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U20 Afcon: Zambia 3 – 1 Egypt (Match highlights)

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4 Comments to U20 Afcon: Zambia 3 – 1 Egypt (Match highlights)

  1. Chisuta says:

    ok maybe this team is almost geting there. I can sea mangani ni mweene,
    Fashion sakala in ck 11
    Patson in jacob
    Mwepu in chansa
    Boyd in nathan
    Kalaba ?
    Sunzu kaya
    Fwayo kaya

  2. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    Now for the Southern Africa derby at 18:00hrs on Wednesday.

  3. Tc Soccerman says:

    Zambia need to blast Xenorphobic South Africa merciless, I was watching on BBC how those f00ls are still harrassing foreign nationals, how pathetic is that.

  4. Amandla says:

    South Africa as a nation has been an embarrassment for Africa. Killing your fellow Africans (or any person) mercilessly as they do is very inhuman. TC Soccerman, you have a point! This country is a letdown! Go Zambia and teach ’em a lesson!

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