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Throwback Thursday: Zambia v Ghana

The rivalry between Zambia and Ghana has stood for a long time now. With the head to head standing at seven wins for Ghana and five wins for Zambia, the West Africans had been dominant over Zambia winning all the five games  played up to the 90’s.

When Zambia won independence in 1964, Kenneth Kaunda invited Kenya and Ghana to play Zambia as part of the independence celebrations.

Kwame Nkrumah’s boys did not show respect for the ‘new country’ as the Black Stars outscored Zambia to win 4 – 3 on 25th October 1964, a day after Zambia’s independence, marking Zambia’s first loss.

But the Chipolopolo have be pushing their weight around in recent meetings winning five of the last seven encounters….

In the picture, it was another encounter between Zambia and Ghana.

Identify the two players and which game this was.

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  1. jay says:

    1996 afcon 3rd and 4th play off 1 nill to zambia goal by joe bwalya

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes indeed. It was a match that was a consolation prize for both teams. All the bookmakers had been anticipating a Zambia – Ghana final, but Tunisia and South Africa respectively surprised both teams to make the final. It was such a heartbreak.

      In the picture is John Lungu and I don’t know the Ghanaian. Joel Bwalya scored a thunderbolt from outside the 18. Coach Roald Paulsen fielded a much younger side in this game in a bid to give the younger guys some gametime. I honestly think the 1996 AFCON side was probably one of the most talented and exciting teams Zambia had ever put together.

      Andrew Tembo, Dennis Lota, Vincent Mutale, Elijah Litana, Mordon Malitoli, Harrison Chongo, The great Kalu, Johnson Bwalya, the pictured John Lungu, James Phiri, Hillary Makasa…this team was on fire. No one would have been surprised if Zambia had won that AFCON, at least not as many people as those who were surprised in 2012.

      • Luapula Fish says:

        You are right Anonymous,the 96 chipolopolo remains the best squad Zambia has ever assembled in recent times . We had skilled and physically strong players and our bench consisted of exciting young stars who competed with established regulars in every position . Poulsen was also able to play players like Vincent Mutale who had not played any preparatory games and was usually training alone on the sideline . In the build up to the 96 afcon we wired teams atleast by 3 goals ,Nigeria 4-0,Tunisia 4-0,Cameroun 3-0 . We understand the KK eleven had the best squad who perished in the plane crush ,still I give alot of credit to the 96 class

  2. paradox says:

    Jst reading

  3. Bolapazed says:

    John”Spiderman” Lungu.

  4. chisuta says:

    Moses phiri is going 4 trails in europe.

  5. Ngake says:

    Definitely john lungu at afcon 1996 in south africa. The real prize is who is the ghanaian player. Let the ghanaians answer that one if they can.

  6. saidi says:

    john lungu and frank amankwa.

  7. saidi says:

    joel bwalya and frank amankwa.

  8. Kimaaty says:

    I thought u asked Ghanaians not to comment on your site again???

  9. Nana says:

    Fellow football fans; the Ghanaian player in the picture is Ablade Kumah, he was a member of the Ghana afcon team in 1996. He was also a member of the Ghana team which won bronze at the 1992 Olympic games.

  10. Zwangendaba says:

    John Lungu

  11. abram says:

    these days there are our daily bread with butter on it even amin aid el gadaffi knows

  12. justice lukanga kafusha says:

    Just look at the stamina, Zambia beaten Ghana well built, tht is the difference

  13. justice lukanga kafusha says:

    Joe Bwaæya ne pala at that time- I am not sure

  14. kampinda says:

    Zambia was based in Port Elizabeth…where they finished top of the group; beating Burkina Faso 5-0 or 1? (cant remember)…Kalu scoring a hat-trick and going on to finish the competition’s top goal scorer. For me Vincent Mutale was the revelation of that tournament.

  15. Mwebantu says:

    Anonymous – Perfect analysis!

  16. Neutral says:

    @kampinda Zambia was based in Bloemfontein in Free State Province….. my favourite town in South coz its one of most peaceful

    • kampinda says:

      Thanks, Neutral. The memory card in my brain getting rusty!!! KK 11 must have delighted those fanatical supporters of Bloem Celtic who hadn’t seen high level soccer played in their town at that stage…..

  17. Shaa says:


  18. INSTRUCTOR says:

    The players in the picture are Neo Lamptey and John ‘mosquite’Lungu.

  19. SKG 11 says:

    1996 tournament was Kalusha’s best ever. He was banging in the goals as a midfielder. I can’t remember which match it was but Kalausha just being in the box caused defenders to panic. Zambia were rightly rated as one of the favorites but sadly against Tunisia they seemed a bit over confident.

  20. Idi amin al gaddafi says:

    The ghanaian player is ablade kumah! One of the most talented players gh has ever produced but highly indiscipline!

    He looks like nii odartey lamptey, the player tipped by world pele to succed him but cldnt reach his potential!

    Someone said that is nii lamptey which is not true! The guy is confusing the jersery no 8 for odartey lamptey!

  21. Idi amin al gaddafi says:

    And by the way, ghana has a better head to head against zambia!

    So for all the zambians always saying that they have a better head to head over Ghana should take notice and realised that, ghana has beaten zambia more than they have defeated us!

    This is coming from a zambia web site!

    This vies to confirm that, ghana has beaten all the southern african countries than they have beaten us and this include south africa!

    Ghana has beaten all west african countries than they have beaten ghana including naija, i coast and cameroon!

    Ghana has beaten all the north africa countries with the exception of egypt than they have beaten us!

    Ghana again has a better head to heas against all eastern africa countries which means that, ghana is the only africa country which has a better HEAD TO HEAD AGAINST ANY AFRICAN COUNTRY FROM WEST COAST TO SOUTH AND UP THE MAGHREB REGION!

    servant can never be greater than his MASTER no matter how he try!!


  22. abram says:

    come on our daily bread we are waiting for u for 2018 fifa world cup qualifying draws we are feeling hunger. this time we will use peanut butter. wining five for the last seven encounters!!! it means alot!!

  23. Positive thinking says:

    Man, the Zambia Ghana back and forth will never end will it. Its all good though, its all in good fun when done respectfully as has been the case lately.

    Whatever happened to Nii Lamptey. I know he played for Anderlecht at 16 and was highly regarded. I remember in the 90’s he moved to PSV Eindhoven and can’t remember if he was teammates with Kalusha or not. Its a shame when a player with great potential just never lives up to it.

    Zambia has so many in that category;

    – Dabwitso Nkhoma
    – Emmanuel Zulu
    – Clifford Mulenga – I know he is still playing, but this is a guy who won Young African player of the year
    – Even Fwayo Tembo a young man who attended trials at Real Madrid and if you ever get a chance to watch some of his highlights at Etoile De Sahel you would wonder why he is not the firs name on some club starting lineup or even Chipolopolo

    • Kwarcee says:

      @ +ve,indeed that Emmanuel Zulu guy won lots of fans here in kumasi when he was part of your u20 team that partook in that youth tournament dubbed Ghana ’99.I remember him very well with his miniature size in an over-sized jersey,very adept with his left-footed touches.It saddens why such a talent is now downcast and forgotten.

    • kampinda says:

      @Positive Thinking. I agree!!! The first 3 are also on my personal list of Zambia’s biggest wasted talent over the last 20 years…..I remember Dabwitso calling himself the Ryan Giggs of Zambian soccer!!! It’s one thing to talk the talk and an another to walk the walk.

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