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Up Close with Salulani

This week on ZamFoot we feature a special edition called Tizibane were we chat with our local football stars. Today we chat with Sensational Zanaco Football Club strong man Salulani Phiri.

ZamFoot: What are your full names and when were you born?

Salu:  My names are Salulani Phiri and I was born in 1994 on the 10th of April in Lusaka.

ZamFoot: What is your favourite meal?

Salu: Nshima with Fish

Zamfoot: Favourite sports brand?

Salu: Nike

Zamfoot: Some fans call you Spanner, any reason behind the name?

Salu:  (laughs) well spanner has been my childhood nick name. It came because I could tight and loosen any midfield that came our way.

Zamfoot: Who in your family inspired you to start playing football?

Salu: mmmmh no one in the family really inspired me but people around my hood were I grew up from did because when ever football was being played they could come in large numbers to cheer us up and that, I think is what inspired me. Moreover, my biggest inspiration came from my director Mr Winford Chandala.

Zamfoot: Growing up…who was your favourite player and why?

Salu: In my hood we never had great players but I had a privilege at a tender age of watching the likes of Kabamba Kalande who I think was my favourite player then because of how he held the midfield.

Zamfoor: Who are your best friends at Zanaco and at the National team?

 Salu: At Zanaco everyone is my best friend because I treat all of them equally and vice versa the same applies at National Team.

Zamfoot: Who do you think is the most underrated player at Zanaco?

Salu: I think the most underrated is Mangani Banda.

Zamfoot: Which team do you dream of playing for in the future and why?

 Salu: I have always been a fan of Barca but my dream is to play for Liverpool because I have always known it as one of the great teams that play good football.

Zamfoot:   Which player would you regard as your toughest opponent in the ZPL?

Salu: It’s always tough playing against Zesco United lately and I have always faced challenges playing against the likes of Mwape Mwelwa.

Zamfoot: We understand, you had to wait to complete secondary school for you to start playing professional football…what is your take on school and football?

Salu: I know a lot of people say football n school don’t marry but for me I think education must always come first in any sport not only in football.. I might be playing soccer today but what of when I get injured or when I retire? Life has to continue and this is the reason why I think school is important for any sports person.

Zamfoot: Well! Thank you very much Mr Salulani Phiri for according us time to chat with you…

Salu: Anytime. Thanks too.



12 Comments to Up Close with Salulani

  1. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    No comments……mmmmmm!!!! probably a silent message to Zamfoot about this feature.

  2. Kasama Boy says:

    Good start, of course your probe into the players life can be improved.
    I also like Nshima and Roast ichiloli, so we are 2 of a kind.

  3. Billy says:

    Zambia has remained rooted in 78th place in the World, according to latest FIFA/COCA-COLA World rankings.
    The Chipolopolo boys occupy 19th position in Africa with Group E table toppers Guinea Bissau leaping to 27th on the continent and 102 in the world while it is Congo Brazzaville who is in a lofty 10th position in Africa and 59th in the world.
    2017 Gabon Africa Cup Group E tail-enders Kenya is 33rd in Africa and 115th in the world.
    Algeria is the highest placed African team on 33rd position in the world while Messi’s Argentina tops the global charts.
    Zambia has two more fixtures in the race for Gabon against Guinea Bissau and Kenya to know their fate in the competition.

  4. rud van nistrooy says:

    Ba salu liva liva achaya lelo usiku

  5. Mambwe ZimaNdola says:

    How about featuring me on yo nxt issue as a local zamfoot star so tht u kno wht my favourite meal is?

  6. Tc Soccerman says:

    Smart kid, education is the most important thing any person should get, very smart kid. I like him. Good luck and keep working hard.

  7. Kahinga says:

    Salulani is a great player!! He can easily be the next Yaya Toure. He has the physique, the technique and agility to be the best. He just needs to add goals to his game. He reminds me of Seedorf but with a Yaya physique. Remember, he was Zambia’s man of the match in our first game at CHAN earlier this year.

  8. Seen from Afar says:

    Good feature but ithe questions can be improved.

    Reminds when Njobvu was interviewed by travis mills those early years of Zamfoot.

    A profile of the players achievements and caps would also be a good addition. I don’t these players. Keep it up Zamfoot!

  9. Seen from Afar says:

    … i don’t know these plsyers well enough.

  10. Yebo says:

    Good idea Ba Zamfoot. Just an addition, maybe more questions which could also give us more data. Best games, against who, who groomed you. It would also be good to have background infor as an introduction like Salu started his playing career at so so academy and moved on to play for so so club and now featuring for zanaco. But all in all, great start and looking forward to the next one.

  11. Sibs says:

    I just would like to wish the young boy all the best in his career. Please work hard and be focused.
    Work on your decision making on the pitch especially,when to shoot and pass the ball. Otherwise you have a bright future.

  12. zwambo says:

    all the best sonny

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