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U20 Afcon Update: Cameroon first to arrive

Count down – Five (5) Days to go before tournament kick off

The Cameroon men’s Under-20 national team became the first team to arrive in Zambia ahead of the Zambia Total 2017 U20 Africa Cup of Nations which starts this weekend.

The team touched down at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport  in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

They are scheduled to connect to Ndola on Tuesday where they will be based.

The West Africans are in Group B alongside Egypt, South Africa and Sudan.

Cameroon play their first game on Monday 27 February against South Africa at 1800hrs before they engage Sudan on Thursday 02 February.

They wind up their group stage games with a match against Senegal on Sunday 5th March.

All the group B games will be played at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium.

38 Comments to U20 Afcon Update: Cameroon first to arrive

  1. Egwugwu says:

    Your update should include their squad.

  2. be zmfoot update on their team as well and on Sunday 5th March, are they playing Sudan or Senegal? check with your passage

  3. You are right egwugwu this is what I have been talking about zamfoot should be giving us detailed reports not like the kamanga way of doing things without a proper vision and road map

  4. Kuku says:

    Okeee…welcome Cameroon.

  5. The Sumba says:

    Welcome coomerone azaciona

  6. Yes welcome to zambia where people elect someone without a vision to run the affairs of football feel at home cameroon

  7. SPANNER MAN says:

    Well done Cameroon,bola Yapa zed niyolimba.so don’t say we didn’t tell you!

  8. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    On another note things are not looking so rosy on the PSL front. Jacob Sakala has been suspended at Baroka and Mbesuma seems to have fallen down the pecking order at Highlands.

    Welcome to Cameroon. Here you will find an FA that gives the coach ultimate authority when it comes to selecting players and not the previous FA who selected players on behalf of the coach and placed “FRO SALE” signs on their backs as they played.

  9. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    This is going to be a very interesting tournament for Zambia. You got my support boys as I am convinced you know the target. One game at the time. Think of your first game and play to please the crowd but play to win

    Remember very well that in the group stage it is about points and nothing else


  10. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    And not play to please I mean

  11. SLIM says:

    @ Undefeated Guru……You forgot to tell the Cameroun that the new FA road map leads to youth football and not to KALU’S pocket quite a breath of fresh air, dont u think!!. OH, by the way tickets will b available from Shoprite/Computicket. Blackmarket Kalu ticketing is over GURU………..kikikiki

  12. SLIM says:

    @Undefeated Guru….. since we r in the habit of washing dirty linen in front of our visitors, seek advise from Cameroun what we do with Kalu amd his minions over the replica jersey scum!! Seek advise Guru, from them, how to wipe our backsides clean of the scum! So that we regain the goodwill of jersey suppliers and start decently dressing our boys. Over to u Guru. While at it Guru, also inform them that Kamanga has failed in 10 months to achieve what Kalu achieved in 10 YEARS!!!!

  13. Heheheheheh! Slim and big steve you boys you are still alive I was told that you are in the grave any way welcome back more especially you big steve

  14. Heheheheheh! Slim and big steve you boys you are still alive I was told that you are in the grave any way welcome back more especially you big steve the under 20 Afcon is about to kickoff which teams will be in the top four mine are zambia egypt cameroon and guinea

  15. It is not the job of cameroon to deal with with people who have commited crimes but the police and the anti corruption commission so you see that your head does not reason properly and more over we have the new FAZ administration which is free from corruption so the holy man kamanga should go back to NIKE and convince them so that he can be given back that NIKE deal kaili the previous FAZ was corrupt and this new FAZ is corrupt free what do you think SLIM

  16. Positive thinking says:

    Wow ba Undefeated, ninshi yachitika kanshi.

    Your posts have become like comedy. They lack substance and any form of getting the Zambian game forward.

    It is very sad when you see a blogger fall to such levels.

    Anyway, wish Zambia the best in the tournament. Its been a long time coming. I hope people will flock to the stadiums.

  17. RICHPOPO says:

    zambia,egypt, r a must qualify nt sure abot other nyantanyata teams,GOD bless zambia U20world cup once more

  18. Alex says:

    Well Come Cammeroon

  19. Yes it true kamanga has done completely nothing in his ten months stay in FAZ even you deep down your heart know this why because he has no properly vision and road map.ok if kamanga has a vision to improve our football would you mind to explain to me these things.1,how is he going to develop youth football? there is a lot of untaped talent in rural areas, how is he going to tape talent in rural areas.2,we do not have cup games in our league we only have the barclays cup which is not enough we need the BP top8 back in the league so how is he going to convince the corporate world 3 our national team is failing every month on fifa ranking what measure has he put in place to avoid the free fall.4 the issue of charles musonda sons what is the stance of kamanga because last time we where told that kalu was the reason why these boys are not playing for our national team now that kalu is no longer at faz what is kamanga doing about it mr SLim this is the road map that I was talking about do you have answers to my questions? answer me togther with big steve frm SA I’m waiting don’t run away

    • Positive thinking says:

      Lol. Dude, all these were problems under Kalu too. So help me understand how these were caused by Kamanga. Kalu’s admin had 10 years. Where is their rural plan? Did the BP top 8 not end under his tenure? Kalu raised Zambia from #72 when he took over, and Zambia fell to as low as #84, it wasn’t until 2012 that Zambia were #34, then Zambia fell from number 34 to number 74, in 2016 when Kalu lost the election Zambia was #88; So give us a break on your Kalu worshiping when it comes to rankings. Kalu admin couldn’t even get a permanent coach for the national team for 3 years. So the Kamanga admin didn’t exactly inherit Barcelona FC.

      In Kamanga admin Zambia fell from #88 to #91. That is 3 spots. And then we want to blame Kamanga for the Musonda’s? Kalu was in office 10 years and those kids didn’t play, why does that matter now.

      You bring up good issues that are important, but you bring no solutions and you bring nothing in terms of positive effects of what you are suggesting.

  20. Positive thinking your obsession of kamanga has made you blind that you can’t even see what is right or wrong start reasoning with head not your heart because your heart is deceiving you

    • Positive thinking says:

      I think the obsession with Kamanga is your malady not mine.

      I have said both positive and negative things about both Kalu and Kamanga. I have also backed my statements with reasoning and based it on information I have seen in the artciles and papers. That my friend is what intelligent people call reasoning and objectivity.

      Your statements lack any form of reasoning or data. Baseless rhetoric. Do me a favor next time you want to say anything negative about Kamanga or something positive about Kalu. Categorize your argument as follows:

      Statement/claim: Write your claim
      Reason/evidence: Tell us why you think this and present the evidence

      Here’s an example

      Statement: Kalu lost the FAZ election due to lack of transparency
      Reason: I think people voted against Kalu because his admin lacked transparency. This is because of FAZ’s inability to release details of the Super Sport deal. This is also because FAZ failed to release information concerning gate sales for matches (remember they owed money to Levy) and the money received from the Japan friendly.

      Statement: I did not trust Kamanga as FAZ President
      Reason: Anyone who was willing to destroy the game football in Zambia just so he could be in charge did not/does not have the best interest of the game in Zambia. 1. He was willing to create a separate league by pulling away certain clubs who vowed their support. 2. The season had to end abruptly due interference from the Kamanga camp.

      So now please use this formula in your posts so that we can engage in intelligent discussion. Noti kwati uli mu bar, pantu nangu ni mu bar people are even more coherent than what you are saying.

      Also you need to get your obsession with Kamanga checked.

      Statement: Kamanga and his admin have done way better than I thought
      Reasons: This admin finally addressed the kit situation. They have been open about FAZ finances. This admin is the first to send a Youth Team on a training camp and get adequate preps in place. Zambia national team travelled safely to Guinea Bissau and ahead of schedule without any logistical hitches which was commonplace during the last admin.

      • Big Steve 4rm SA says:

        I can only clap for this contribution Positive thinking. If at least even just 75% of us who blog on this site took this approach we would have well thought out arguments of substance. We used to have the wailers spewing the same rhetoric day after day week after week, no substance and not even realizing how the were reducing our beloved site to chibuku bar level arguments and now Mr. Guru is bringing this detrimental approach back. They say the best way to bring a child back onto the right path is to not only scold or discipline them but in addition to also show them the way. You have done this in a fine way Positive thinking.

  21. I mean you should reason with your head not your heart because you are no longer reason like positive thinking but you are now negative thinking

    • Positive thinking says:

      I’ll change my name when you change yours to THE DEFEATED GURU

      • Stephen says:

        Thank you so much, Ba positive thinking for sharing great insights on this forum. I personally appreciate your constructive contributions to this forum.And, I want to let you know that I am one of the Chipolopolo fans who loves reading your positive contributions in the forum. Please continue sharing your great ideas for there is substance in them. I wish you were here in Edmonton so that we can go together to Tim Hortons or Starbucks for a cup of coffee. You have nothing to change my friend.The one who should change is the defeated guru.Umudala ekalilefye inseli tabali any constructive suggestion is offering to help Zambian soccer to improve.awe twanaka mwe!!!

  22. Mr positive thinking you should read my coments first did I say kalu did every thing perfectly? I did not even mention kalus name in my posts kalu is no longer at faz he did his part to the development of our football and its kamanga time why are you criticizing someone who is no longer a FAZ presdent and yet kamanga has made a lot of misteke and no one is even talking about them.ok let’s talk about the camping of the under 20 in europe this is not the first that we are camping our national team in europ the class of 1999 and that of 2007 was also camped in europe check the records mr postive thinking even the national team was camped in France when there were preparing for the Afcon in 2006.this is the information you were lacking I don’t know when did you started following the zambian football if it 10 or 15 years ago you should know this information by now

  23. Postive thinking you should get your facts right the main reason why charles musonda sons refused to play for zambia was the misunderstanding between kalu and charles musonda now that kalu is gone the football association of zambia should start considering them for our national team, once more don’t misunderstood my statement I’m not in any way defending kalu here but I’m trying to bring out things that kalu failed to do so that kamanga can do them.when kamanga was campagning he promise us that he is going revival the BP top8 that kalu has failed to do. now did he revival it?I ask a question about youth football what program has he put in place for the youth football because football starts from the grassroot and instead of answering my questions you started attacking kalu.I also raise the issue of fifa ranking because our national team is failing every month on our fifa ranking again instead of answering the question you started comparing it with kalu.zambian football is not about kalu or kamanga but it about us.once more kalu did his part and this is kamanga time so let’s bring out issues that kalu failed to do so that kamanga can do them but instead of doing that you saying kalu did that kalu did this our football can’t develop with such mentality

  24. Bsimms says:

    Guru, all we need to do is look foward to the action on the pitch.

    We should be worried when Zamfoot can’t even draft a more detailed article. Worse still, I fear for horror that awaits us in the opening ceremony.

  25. Bsimms that my thought too because when you bring. out such issues people here will start talking about the mistekes of kalu as if kalu is stil at Faz

  26. Its pity that this blorg has now turn out to be the praise team for kamanga were almost every person here is singing the praise songs for kamanga instead of telling him the real issues that his predessers failed to do so that he can do them. you will agree with me that during kalu s tenure the team selection was poor we expect such things to come to an end but alas we stil have players like Adrian chama in the national team players like walter bwalya is not selected when you ask why? Blorgers like big steve will. No kamanga is not a coach which shouldn’t be the case here

  27. Its pity that this blorg has now turn out to be the praise team for kamanga were almost every person here is singing the praise songs for kamanga instead of telling him the real issues that his predessers failed to do so that he can do them. you will agree with me that during kalu s tenure the team selection was poor we expect such things to come to an end but alas we stil have players like Adrian chama in the national team players like walter bwalya is not selected when you ask why? Blorgers like big steve will. No kamanga is not a coach which shouldn’t be the case here my fellow zambian let’s open our eyes because we need the clear road map for our football to developed

  28. SLIM says:

    Guru, 10 months in football admin is insignificant. After the poor public relations utterances from the previous FA, it was always going to b tough to attract sponsorship of any kind! If my memory serves me right, after a press query on finances,Kalu rudely replied that ” i am not answerable to anyone”. its gonna b hard for Kamanga to bring on board the corporate world: unless the ACC reopens the probe without political interferance.

  29. SLIM says:

    Guru…. talking of the Charlie boys,let them play for Belgium. ~its dumb for anybody to make it appear like Kamanga’s key perfomance area! They shunned Zambia, so far Belgium appears uninterested !

  30. SLIM that what your master promise us during his campagns that he is going to bring the corporate world to sporsor the league And revival the defunct BP top8 but here you are again accusing kalu of kamanga failures as for the musonda sons it was one of the kamangas campagn manage smataa smataa who told us the misunderstanding between kalu and charles musonda is preventing his sons from playing for zambia he even said once kalu is out of FAZ that’s when these boys will play for zambia so mr SLIM go back to the drawn board and come back with correct answers

    • Positive thinking says:


      Perhaps I misunderstood. You bring up valid points on moving forward, which is what we need to discuss.

      There is a lot of work to be done, and if Kamanga and his admin made these promises then they need to deliver. I think when you approach matters like this then it builds for very good discussion on what we need to do going forward.

      Also, don’t be afraid to put across your ideas on what can be done.

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