zambian football will not develop because the man ooh! Sorry the lady is blank once more we don’t want ladies at football house we want real men

    • Kuku says:

      I think for the moment those two as are an asset for this country. Honestly.


      Your comments make no sense as I see a thick lining of “white man” as a redeemer in your brain…… I know for sure that against all odds we will succeed with our Local Coaches than white foreign ones as this is the time for Africans to believe in themselves. I believe in Africa and Africans for the success of Africa.

      • Sibs says:

        @TRUTH-SELENIKO TWIKALE. Are you for real bro? Local Coaches taking us to the World Cup and wining Nations Cup?

  4. Maybe the biggest mistake was to vote for a business man as a football association president.

  5. Kuku says:

    Am missing something. What’s going on.

  6. Zeddkid says:

    Claude Le Roy for Chipolopolo

  7. GRAND says:

    You are not anywhere near what the right man for the job, your coaching credential on international scene is very raw.
    on a local front Patrick phiri, Lwandamina, mumamba beston and many more hae archived much more than Wada.
    I don’t understand why Faz offered him a three year contract without undergoing probation

  8. Egwugwu says:

    Do you need years to rebuild the team in a country full of talent?

  9. General says:

    wada needs a helper like Patrick Phiri or numba mumamba. then they must call quality prayers not these old madaalas. use most of these under 20 players. I saw most of under 20 in Germany national team. the prayers that prayed Zambia under 20.

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