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Throwback Thursday – The London fiasco

On August 12, 2009 Zambia played Ghana in an international friendly match at Brisbane Road in London England.
In what was tamed the ‘London fiasco’ Zambia failed to raise a starting 11 after failing to secure British visas for more than half the team and by kickoff only had 9 players available.
In one of the worst episodes in Zambian football, the officials had to comb London for fit Zambians to make the starting 11 which saw Zambian students and amateur footballers Lengwe Kapotwe, Kasase Kabwe and Lyson Zulu feature for the Chipopolo.
I played 90 minutes on Tuesday evening for Loughborough then travelled down to meet the Zambia squad in London at midday on Wednesday. I was told I would play about 20 minutes, but because Mayuka and Njobvu were not there at kick-off I started and played the whole game”, explained the student. “I was tired but for your national team it’s something you are happy to do,” Zulu said about his encounter.
The Chipolopolo lost 4 – 1 on the day with Ghana scoring through Surrey Munthari 11′, Hichani Himonde own goal 28′, Junior Agogo 37′ and Draman 42′ while Zambia scored a face saver through Stopilla Sunzu in the 32nd minute.
Dennis Banda was red carded in the first half.
Zambia Line-up:
Davy Kaumbwa; Francis Kasonde, Nyambe Mulenga (Kasase Kabwe, (Sub: Mayuka)), Hichani Himonde; Stoppila Sunzu, Lengwe Kapotwe (William Njobvu), Fwayo Tembo, Jonas Sakuwaha; Given Singuluma, Lyson Zulu.

20 Comments to Throwback Thursday – The London fiasco

  1. Morggy says:

    I think we have seen enough of kalu’s taka taka management. Under Kalu no proper recruitment of coaches, just hand picking. First the london fiasco, then the Ghana saga and the cape verd saga apart from all these, there has been also tranfer disputes with players, the fwayo tembo wrangle, mayuka, mbola etc. Thanks for reminding us ba Zamfoot. I think kalu has contributed enough I appreciate him for all the gud things he’s done for our football but it is time we tried Kamanga and see what he has to offer. U can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results. Kamanga for president!!!!!

  2. Slim says:

    Who ws responsible for the London Fiasco? I hope they fired him but if he was Kalus blue eyed boy he must b still in FAZ! Vote bargers out! The jersey thieves out!!

  3. 90minutes says:

    I have never seen an FA manager who travels like our Fa president mr Kalusha. where ever the chipolopolo is playing he is always there. I wonder who pays his air ticket and his hotel bills because he usually use the same hotel the player’s use. thank God for the late president Mwanawasa who ordered kalu to leave Holiday In Hotel when it was discovered that faz were paying the bills. he however never looked for the house as ordered by the president instead as we all know he opted to go down south. but who pays for his air tickets from and to South Africa? could it be the reasons why Faz is broke? why have many sponsors pulled out of sponsoring the national team? is it worthy it keeping kalu when not even the government is willing to release the money for the national team coach under kalu?

  4. Billy says:

    Chipolopolo has fallen two places on the latest FIFA ranking to 78 in the world and 18th in Africa.

  5. chamz says:

    Person who runs FAZ is SG, what do you want Kalu to be doing in an office

  6. We need someone with a good track record to lead faz not faulure like kamanga.some who was a chairman when kabwe warrios was demonted to division one, someone who failed as a committee member at power dynamos,someone how has failed every were he goes.can someone point out the success of Andrew kamanga as an administrat in football?

    • Positive thinking says:

      Kamanga is not the one to lead FAZ. That man almost burnt down football house by trying to create a separate FAZ all because he wanted power. People like that are similar to the grieving mother in front of King Solomon who wanted the baby to be cut in half. Anyone that power hungry should not be given opportunity to lead. I’m not a fan of Kalu either, but definitely not Kamanga.

  7. Faz is not a katemba were you can take everyone there. we need someone with a football brain,someone who has achieve something in football like mr Ahanif adams its pity he is not standing.the problem with some people here they use emotions instead of using they heads in making descions

  8. STUMPY says:

    abash kalu and lawlesnes. this is the year of change. andrew is an expirienced business man and footbal pundit. zambianfootball is in need of surgury

  9. lafta says:

    i dont think Anif is a good replacement for Kalu.ask any Lusaka dynamo player how Anif treats them.is selfish too bafana bachaila nsima che, all the players who were there last season the majority left because of is selfiness.ndalama apeleka kuma business yake.there is no deffrence na kalu so……. the deffrence is same same.may be kamanga may be….

  10. kevinwoski says:

    So this disorganized behavior n last minute changes has been with this team for a longer period than I thought… That sucks… N it seems it’s not gonna change anytime soon

  11. abram says:

    Andrew Kamanga for president

  12. justice lukanga kafusha says:

    mwe mbwa mwe

  13. Rainford kalaba says:

    Charly musonda has been called for Chipolopolo

  14. Don says:

    Let’s embrace change n give Andrew Kamanga a go….we need someone who will reside in Zed to be able to get to the nitty gritty’ of our football.

  15. Don says:

    …meant to say change!

  16. Don’t choose by name popular, We have to analyze who holds what the qualities of a national Football Administrator for Zambia?
    Former N’ Team players like Patrick phiri,Peter Kaumba,Jack Chanda,Chintu Kampamba -Former Footballers or Other business minded Zambians like -Business administrators with modern Business qualities -such as accountants,Economists,Marketers,Lawyers with passion of Football -I know kicking the ball skillfully is not a passport to know football administration -which needs a business technics not ball kicking technics-a football star can’t be a good administrator he is just a chancer supported by crooks if any.

  17. Sibs says:

    This was embarrassing. We were lucky to have come out with a 4-1 bashing. This was a strong Ghanaian team we played with the M.Essiens at their peak.
    FAZ messed up on this one…

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