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U20 Women in emphatic win against Tanzania

The Zambia U20 Women’s team on Saturday afternoon humiliated their hosts Tanzania when they beat them 4 – 0 in a Papua New Guinea U20 World Cup qualifier.

Zambia dominated the hosts from the start and were in cruise control as they went into the break with a comfortable 3 – 0 lead.

The Oswald Mutapa coached girls went ahead as early as the 4th minute through Memory Phiri before Ireen Lungu made it two in the 20th minute. Barbara Banda added a third in the 33rd minute before Lungu completed her brace in the 50th minute from the spot.

The U20 comprises mainly of players that participated at the U17 FIFA World Cup in Costa Rica,last year.

The match was played at the Azam Sports Complex in Dar-es-laam while the second leg will be played in Lusaka at Nkoloma stadium on July,25.

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23 Comments to U20 Women in emphatic win against Tanzania

  1. Seen from afar says:

    Bravo team!

  2. Don says:

    Well done Girls n keep it up!

  3. Dynamite says:

    We’ve played Tanzania at every level of late & we are actually getting used to playing our east African neighbors…. congrats girls

  4. Paddy says:

    May the rest of our national teams follow this timely example of how to kill off ties when you have the chance. Well done gals!

  5. Well done girls that is a good begginning continue with the same spirit of winning, do not forget that you are still far away from qualifying. We really love you, travel safely and take care of yourselves

  6. naked goal says:

    More resources to this team than the good for nothing chipolopolo senior team coached by Kalu

  7. Doc says:

    Congratulations shepolopolo

  8. Noble Eagles says:

    Well done baice, world cup team bound has shown how to kill minnows unlike Chipolopolo coached by Kalu team.

  9. Noble Eagles says:

    Any updates on Zanaco vs ZESCO game? Please I can’t wait to top the table in the midway of the league. Go ZEGA go!!!!!!!!!!!Team yaziko pobo krikichi pijhu pijhu limbi teo…….. Kabli !!!!!!!!

    • Dynamite says:

      @ Noble Eagles if you are in Zambia then that is a small issue…. ZNBC’s Radio 2 is carrying the match live so you can follow proceedings from there I hope it helps

      • Noble Eagles says:

        Thanks @Dynamite, I am now hooked just after 8 minutes of play and we are leading by a goal. How wish I was not working I would have watched this game. The stadium is just behind my backyard !

  10. abram says:

    Zamfoot We Need Some Live Updates 4 Zesco Vs Zanaco Game.

  11. Dynamite says:

    3mins: Zanaco 0 Zesco 1

  12. Noble Eagles says:

    I here from the commentary that Isaac Chansa is not yet acclimatized which is a plus for ZESCO. Isaac chansa is deadly going forward.

  13. Noble Eagles says:

    I meant to write hear , bazamfoot do us a favor and give us a christmas bonus by adding EDIT feature to this beautiful site ma typo yativhuta mwe!

  14. Dynamite says:

    @ Noble Eagles Zesco look the real deal to me they dismantled my beloved Power Dynamos on thur night fair & square….. & with ease for that matter…. it could have been 3 or 4 nil

    • Noble Eagles says:

      Kikikikiki , @Dynamite have been criticizing our strikers in the likes of Jackson Mwanza and Kalengo, but I can admit that Kalengo has improved unlike Jackson, though my doubt for our strikers still stands. What do you think we are lacking in our team? By the way I was very happy for that win, you are aware that in our league you are the team that has been a thorn in our flesh

  15. abram says:

    zamfoot pliz bring the new headline we are not intrested with this wemens football headline & we also need live update 4 zesco v zanaco game

  16. abram says:

    zamfoot u are making the site boring.

  17. Amandla says:

    Keep the team as long as possible even after they are married off or go to school! That is the only way we can beat Ghana and Nigeria! And I am sure Kwameeeee agrees with me!

    • Mulenga says:

      Ghana just whipped Senegal 6-0. Our girls are nowhere near Nigeria, Cameroon or Ghana & even Ivory Coast. The West Africans have dominated the women’s game too. Just go see the women’s rankings on the FIFA site.

    • Kisanga says:

      Kwame may agree with u but the She-Chipolos are ranked 117th or 127th. Their pedigree is not close to Ghana. just see the prior comment; if true, Ghana just rolled past Senegal 6-0. Can our Shes do that? I doubt it. However, let us keep the flames glowing but don’t let us overestimate what these young ladies can do.

  18. skoolboy says:

    Zanaco zesco scores

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