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Simukonda not fired yet – FAZ

The Football Association of Zambia has maintained that Fighton Simukonda is still the coach for the U23 national team.

FAZ spokesperson Nkweto Tembwe said Simukonda’s fate is yet to be reviewed by the Executive committee.

“I would like to make it clear that Fighton Simukonda is still the coach of the Zambia U23 national football team. Decisions to hire or fire a national coach are the prerogative of the Executive Committee of FAZ,” Tembwe said.

“The team only returned a few days ago and no meeting has been held by the Executive to review the performance of the U23.

“The Executive Committee which is the body which makes decisions on the fate of our coaches has not convened any meeting to discuss and make a stance on the matter,” he said.

However, the executive committee members have already made it clear that they want to show Simukonda the door after the U23 national team’s embarrassing outing in Senegal which saw them post three straight losses in the group stage of the CAF U23 Africa Cup of Nations tournament.

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  1. Chipolopolo says:

    Eish, this guy should be shown the door.

  2. CRESPO says:


  3. CRESPO says:

    Nonsense!what are you telling us Nkweto?

  4. NAZO says:

    He is not a coach per say, he failed at Nakambala leopards which as Patrick managed.He is fired were ever he passes.

  5. Chipolopolo says:

    U23 AFCON

    Senegal 1-3 South Africa

    South Africa qualifies to Olympics alongside Nigeria and Algeria. Congrats South Africa.

  6. last time I said it that the anouncement that a coach has been is done through a press conference but some people here didn’t understand.this news was not even on FAZ facebook page

  7. Badosqi says:

    @chipolopolo….., don’t get it twisted. South Africa defeated senegal 1-3 on penalty. The fulltime plus extra time result was 0-0..
    Congrats South Africa.


    Nigeria 2-1 Algeria 65mins

    • Chipolopolo says:

      Are you stupid or what? Was that not the scoreline? It doesn’t matter whether it was penalty but Senegal is not going to Olympics. But South Africa is going to Rio. I know you supporting Senegal because you are from the worst of africa.

      • Chu says:

        chill down guy chipolopolo, that was some hate speech out there towards west Africa. We dont hate Zambia that much do we? Badosqi is one Nigerian I want to tease out if they should meet us but I cant go too far because of soccer. But these rancor is quite red. He wven gave a better reflection of proceedings than u did so accept this correction and lets move on

  8. Badosqi says:

    Fulltime Result: Nigeria 2-1 Algeria

    NIGERIA U23 are African champions.
    Nigeria will feature at the Rio 2016 Olympics as African champions.

    An interesting way to end 2015.

  9. Badosqi says:

    Congrats to Nigeria(African champ), Algeria and South Africa. I hope you will represent Africa well. Hope is still on for senegal. Win your play-off game and book your place at Rio 2016.

  10. Badosqi says:

    We started this year on a pretty bad note. Missed the senior team Afcon and came 4th at the Caf U17 afcon.
    But thank God things changed.

    Super Eagles:
    Afcon: failed to qualify

    Caf: finished 4th
    Fifa: Champion

    Caf: Champion
    Fifa: Round of 16

    Caf: Champion
    AAG: Third
    Olympics: Qualified.

    Two African titles and a world title.

  11. Badosqi says:

    CHAN 2016 is next. Up Naija.

  12. Peter l s says:

    Thus why we cant imrove ,rubish nkweto

  13. chindika popeye nguni says:

    Useless!!!just fire the chap!!!

  14. NAZO says:

    Patrick Phiri should step up and stir the team to victory Fighton Simukonda has failed us.We are blaming him because he failed to select players who qualified the team to the tournament and we have no sympathy what so ever.Then he shouldn’t be on the senior national team Technical bench,instead Elijah Chikwanda of Nkwazi or Justine Chinama of Green Eagles.Those guys have done well.It not easy to coach such teams and be at that levels.Not only that every one should be given an opportunity to serve in Chipolopolo affairs,we are all Zambians.

    • mambwej says:

      I agree with Nazo let Patrick Phiri help with under 23 then assisted by chikwanda n Chinama or Perry mutapa. the senior team should see chintu out to under 20 with Bolton as assistant. the technical bunch should bring in lucky musiska as an assistant.

    • Guru says:

      Simukonda has never really convinced me as a coach.Chiyangi is even better

  15. Badosqi says:

    @chipolopolo…. You seem to be the stupid one here. There is a difference between a fulltime score and penalty score. South Africa defeated senegal on penalties with a 1-3 scoreline.

    Senegal out really???? Senegal is not yet out of the olympics race. You can’t rule them out yet cos they still a playoff game to play against an Asian team.

  16. Commissioner says:

    Ba big Fai Kuwayawaya chabe

  17. Anonymous says:

    He is not fired because otherwise he will spill beans about who it is calling the shots for team selection!?! How can Kalu fire a man he has instructed anyway? Fire yourself no?

    Is that not the way it is?

  18. Noble Eagles says:

    Ceasefire @ Badosqi and Chipolopolo, come we are brothers ! By the way today is sunday let us debate as intellectuals . Thats too hash for you guys to insult. Peace of advise !

  19. Noble Eagles says:

    Meant to write come on, we are brothers

  20. Badosqi says:

    Happy sunday to you @Noble Eagles.

  21. seto says:

    …..Meanwhile at the olympics center in Lusaka,trustees(Gh) 3-1 Lusaka sharks at the Africa Hockey Club Championship

  22. NAZO says:

    Why can’t we play all stars vs the rest before the team leaves for CHAN and appoint Manfred Chabinga has it’s coach assisted by Allan Kamwanga of Lumwana Radiants and Numba Mumamba of Zanaco,otherwise we will be embarrassed again.

  23. Guru says:

    You guys are serious with your football unlike Zed which thinks victory will come like manna from heaven without proper preps.

  24. Badosqi says:

    Africa’s representative at the ongoing FIFA Club World Cup has been knocked out. TP Mazembe lost 3 nil to japanese club hiroshima in the quarter-final stage of the competition.

    TP Mazembe 0 – 3 Sanfrecce Hiroshima

  25. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    Ok this report by Nkweto has thrown me off a little bit. Just last Friday I had a beer with FAZ vice Boniface Mwamelo here in Johannesburg and he told me they had let the coach go so this report now leaves me with question marks.

  26. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    Congrats to South Africa, this is a big achievement, truth be told an achievement we in Zambia only dream about. Both the womens and mens teams qualifying for the Olympics!!

    At least we have regional representation as far as soccer is concerned. At a time our friends are celebrating participation at the biggest tournaments in the world we are still talking CHAN yet some of us still have the audacity to say Zambia is a giant….lol…ok I don’t mean to start that debate again but we really need to pull up our socks.

    With Dual citizenship finally signed off by the Zambian parliament it is time for FAZ to assemble a small committee that will look into all the Zambian players abroad who currently hold foreign citizenship and see if we can rope in the ones willing to play for Zambia.

    The kid in Denmark, the kid in the lower leagues in England, the Musonda boys etc. We now need to take nonsensical ego’s out of it and make it about the greater good of all Zambians. Cape verde have become the force they are today because the embarked on this and it has worked yet we want to flash our petty ego’s above the greater good of the Zambia game.

    • Chipolopolo says:

      With Kalusha at the helm of FAZ, it will not happen even with dual citizenship. First get rid of Kalusha and sanity will be restored in FAZ.

  27. paradox says:

    @bodosqi y bother argue with pepo who r full of worms in their brains. they have worm affected heads thats y they respond with insults

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