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U17 beat hosts Niger to get back on track

The Zambia U17 national team revived their chances of advancing to the semi-finals after they battled to a 2 – 1 win against a physical Niger side.

Captain of the side and hit-man Patson Daka set his team on course when he scored in the 6th minute before defender Wayne Museba gave Zambia a two goal cushion after he headed home from a corner in the 15th minute.

The Chris Kaunda coached side showed the hunger to win as they attacked relentlessly but did not manage to extend the lead for the score to remain the same going into the break.

With the Nigerien fans booing their team as they headed for the dressing room, the Nigerien returned from the break playing a very physical game with both Patson Daka and defender and goal scorer Museba both getting knocks.

Museba could however not manage to continue and he was replaced by Alfred Chirwa.

With the Zambian defence looking unsettled after the change, Niger pounced and pulled one back in the 66th minute to set up a grand final quarter to the game.

The goal seemed to inspire the West African and they started to threaten more on the counter attack but Zambia held on to win 2 – 1 on the day.

Zambia will need to win the final group stage game against Nigeria who drew 1 – 1 with Guinea to stand a chance of qualifying while the hosts have been eliminated.

Niger v Zambia XI: 1. Daniel Sikanyika (GK) 5. Wayne Museba (Alfred Chirwa) 3. Prosper Chilufya 4. Salati Lungu 13. Edward Chimfwembe 14. Ngosa Sunzu 11. Enock Mwepu 10. Musonda Siame 9. Patson Daka (C) 18. Kenny Sinkala (Pumulo Siwanga) 2. Gift Sikaonga.

40 Comments to U17 beat hosts Niger to get back on track

  1. SoJC-SMM says:

    Congrats our dearest boys … Shalom

  2. Luapula Fish says:

    They are the best team in the group ,Guinea only got luck with the lone goal.

  3. uu says:

    Today we won’t have peace here

  4. paradox says:

    were r those Nigerians matongo asante & bodosqi?. show yo faces.

  5. Armed Gunman says:

    Ok. Well done boys.

  6. john says:

    Kalu is a pathetic administrator. Had these boys arrived on time they would have at least drawn with guinea. Beating Nigeria will be tough. I wish the boys all the best. Some of them will be headed to stardom. Don’t forgetting we are hosting u-20 afcon 2017. Young boys like patson daka may find themselves at barcelona in the coming months.

  7. Ali says:

    Good luck boys. Congratulations

  8. john says:

    Sorry for the typos forgetting should be forget
    Anyhow let them rest and recover we will battle Nigeria to the death for the world cup. If these boys want to play for Barcelona and real Madrid one day they must hammer Nigeria. The world cup is a big event all the scouts will be there. They love to recruit at this age.

  9. Mutongo Asante says:

    I am here,we are topping the group and only need a draw to qualify for world cup,It will be a miracle if zambia beat us…I never rule out any surprise because its underage football

  10. Mutongo Asante says:

    Tell me more about Patson Daka,Is he an african ronaldo or messi ?

  11. Mutongo Asante says:

    As far as John may be chameleon,He can be right also…
    Nigeria as current world u-17 champion with the players enjoying big transfer moves

    It was easy for them because they are not owned by any club and only little cash to their academy to release them

    Kelechi Iheanacho-Man city
    Chidiebere Nwakali-Man city onloan to Malaga
    Musa Yahaya-Tottenham
    Chidera Eze-Fc porto
    Dele Alampasu-Estori(portugal)
    Musa Muhammed-Besiktas
    Taiwo Awoniyi-Kamar(sweden)
    Isaac success-Udinese onloan to granada
    Habib Makanjuola-Chelsea

    And so on……

    The squad is the future of nigeria football…..
    I wish to see Patson daka and co follow same path

    • Bolapazed says:

      I want to give you a handshake with two hands like we always say here. You are very mature indeed. This is how blogging should be and not insults we are accustomed to.
      On the other hand we have a lot to learn from you guys because of your experience at this level, Ghana and Mali included. But for this win, i congratulate the boys and wish them the against Nigeria.

  12. Alex zz says:

    Clubs like barcelona, Man utd, Porto, Arsenal prefer buying a 15,16,17 year old who can still develop, qualifying for the world cup is a step in right direction. Neymar,messi, torres and many more made their names at this youth tornaments.

  13. john says:

    @ mutongo patson daka is the Zambian Patrick kluivert this boy is dangerous and is headed for stardom.

    • Bolapazed says:

      John thanks for your contributions. In as much as i don’t necessarily agree with your modus operandi, you are passionate and thats enough. I have watched Daka and i see him in the same mode as Costa or Drogba. A typical number 9, very strong on the ball skilled and knows where the goal posts are from every angle. You should have watched his club’s season ending game last year.

  14. Alex zz says:

    Patson daka must stay away from Congo, S.africa and even Israel. He can develop as a footballer even if he can play in some funny league in eastern europe.

  15. Alex zz says:

    Patson daka must stay away from Congo, S.africa and even Israel. He can develop as a footballer even if he can play in some funny league in eastern europe. 2

  16. john says:

    Beating Nigeria will be a huge challenge. African football is really tough. Weak groups no longer exist at an afcon of any level. Gone are the days when teams like Kenya, mozambique or Malawi qualify for afcon. However this is a golden opportunity for zambia to announce itself on the world stage.

    • Bibo says:

      “Gone are days when teams like Kenya,Mozambique or Malawi qualify for Afcon”John says,really? So you think Zambia is a great team?

      Compare Zambia’s Afcon qualifying group with that of Malawi’s,was Zambia’s group tougher?In Malawi’s group which also included Algeria,Mali,and Ethiopia,Malawi managed to beat Mali 2-0 and Ethiopia 3_2.Zambia never beat Ethiopia at South Africa Afcon,can they beat Mali? nope.

      Honestly speaking,Zambians talk too much about their team as if it’s big and like to belittle other teams.I don’t think Zambia can defeat Malawi in the same qualifying group-Zambian players are not stars and are inconsistent at their clubs.On a good day and with a good team selection of players,it can be very difficult for Zambia to beat the Flames.Ask DRC, they were eliminated alongside Guinea in a certain qualifying group.Malawi has so many good players but administration and coaching are a problem.The team has players in Denmark,Greece,South Africa,Portugal,Vietnam,DRC,Comoros,and Mozambique.The selection of players has always betrayed the Flames’ progress.

      As for the youth teams,there is a lot of progress because academies like Surestream in Blantyre,Lilongwe academy,and Waya academy have recently established sister relationships with academies in England,Germany,and Switzerland which should see the country producing world stars in 5-7 years from now.

      So my friend John, do not think Malawi is a small team, in fact the team plays better against West and North African teams.We are strategizing for AFCON 2017,and you should wait and see before talking too much.At the moment we are also improving football infrastructure by building stadiums in Lilongwe,Blantyre,Mzuzu,and Zomba like you Zambians are doing.We are a sleeping force that will awaken from slumber pretty soon.By the way, what was Zambia doing at Equatorial Guinea AFCON?

  17. Mutongo Asante says:

    Nigeria U-20 team beat Ghana U-20 team 2-0 in Tema Ghana in a friendly match today…Ghana is zambia’s group opponent in senegal 2015

  18. Alex zz says:

    That zambian boy playing armenia if he remains deciplined by 23 will be technically superior to all zambian players due to exposure of european football at a young age.

  19. Its only a useless team that will concede a goal from a country like NIGER REPUBLIC…..


  20. Alex zz says:

    kikikiki, patson daka and company will suprise nigeria with a 2-1 scoreline.

  21. Alex zz says:

    @Noni 9ja, this time um going to be cheering for loudmouth zambians, Besides your u17 team has players who have already secured contract in some of the best youth academies.

  22. Kay Hummer says:

    Before the start of the tournament, i said it that Patson Daka was going to take this tournament by storm and he is proving that already!

  23. Kay Hummer says:

    When i said that this is the best under 17 team that we have ever assembled in 50 years, some people did not believe me. This team should be natured and kept together. They are the future Chipolopolo boys!

  24. Alex zz says:

    Was it patson daka linked to Israel?? If so i doubt if he will develop as a footballer that much.

  25. john says:

    @ Alex zz it is ngoma from the under 20 who is linked to Israel. You will meet him and the Armenian boy when we square off to do battle with you guys for a place in new Zealand. As for patson daka this lethal striker has the potential to become the most dangerous striker in africa over the next 5 years. This boy is lethal.

  26. STUMPY says:

    this win is a kneejerk reaction. nigeria wil skin us. they are the world champions. even if we draw and guinea loose to niger well be out on head to head

  27. Alex zz says:

    @John, it would be better for Ngoma to keep his options open, the israeli league is not that competive anymore. Maybe he should try his luck in turkey.

  28. Sikatana says:

    Bu mwaice john tawakwata amano.

  29. David says:

    Faz must camp the under 20 in west africa.

  30. Bolapazed says:

    Whilst its important to give respect to the Nigerians or any opponent for that matter, Fear should NEVER be part of a footballer’s blood at any stage. We have equal chances before the game of progressing and we need to play our lungs out – ask that Kenyan marathon runner what that means, she will tell you.

  31. Bolapazed says:

    Our record against most West African teams remains dismal. We need a revolution in the mind set of the boys and coaches alike. We need to start imposing our game on the opponents and strike fear with our winning records. This is how teams like Nigeria, Ghana, Mali do it. Their youth teams are very strong.

  32. Discipline says:

    Let’s wait and see,congrats all the same.At such competitions a team just need a draw and a win hence still fancy the West Africans to the next round.

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