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TP Mazembe storm CAF Champions League final

TP Mazembe are in the finals of the 2015 CAF Champions League after they beat Sundanese side Al Merreikh 3 – 0 in the CAF Champions League semi final second leg.

Mazembe lost 2 – 1 in Sudan in the first leg and they completed the job in Lubumbashi with two goals from Tanzanian international Mbwana Samatta and Roger Assale of Ivory Coast to qualify 4 – 2 on aggregate.

Rainford Kalaba was named in the starting line-up for Mazembe and he played 58 minutes while Nathan Sinkala was an unused substitute.

Kabaso Chongo watched the game from the stands.

Mazembe will play USM Alger of Algeria in the final of the Champions League. USM Alger beat Al Hilal Omdurman 2 – 1 on aggregate.

37 Comments to TP Mazembe storm CAF Champions League final

  1. egwugwu says:

    Kalaba playing for 58 minutes?

  2. Billy says:

    Well done TPM. Mazembe now stands a better chance of winning this cup for an nth time. Good for our players at TPM but sad that only Kalaba is playing regularly at this massive club.
    On another note, from the SA PSL Collins Mbesuma’s Mpumalanga Black Aces beat Bloem Celtic 3-2 via a penalty shootout to storm into the quarterfinals of the Telkom Cup. The match had ended 0-0 after 90 minutes of play.

  3. ZamFoot says:

    Thanks Billy, thanks kelvin

  4. chisuta says:

    i think kalaba should now move, five yrs at tp he has achieved everthing there.

  5. el tageto says:

    only hope they (zed players ) feature in the final


    Congrate to TP mazembe for reaching the finals this club is well organise in african they have money every things unlikely sundown in south africa how are signing every play and dumping them like garbages it pain me when I look at afcon wining goal warming the bench and sundown fans calling him mr empty net that club is useless

  7. PULU MULENGA says:

    Congrats TP

  8. odija says:

    West Africans are making it. Dede Ayew is scoring in the EPL.7 Africans have been nominated in the 59 man list for the ballon d’or. 6 are west Africans and one from North.No cosafa players.

  9. Slim says:

    Congrats TPM, as well as Orlando Pirates for beating Egyptian giants 5-3 on aggregate! Big up South African football. Shows tremendous progress in Psl. Rsa can boast, not the nonsense from Kalu of imaginary improvements in Zpl.

  10. paradox says:

    boastful west africans bragging again. each time zambian players r in the news they want to boast abt their players

  11. odija says:

    @luapula or whatever ur name is.Dont insult especially bringing my dad in else u will regret

  12. odija says:

    Paradox we are not boasting.we just want your players to start performing in high profile leagues

  13. Billy says:

    Indeed congratulations to Orlando Pirates of South Africa for that sweet victory in Egypt against the mighty Al Ahly.

    First leg: Pirates 1-0 Al Ahly
    Second leg: Al Ahly 3-4 Pirates

    5-3 aggregate Pirates win to stage a final against USM Alger of Algeria in the Confederation cup.

    • Billy says:

      Sorry, the final is between Pirates and Etoile du Sahel not USM Alger in the final of the Confederations cup. USM Alger will play TP Mazembe in the final of the CAF champions league cup.

  14. abram says:

    Stupid odija go to yo site, we hav been beating west africans teams then what are telling us? teams like ghana, senegal, ivory coast, mali, and togo, they hv bin our customers apart from nigeria and cameroon.

  15. abram says:

    Kalaba has to move out frm that congolese jungle tp mazembe coach want to finish our captain how can he give him only 58 mints? sinkala it was wase stupid mazembe. wishng usm alger to win the trophy.

  16. luapula bize says:

    @odija: I dont insult and can never insult. Can you point out WHERE the insult is?

  17. Rascozy says:

    So now Ghanaians have taken over the Congoless jungle too?. TP mazembe currently has 5 Ghanaian payers with 3 of them in the starting line up against Al Merrick

  18. Rascozy says:

    Solomon Asante, Yaw Frimpong and daniel Nii Adjei in the starting line up whiles Gladson Awako and Bismark Kisi Boateng warming the bench

  19. There z nothn special abt southafrican football. They jst depend on foreign players. Look @the perfomance of their national team, pathetic. Proud to be a chipolopolo fan, we r simply the best

    • Billy says:

      If you look at the current Orlando Pirates fan. The only foreign based player is the goalkeeper Felipe Ovono from Equatorial Guinea and the midfielder Sarr from Senegal who mostly is on the bench of late. The rest of the squad are local South African players. It’s just a pity that Zambia does not have any players in this Pirates squad as it was in the past, eg. Isaac Chansa, the late Lota, etc. This Pirates squad is playing good football. Somebody was even joking on social media that “why can’t South Africa let Pirates represent the country at national team level”? Just saying.

    • Ralph Acquah says:

      Mr blessing, pls don’t compare zambia to south africa in terms of football, de two countries have one afcon each to their credit but de bigger picture is dat south africa has been to numerous world cups where as zambia is yet to make an appearance. Their clubs are performing in africa whiles urs ar not, plis be appreciative of others so dat u can also be appreciated. It doesn’t matter whether their players ar foreigners or not what matters is south african club has made it to de caf confederation final. So much jealousy in de air

  20. We r beta than southafrican in terms of talent. Most zambian players r talented. The only problm is the mentality our players have


      Walasa! You’ve hit the nail on the head “Sir Blessings” I have been singing about this for a long time. Our Players need to graduate from inferiority complex and self pity.

  21. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    How do you qualify such a statement that Zambia has more talented players. The very best of Zambian players have failed terribly in the EPL whilst SA can emphatically say that they even have a player who has won his clubs treasured price of player of the season in an EPL club. What have Zambian players achieved? Yes Zambia has very talented footballers but lets not make nonsensical blanket statements. Just follow for two weeks what SA players abroad are doing as compared to Zambian players abroad. I am Zambian but lets be factual in our statements

    • Positive Thinking says:

      Big Steve. I have to say that I agree to a certain extent that Zambian players are more talented, but there is a mentality complex that holds them back.

      If you compare South African players with Zambian players as individuals, you can see the difference. And here is why I am saying this. If we look at SA EPL players like Lucas Radebe (the most successful campaigner in the EPL, well Quinton Fortune might have him beat). Compare Lucas Radebe who in his prime was competing against the likes of Elijah Litana. Can we honestly say that Lucas Radebe was a better defender than Litana?

      Elijah Litana was voted one of the top defenders on the continent, and yet Litana never found himself in EPL. He played his trade in Saudi Arabia where he would drink himself to sleep upon returning to Zambia on holidays or vacations.

      I also take the example of Quinton Fortune. A highly successful player in EPL for Manchester United. He was far less technically gifted than Gift Kampamba, but Fortune was stronger and tougher a player that is no doubt. But Shoes Mochoeu (sp), Doctor Khumalo, or Alfred Phiri were not more technically gifted than Kampamba. None of them could distribute the ball with the ability that Gift could, I will even dare say that Perry Mutapa was also a better ball distributor, but it came down to strength and attitude. Those Zambians never went further than Russian League and Portugal. The SA player Chabangu who I spotted during COSAFA is one of those players who is amazingly gifted aswell.

      I think there is some truth to the statement, and if I had the time we could analyze it further. I think if you took SA and Zambia 11 and compared player by player, Zambia will come out on top. BUT if you look at a list of players in SA who are above average, they will by far outnumber Zambia’s. Watch PSL and then watch Zambia bola and you can clearly see the difference.

      • Noble Eagles says:

        Well said Positive Thinking, even Kalusha even though he never played in the EPL and the list is endless.

      • Anonymous says:

        I have to disagree on the Kampamba Khumalo comparrison. Yes Kampamba was hugely talented but you cannot compare him to Doc Khumalo, he came nowere close to Khumalo in any department. Gibby Mbasela maybe but certainly not Gift. We have a tendency of over hyping our players. Let’s take pound for pound the current crop of players, I will mention a few. Central defence we win hands down with Sunzu, defensive midfield they win hands down with Jali, fullback they win with Masilela, attack midfield we win with Chisamba…etc….as you can see we go pound for pound. They are not better but we are certainly not better as well.

        • Positive Thinking says:

          I agree with you man. Thtas why I said, if I had the time, I would do exactly as you are doing i.e. comparing player by player or pound for pound as you say. I just think that we produce some exceptionally better talent that never seems to live up to the hype.

  22. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    Big up to a largely locally assembled pirates team for representing the region so well. At least we have a chance of winning a continental club cup in the region after so long.

  23. The main problem is with our FA! Period

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