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U20 Afcon: Zambia massacre Mali to book World Cup ticket

A brace each from Fashion Sakala and Edward Chilufya and goals from Emmanuel Banda and Enock Mwepu saw Zambia come from behind to beat pre tournament favorites Mali 6 – 1 in a thrilling encouter that handed the hosts a ticket to the World Cup.

It was a great show of character by the Zambian lads who picked themselves up after they fell behind in the 6th minute via an Abdoul Dante goal who jumped the highest in the box to head home from a corner.

Zambia were back in attack immediately and two minutes later, hardworking Patson Daka saw his effort come off the crossbar after he shook off a challenge from his marker but the Austria based striker followed up the rebound to cross for Sakala who headed in the equalizer from close range.

Skilful Emmanuel Banda then gave Zambia the lead in the 25th minute when he volleyed the ball from about 25 yards with a beautiful shot that left the keeper no chance in what could stand as the goal of the tournament.

Mali were enjoying possession but they were not showing much for it and there best chance was turned round the upright by Mangani Banda in the Zambia goal.

Edward Chilufya then went on a run which saw him square the ball for Mwepu who got in front of the defender to finish with precision for Zambia’s third in the 38th minute.

It was the Chilufya’s turn to get on the score sheet and he completed his brace in the 50th and 54th minutes first with a header which was deflected on it way in then with an emphatic shot inside the box after he collected a deflected ball.

Man of the match Fashion Sakala continued to torment his marker on he left of attack and his run into the box saw him skin the defender as he turned inside the box to steady himself and curl the ball in he far right corner for Zambia’s 6th of the day.

Zambia will end the group stage as group winners despite still having a game to play as they have ammased an insurmountable six points.

This sees the hosts become the first team to confirm a spot in the semi finals and hey automatically qualify to he world cup in South Korea where they will be one of the four African representatives in May.

The young Chipolopolo play Egypt in the last game of he group stage at 1500hrs on Saturday at Heroes Stadium.



65 Comments to U20 Afcon: Zambia massacre Mali to book World Cup ticket

  1. casiusjunior says:

    Congratulations for making us Happy
    kip it up guys
    nw go get the cup

  2. Tc Soccerman says:

    Now that folks, is what we call baptism of fire. Good preps results in good showing. Great work by the boys. We could not ask more than that. Thank you.

  3. Amuna Onzuna says:

    Go Zambia Go, Champaigne Football resurrection at its best


    Well done mwebana besu epashili pakuleka!!!!!!!!!

  5. Justice lukanga kafusha says:

    With qualification to the under20 world cup, the players must not rush into signing contracts only do that if they are sure

  6. humble says:

    Congratx boys uve rily done our Nation proud, @least pipo cn now smile a bit, uve made us forget abt missin da Afcon edition wch wz in Garbon

  7. Anonymous says:

    please let them not sign fot that southafrican league

  8. Positive thinking says:

    Ululululu ba Zambia!!!!!

  9. Don says:

    Yes yes yes…mwa baza abena!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Good advice people! These boys can get themselves good contracts in Europe, they are just the right age to start a career in Europe, signing within Africa will be a waste.

  11. yazzy says:

    well done bane only looking for a cup now.and its true not rush to sign contracts in south Africa or Egypt pliz pliz don’t.

  12. C.J says:

    That’s what we call efficiency at goal. Well done.

  13. Prince says:

    Written in starstar many many moons away!

  14. STUMPY says:

    the boys had hunger and passion for goal. something lacking in the seniour team. they shudnt mingle them with the seniors ss they transition abena kalaba too much juju.

  15. Paradox says:

    Ati kamala is not doing anything, as some will say.

  16. Paradox says:

    the dying horse is still kicking it’s legs, so our team needs to win this afcon in order for old horse to completely die off and leave kamanga in peace.

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      Lol, don’t start Paradox. We all knew Zambia had talent, just lack of adequate preparations prior to tournaments, if there was any shambolic preparations it was at some hotel backyard in South Africa. Lol. There is indeed a new sheriff at FAZ and it started with the great preparations in Spain. Still more is desired of this Faz admin, but at least we are headed for the right direction.

  17. Congratration to the team the job well done the cup should remain here but I must say that I was very disappointed with the commentator you don’t say such things during the game matimba konje was useless

    • Tc Soccerman says:

      Guru you promised Prince that you would be the first one to congratulate Kamanga on the job well done by sending this team to Europe for better preps and good results in the tournament so far. Have you done that yet? Maybe I missed something.

    • Luapula bize says:

      Mediocre commentries we have in Matimba! Damn, how did he find himself there? Oh my goodness, he really sucks! Some comments from him are really shameful.

  18. He was very irritating he sound as if he wanted mali to come from behind but alas goals were keep on coming FAZ don’t use that commentator again

    • Prince says:

      Remember I told you Spain did us good and that football is universal; u don’t need to play Ghana to prepare for Mali! I am for Zambia&will give credit where it’s due…congratulations Kamanga for camping the boys abroad…U broke your promise GURU, even WHEN we win this tournament it will be difficult for you to give FAZ credit…well done to the 60000 12th man as well!!!

  19. Jbs SIMUBENARD says:

    aba bola ba bola congrats young Chipolopolo, ama ten-ten is a good commentator than Franklin tembo and innocent kalaluka,he knows how to analyses bola, he can gave u total goals scored by that player starting from amateur level up to where a player is

  20. TONDOLO says:


  21. Jbs SIMUBENARD says:

    becoming the first southern African team to host the tournament and first to qualified to the world cup,congrats Chipolopolo, Go Zambia Go

  22. Mr TC soccerman I’m a sportsman I did just that and I will do it again congratration to mr kamanga and the team for good preparations I don’t hate mr kamanga its that I don’t like people who make false promises its not good to promise people things that you can’t do so far none of his promises has been fulfilled I rest my case

  23. Sibs says:

    Well done to the boys. Watched til up to we scored 2nd goal. Had an important appointment. Saw the highlights of rest of game. WHAT A PERFORMANCE. Reminded me of the Senior team that died in GABON in that Aircrash. They used to crush teams like Senegal 4-0 then.
    It’s a long time i saw our team at any level dominate a competitive match.

    Mali were favourites coming into this tournament. Everyone was talking of the Malian team especially after theEI exploits at the last FIFA U17 W.C.

    Just want to eaqual @Parodox words, in welcoming old time blogger on this forum @Justice K after a long time.

  24. phiri michael says:

    Am very for these lads.my best players are fashon sakala and enock banda together with chilufya.let’s get the cup and bring back the fear factor to zambia cause the world has started underating us.

    • kamwa says:

      Emmanuel Banda, Fashion Sakala, Edward Chilufya, Patson Daka and Enock Mwepu are the scoring engine of the Team almost half the Team!

  25. GRAND says:

    @ Tc soccer man,
    All you see in our team is kamanga, beating mali is not an achievement in any way, we have alot to do. you are the same pipo who were against kalu s administration when they brought some of these young boys to senior national team.

  26. soccerguru says:

    Wow these lads have done us proud….where is bitter John

  27. Isoka says:

    Big up to the young gunz, coaching staff and faz

  28. Samaita says:

    I personally praise king kalu for grooming this team.. Kamanga and company failed to take senior team to gaborn and the under 17 was full age cheating and not properly drilled.. Kalu is the the one who brought afcon and he is the one who drilled the team.. Kamanga and liwewe they are yet to do anything.. If they are the masters of good preparation why are they failing to arrange proper preparation for chipolopolo senior which is playing high school football… Those who talk shit about kalu you are all idiots like kamanga who took a vendor from maputo to coach chipolopolo.. This joke of the yr..

    • kamwa says:

      Remember! Wedson Nyirenda (Senior Chipolopolo Coach) is the technical expert on the bench for this U20 Team

  29. GRAND says:

    Pipo have forgotten how they called kalu names for bring kids like patson daka to the team. Others claimed its because of corruption

  30. RICHPOPO says:

    am in traveling to chingola frm dar nd just popped into blog only to read 6_1 what hapened to mali sm1 to xplain to me

  31. iye chipolopolo iye chipolopolo iye chipolopolo iye chipolopolo.

  32. Thoko Ngwenya says:

    Anyone in FA thinking of establishing a training center for all national teams of Zambia to train at. This should be a priority. A serious FA needs this as part of their agenda. All serious teams have training centers for intense preparation . these are located far away from the cities. I hope Zambia can invest in this infrastructure.

  33. Kuku says:

    This team needs each other more than ever before. What a humble group of young men. Keep it up.

    I agree with the decision to camp the team in Spain, though informed argument cant vilify camping in big brother South Africa.

    Again Viva the facilitators and King Kalu(African footballer of the year 1988) for bringing the good tourney, we did it. Great to have Hayatou on Zambian soil.

    I am beginning to think that Mr. Kamanga can really seal the claim for Zambia as the footballing Crown Jewel of Southern Africa. Optimistic it can happen.

    Congrats Zambia!

    • Babedabe says:

      Kuku Thanks for such positive and upbuilding comments commendation goes to all that ensured that this day comes and also to those that have carried the mantle of continuity. Kalu started this journey and Kamanga has continued.

      Football politics aside.Togather as Zambian we stand!!!

      • Kuku says:

        That’s it my brother. I recently met someone who said “people talk about Kalu and yet there are people like Amon Simutowe who have achieved more.” i told him good things about Simutowe which he has never about. There is room for everyone, these boys are going about their business in a way that can get themselves into the space of greats in our countries history. Don’t forget @Bebdabe, your parents are such great men and women. Yes do it for Mum and Dad! Wherever they may be!

  34. Thoko Ngwenya says:

    ati kings of Southern Africa? Really? ??

  35. Discipline says:

    Bola na bola the job is just half done let’s now go for the big one for cry out loud we will never get such a easy opportunity to ink our country name on that cup than this so please lads be focused than ever,congratulations once again just to add on yes matimba the commentator was sooo pathetic

  36. GRAND says:

    @ Thoko Ngwenya
    Faz has a small technical center, but I understand they got a big plot in the CBelt for establishing of the same

  37. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    I’m still in awe bout yesterdays game…..wow!!!!! that was total decimation of the opponent. To think the boys were still at it looking for goals in the last five minutes…wow!!

    The Fashion Sakala goal….wow!!!!

  38. This team need seriuos management, it can get you to a world cup tournrey. What more with the increase in number of teams for Africa. Sakala n Daja upfront so hard working. the medifield too very alert. Just like we ve always been having issues. our magor concern is the defence not much groomed.

  39. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    This is a really good showing by the lads especially owing to the fact the senior team is seriously lacking in the striking department at the moment. Mbesuma seems to have been frozen out under Gordon Igesund, Mayuka has turned into last weeks story, Kalengoal has turned out to be a one hit wonder, the local strikers could not even match Kenyan Were on the local front so its these kids we need to look out to now.

  40. chamz says:

    Zambia always had good preps. When we won Afcon, we had camped in SA. SA is easy to connect to where ever. Kalu and co, brougt hosting rights. Thanks to them. Problem was always travelling, hiring of planes by the government, that is why we lost some games.

  41. Pungwa says:

    Great performance in front of goal. But is till worry about our defence. There was no sense or urgency in dealing with danger. The right back ( n0 2 ) was leaking crosses into the 18 ( okay, maybe the chi winger was also very good ) furthermore, Solomon Sakala’s partner ( no 4 ) is rarely visible. Going up however, the goals can come from anywhere !

  42. Kampombwa says:

    Finally there’s light at the end of the tunnel for Zambian football a team that has no problems scoring goals happy days ahead gents happy days.

  43. MWELWA micheal says:

    That was a good performance we have never seen in years at any level of national soccer team

  44. Zamfoot can you giving us the player rating and the interviews of both coaches after the match

  45. 1king jazzi says:

    The new talented generation has now finally appeared.congratulation’s guy’s.Go Zambia!Go Zambia!!!!!!!

  46. PRINCE like I said I don’t broke my promises I have already congrates kamanga and the coaching bench I’m a sportsman.our coach should consider resting our key players like goalkeeper mangani banda,fashion sakala,enock mwepu,patson daka,skipper solomon sakala and emmanuel banda in our next game against egypt to prevent supesion and injuries because some of these players have already be booked these players need to fresh in semi final we don’t want injuries and suspensions

    • Pungwa says:

      True, besides, we still top the group whatever the outcome of this game. Give some game time to the likes of luchanga.

      • Kuku says:

        Only hoping that that it doesn’t become the Senegal mistake, whereby the players go slightly of key. It’s his decision.

  47. J.S says:

    Missed the game but managed to watch the highlights. It was wonderful all round performance. I liked the pace and the alertness. The second and last goals all superb individual brilliance. Well done young Chipos. We can afford to rest the standount performers for the game against Egypt.

  48. Don says:

    Zambia chapter 6v1 reads….Mali wept!

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