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Simukonda: We ll fight a little for our country

Zambia coach Fighton Simukonda feels South African has weaknesses in attack which he hopes will lead to their downfall as the duo square off in the Under-23 8 Nations tournament on Tuesday.

Both Group A rivals lost their opening matches on Saturday, South Africa going down 3-1 to Senegal while the Zambians were edged 2-1 by Tunisia, a match which their coach felt was lost in their heads before their feet.

“Lack of concentration and self-belief caused our defeat,” Simukonda told Cafonline.com when asked where he felt his side lost the game. “We played the first half really well, equalised with the best goal of the tournament so far. In the final third, our boys went off, and failed to capitalize on the mistakes of the Tunisians.

“We also failed to take our chances, and got punished at the end. We give credit to the Tunisians, they deserved their win.”

Both Zambia and South Africa are now desperate for victory to keep their tournament hopes alive, as Simukonda targets the areas in which he hopes his side can capitalise over Owen da Gama’s men.

“We working very hard on our concentration during games, approach to the game and tactics,” he said. “If we want to stay in the competition, we must win against south Africa. We watched them played against Senegal, so we know how they can play.

“I realized some weakness in their final attack. But football can be cruel sometimes, but we are prepared to fight a little for our country.”

With the top three teams in this competition qualifying for the Olympics next year, the Chipolopolo coach feels football on the continent is on the rise, and hopes the sides that qualify will give a good account of themselves at Rio 2016.

“African football is moving forward,” he said. “In the FIFA U-17 World Cup in Chile, we saw two African teams in the final. Football in Africa has improved greatly so you can give credit to our leaders for investing so well in football.

“I hope the teams that will qualify for the 2016 Olympic Games will give good account of Africa.”

The clash between Zambia and South Africa is scheduled to kick off at 17:00 Zambia time on Tuesday.

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15 Comments to Simukonda: We ll fight a little for our country

  1. gode says:

    no excuses we want a streight win over south africa.

  2. Santos says:

    That’s wrong by our coach never revel the weakeness of the opposition without even playing the.

  3. Danke! says:

    But natusapula zoona!!! Can Faz please find someone to dress the team pleeeeeeeease!!!!

  4. john says:

    There is nothing these guys are doing just wasting our time. No zambian coach can beat an African team ranked in the top 10 of the caf rankings.

    • Shi Malama says:

      u will be shocked today mwana…u will eat a humble pie.,,u mr NEGATIVE

      • Noble Eagles says:

        Ba shi Mwewa do you think SA is below us and we are below top 10 in Africa that what John has put it, Ba John If the world champion can be beaten then we can also beat any top 10 African team.

  5. Seen from Afar says:

    Don’t fight a little for your country! Focus for your country!!!

    Zambia must keep good concentration, there must not be any lapses like we saw when we are so busy pushing we forget to defend.

    Goodluck young men.

  6. Anonymous says:

    zambla is capable of beting south africa go zambia go

  7. Richman says:

    I’m concerned with our team fitness and want to urge our technique team to feed our players with highly nutritious food to keep our players fit to complete a 90 minutes game.I have watched Zambian National Team,Under 23 & under 21 its the same problem we always go down in the second half of the games.

    Lets put good money in food and training then will go back to the Chipolopolo others will just remain a number.They are other things that our team are lacking but this two has become critical and need to be addresses seriously.

  8. Guru says:

    Wait and see

  9. Kay Hummer says:

    The small boys are coming back home. We need to put our football in order as it is in a mess right now.

  10. Simms says:

    He he he iya! I only hope we are misleading the enemy so that they concentrate on the so called weakness & neglect their strength in the centre of the field.

    I know we shall use the wingers to supply Sate Sate & young man Luchenga Conilayd

    45min to go

  11. Simms says:

    and am still counting

  12. Simms says:

    iyaba what a losssssssss
    seeing Amagluglu gluing Chipolopolo to the bottom of the table

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