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Sikazwe to officiate Belgium World Cup opening game

Zambian top referee Janny Sikazwe will be the man in the middle when European giants Belgium take on Panama at the on going Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup on Monday, June 18 at 17:00hrs.

FIFA announced the news on their official twitter account for media (@FIFAmedia). Sikazwe will be assisted by Jerson Dos Santos of Angolav and Zakhele Siwela of South Africa. The fourth official will Ryuji Sato from Japan.

The match will be the first ever for the Kapiri Mposhi based teacher. Sikazwe is no stranger to big games having officiated a number of high profile matches including the reply of the Senegal vs South Africa World Cup qualifier and the 2016 FIFA Club World Cup.


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3 Comments to Sikazwe to officiate Belgium World Cup opening game

  1. Stephen says:

    We pray for our dear J.Sikazwe that God will grant him wisdom and discernment.May his decisions be fair and justice.

  2. FOOTBALL SOCCER ⚽ says:


    3RD JUNE,2018.


    On 2nd June,2018 there was a Division ONE match played between Chipata City Council Fc and Katete Rangers Fc which kicked off at 15:00hrs . This match took place at DAVID KAUNDA (D.K) Stadium in Chipata.
    The complaints are that the Centre REFEREE was very biased favoring the home team, 90percent of the decisions he made against the visiting team(Katete Rangers) were wrong.
    He gave a false penalty to Chipata City Council, fake fouls against Rangers, two players for Katete Rangers were fouled simultaneously unfortunately he didn’t blew the whitle and it took him three minutes to stop the game after pressure from the fans and players. Again for those players to return to the field of play he didn’t allow them until about 10 minutes after massive pressure from Players and Soccer ⚽ fans and this time fans almost caused chaos and the Police 👮 had to maintain peace and order in controlling the situation and that’s when the referee allowed the two players who were injured to join the play.
    In addition, he was giving Corner kicks to Chipata city Fc for their own misplaced balls instead of free Kicks to Katete Rangers fc.
    Other notable actions by the referee are that several times when the ball rolls out of play by a Chipata City council player the referee gives the Chipata City council throw in instead of giving it Katete Rangers; On this day the main objectives of this referee was to rescue the Hosting Team.

    May we know if FAZ train these match officials before they can be approved to handle these games! It was like we were watching the game in the village and not a FAZ calendar 📅 match which are manned by rules and regulations.

    Do the Division ONE games have Match Official who can handle these negativities which spoils our good game of football in the country.

    I think this is why some of these village referees do not progress in their careers ( Are they corrupt or it’s just their desire to support the local clubs? ) The rules of the referee are that they don’t need to be a supporter of any of the two teams he/she is officiating because it disadvantages the visiting team.Or the other Team.

    Therefore, we are asking FAZ to take this complaint seriously because if such wrong trends are torareted in Football it will destroy the good image of Zambian referees accross the globe.

    Yours sincerely,
    Concerned Soccer ⚽ Lover.
    Ellias Siyanjere Tembo – Chipata.

  3. STUMPY says:

    enjoy the money while u can it will finish

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