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Simukonda names 25 man provisional Olympic squad

Zambia U23 national football team coach Fighton Simukonda has invited 25 players to a week long training camp to kick start preparations for the 2015 Africa U23 Cup of Nations scheduled for November and December.

The invited players are expected to report for residential camp on Sunday, September 20.

The development was made available to fazfootball.com on Monday by Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) Communications Manager Nkweto Tembwe.

“The training camp has been called to start preparations for the Senegal U23 championship. It is going to last until Thursday after which players will return to their clubs. We expect two or three of such week long training camps before the boys go into full residential camp,” Tembwe said.

The team has seen the return of former U23 captain Godfrey Ngwenya and inclusion of Power Dynamos striker Noble Rumsey who has hardly seen any game-time. Zanaco speedy midfielder Charles Zulu who was capped at national team level a year ago has not made the cut. Also notably missing on the list is U20 vice captain Spencer Sautu who has been in good form for Green Eagles since his return from injury.

Zambia has been placed in Group A alongside hosts Senegal, South Africa and Tunisia.

Simukonda’s men play their first group match against Tunisia on November 28 before playing Cosafa rivals South Africa on December 1.

Zambia’s final group stage match has been scheduled for December 4 against hosts Senegal.

Zambia qualified to the U23 Afcon after they defeated Botswana via a 3 – 1 aggregate scoreline and later eliminated favourites Ivory Coast 4 – 3 on post match penalties following goalless draws over two legs.

Goalkeepers: Toaster Nsabata (Zanaco), Kenny Mumba (Red Arrows), Lawrence Mulenga (Kabwe Warrior),

Defenders: Kapota Kayawe (Nkana), Boyd Mkandawire (Napsa Stars), Solomon Sakala (Kabwe Warriors), Benard Mapili (Zesco United), Billy Mutale (Power Dynamos), Benedict Chepeshi (Red Arrows), Mweene Mumbi (Green Buffaloes)

Midfielders: Jack Chirwa (Green Buffaloes), Paul Katema (Red Arrows) Benson Sakala (Power Dynamos), Shadreck Malambo (Red Arrows), Salulani Phiri (Zanaco), Bruce Musakanya (Red Arrows), John Chingandu (Zesco United), Julius Situmbeko (Power Dynamos), Larry Bwalya (Power Dynamos), Jacob Ngulube (Mufulira Wanderers), Godfrey Ngwenya (Kabwe Warriors)

Strikers: Moses Phiri (Zanaco), Friday Samu (Green Buffaloes), Noble Ramsey (Power Dynamos), Patson Daka (Power Dynamos)


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38 Comments to Simukonda names 25 man provisional Olympic squad

  1. paradox says:

    as expected patson is part of the team. SMH

  2. paradox says:


  3. gb says:

    where is Kelly Mubanga?

  4. I suppose these have been called for assessments. I guess he will incorporate foreign based players at some point. Patson Daka, should have been left out to prove himself at Power Dynamos.

    What is that they want to achieve with this boy? He has featured in all junior teams including the senior team and has failed to prove himself. Don’t understand the hype about Patson Daka. give him a break to develop before introducing him at this stage.

    • Jojo says:

      The coach is Fighton (Patsons coach at Rangers ). The Assistant is Tenant ( Patsons Current coach at Power ). Am sure they know more about him than you and me

      • Uncle Bobs says:

        Sir Jojo, I am with you. But for Noble Rumsey my nephew (father is my first cousin) ma question marks. Have you guys watched Brian Mwila of GBFC (formerly Indeni) who combines very well with Friday Samu. And I hope people have also watch Harrison Musonda of Nkana (despite his profligacy play with Zanaco on Sunday, I saw a future midfield dynamo). Saith Sakala is also a gem.

      • @jojo they may Know him better than me but I have never heard of him scoring a goal or even an assist in the recent past.

  5. Mambwe ZimaNdola says:

    Ati Patson again….am sure he has very beautiful sisters.#justsayin.

  6. Mumbi says:

    Is Charles ZuLu of Zanaco fc over 23 years ? Nice to see Godfrey
    Ngwenya bounce back, he is having a good season thus far this year.

  7. Okolo says:

    Patson again?Zambian coaches makes me amazed. This boy is not even a top scorer in the league.But they are busy calling the boy in the expense of good players,Zambia’s group is not easy

  8. STUMPY says:

    isnt kampamba under 23? without kalus interference we can make a strong team. however going by the junior teams recent perfomances, we are headed for another first round exit.

    #hh 2016

  9. rascozy says:

    its funny how the once regarded ‘Zambian Messi’ has fallen in the perking order even among those who were chanting, hyping and showering praises on the young and yet to be tested Patson Messi Daka.My fellow non Zambians were regarded as being envious any time they admonish our friends from Zambia to be cautious of comparing the boy to Messi so that that guy will not be swollen headed.

  10. Uncle Bobs says:

    People, Patson Daka is just been burnt out, otherwise he was one with great scoring instincts. Unfortunately the boy also seems to be in a hurry to rediscover his lost touch. Lest we forget, the boy single handedly qualified us to Afcon U17 and with Dude Patrick Ngoma (also seemingly now overweight)won us the Zim Youth tourney. The coaches and clubs need to manager these boys well (Mentoring, Counseling in addition to Coaching)!

  11. the minnows says:

    the forgorten prodigal son messi(paston daka)

  12. Adebayo says:

    Patson lipulanga namalasha teti yake

  13. Slim says:

    Did anybody compare a local player with Messi. Goodness me, they must have been smoking something dangerous?! K Stars junior players are thrust down the throats of Power Dynamos and Nchanga Rangers who r supporters of Kalu!
    Hence Simukonda and Chilumba have no say when the same untouchable gives instructions! Everyone who gets into sport admin in Zambia turns into a demi god not to b questioned ie Kalu, Mpondela, Chileshe in boxing, Moyo and Hazel in olympics the list is endless! Worse still Kalu is in RSA watching PSL whilst imposing non perfomers on the coaching staff! No wonder we see benchwarmers being included. Sport is in the wrong hands in this country. Kalu has never given any idea what his objectives r to take the game forward.

  14. sakabinda says:

    Spencer Sautu pliz!

  15. Sitolo Ivol says:

    Wemuntu sure kuti waeba umwana wamunobe ati lipulanga uyo temucinshi miponto iyo ngaimwe mwaliteyapo umupi nangu coaching fye utubaice, elyo nomba mwise mutile patson lipulanga nabobene abo mulefwaya yonse mapulanga kakansha we team nimwebene mwepulanga ilikulu tukamoneko ala nafinal selection tabalapanga mwalasalula abana babanenu awe tecisuma nganimwebo ba man u akusapotenifye baman u ngamukayako ku England tukamoneko.

  16. tony mash says:

    when picking a player for national duty they use a certain system which accommodates talented like patson daka.the boy is talented. mark my words.the only player who made by scoring at all levels.one day you will remember him for the good thing he did for the nation.i repeat again most of the teams in zambia they play without a system and clear formation and some of the coach are poor indeed.eg hector chilombo was exposed recently by simukonde who picked acomplete defence of under 20 player and drafted them into under 23.the boys performed very well.thats why for the past so many years the senior team is the only recognised team in africa because of system,formation and ball passing.for example kapota kayawe struggle to play for nkana but at international he performs better.

  17. tony mash says:

    from my own observation the team looks very strong in all department except the strike force. spencer sauti’s position is over subscribed. it’s good to see godfrey gwenya back. those who did not make grade should keep on working hard.otherwise the team selection is good. we also need professional to come and value to the existing team.

  18. tony mash says:

    i mean to say the only player who made history by at all junior levels in one year thats shear talent

  19. tatu saad says:

    What’s the story abt Ramsey?pls those who have watched him play,give us ur analysis

  20. Anonymous says:

    this is a weak team, with this team we can not progres in the group stage, ba kalu naimwe! let us be serias is this a team which can play olimpics? kampamba, lubambo and kangwa shud hav been included in this squad.

  21. abram says:

    in zambia we hav talented players who can take us to the olimpcs or world cup but team selection has been affect us more especialy us fans we hav mistreated.

  22. abram says:

    ba kalu naimwe! this is a weak team, we can’t progress in our group, let us be serias, kampamba, kangwa, patrick ngoma & lubambo shud hav been included in this squad. without these players it wil an early exit mark my words.

  23. Ba Enoo says:

    Abram, the list released by Fighton is for locals. The players you have mentioned are all foreign based; relax these players if they merit being selected will be included at a latter stage. Can you mention the local players instead that have not made the cut but you think they deserve to be in the team. That is what is called progressive criticism.

  24. Anonymous says:

    This team will be training from Monday to Thursday then released to join their clubs for weakens league games. at an appropriate time the foreign based players those that will get a call will join the locals
    U can’t call foreign based players on a weekly basis that can’t work. analyse before we comment pls.

  25. chisuta says:

    samtimes zambians the way we mek comments, one wonders wether we r following our game.

  26. Positive Thinking says:

    I have to agree on peoples concern with the team selection. It seems there is a heavy influence on selection from FAZ, but what do we honestly expect when you have part time coaches at the senior and junior levels. How many of these coaches have the time to do any real scouting or any real preparation for these teams.

    Instead of busy raising $25,000 to pay one foreigner (which happens to be the main qualification) why not appoint exclusive coaches for the junior national team and senior national team in order to allow the coaches to focus on these simple things like team selection and the ability to go around the league and watch different players play.

    I also think a level of ownership should go on the coaches shoulders. Our local coaches seem to be toothless sometimes. Standup for yourselves and make the final decision, because at the end of the day; the first head to roll when the team does not perform is that of the coach.

    • justice lukanga kafusha says:

      Well said @Positive Thinking. My concern now is for how long will people on this blog keep on coming up with very good ideas on Zambian football, without the ideas being passed on to FAZ? We need to do something about this otherwise we risk blogging good ideas until we reach 100 years

      We have to get more organised and form a Bloggers of Zambian Football Association (BZFA). Through this organ we can send our suggestions/observations og any other comments to FAZ and any other partners we may deem necessary. If FAZ do not cooperate then we find other means

      We can’t be experiencing the same things in Zambian football with all of it just ending on this site. We need to do something for our football

      My opinion

  27. Sibs says:

    @Positive Thinking i concur with you. These Coaches should learn to stand up for themselves. When the team under performs the get the chop. They should not allow “remote control tactics” on the team selection.
    Man up guys!

  28. Don says:

    Ba Zamfoot, ka Gabon headline ako kafwile kaya.

  29. abram says:

    team selection has been a major problem in zambianfootball. you wil see mukuka mulanga, kampamba, lubambo, patrick ngoma and mbola mising from the final squad.

  30. silva power says:

    that list is not as bad as most of us are portraying considering the fact that the list is just a provisional list meaning that changes could be made after an assessment. For me the only problem there is the striking force, take for example noble, patson daka and friday samu, how many goals have they scored collectively? probably not more than 2 goals if not zero. look at martin phiri and walter bwalya of power and nkana respectively.

  31. silva power says:

    that provisional isn’t that bad except the striking force, where the coach has decided “if not decided for them” to pick non-performer in the name of noble, patson daka and friday samu. look at this simple question how mush contribution have they added to their respective teams or goals have they scored collectively? probably 2 goals or nothing at all. but look at the likes of martin phiri, walter bwalya and conylad luchanga of power, nkana and lsk dynamos respectively.

  32. chanda says:

    I think de selection z ok apart from the striking force the final list should include kampamba n kangwa

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