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Sate-Sate, Mbombo collabo wins Nkana 2018 Charity shield

Ronald ‘Sate-Sate’ Kampamba and Idris Ilunga Mbombo scored a brace each as Nkana claimed Zesco United’s scalp in a Seven goal thriller to be crowned champions of the 2018 Samuel ‘Zoom’ Ndhlovu charity shield.

Kampamba, A two time Zambia super league golden boot winner was in fine form as he netted twice and set up two goals for Idris Ilunga Mbombo who scored against his former employers.

Kenyan duo of midfielder Anthony Akumu and defender David Owino scored a goal each for Zega. Bornwell Silengo who scored two fantastic free-kicks in the semi-final against Napsa Stars was again on hand to score another free-kick but could not save Zesco from defeat.

Nkana beat Zanaco in the semi-final while Zesco United dispatched off Napsa Stars. The win was a revenge for Nkana who suffred a two nil loss at the hands of Zesco United last year.

Nkana 4-3 Zesco United (Sate Sate 26′, 64′, Idriss Mbombo 57′, 60′ | Adam Agay 42′, Bornwell Silengo 46, Owino 78′ )

10 Comments to Sate-Sate, Mbombo collabo wins Nkana 2018 Charity shield

  1. km says:

    The warning shorts to the supper league by nkana.

  2. km says:

    Why leaving sate sate from national team selection?

  3. Anonymous says:

    That “silengoal” lad is promising hope and pray he doesn’t fade in oblivion like the other players

  4. BYONKABYO says:

    Division one (1) for that matter

  5. km says:

    I thought sate went to Egypt
    .How is it you mentioned Europe.? To play in the national team someone has to play in Europe? .Ngona, mushili,samu,kambole are playing in Europe, that’s why they ave been called ?.Some people Ave a disease which is “natural hatred of nkana”.But if you hate the team, Ave no problem. The problem comes in when you don’t select players because they belong to a particular club.Sate sate has scored goals for the national team when selected. surely can pick,welcome mulenga,youremember banda,Friday samu on the expense of sate sate..Asked why? Then someone thoughtless answers,”:he failed to perform in Europe”.National team it’s for all Zambian clubs.all players as long as they are in good form.Not so called zesco,zanaco,baffalo which you love so much.Your hatred towards Nkana should not affect the selection of players to the national team.lets be level headed and appreciate where it’s due.Lets not be guided by hatred, because hatred blind people from being wise.

  6. km says:

    Europe is not the only place where a player can have a pedigree of playing good football.players within the local league sometimes are capable to make a formidable team.Before Gabon disaster, The Zambia national team comprised of almost all were local players.99 percent were local players nkana contributed 5,power contribute 5 and others were from maite,baffulo,worriors.From the team which perished I don’t remember any player playing his trade in Europe or any other country. But it was the deadliest team,Zambia has ever had.Ask morrocco,west Africa, North, East, central. The criteria of selecting players because they play in Europe does not hold water.It depends on the form the player is.If he is anywhere as long as he is inform,he need to be included in national team.No wander, we want the league to be competitive so that, so the players can have the form,needed to play in national team.Not just the so called Europe. Inferiority complex is a dangerous disease, because people tend to develop fear of the unknown. How would you allow foreign standards to take the lead or take root in someone’s heart and use it as criteria to judge local players. That’s means someone still enjoys being colonised.”(He failed in Europe, that is why he can not be selected “).What is Europe for people to envy so much on the expense of their country. Still living as slaves.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Well some do not know but it is true that Sate Sate was plyed his trade in Europe before. He went there on a 1 year deal. However, things worked out the other way.
    As for why he is not playing in the National team I can only say we are crucifying each other for nothing. It is the coaches who know the reasons. Our reasons here may be correct or wrong. They are assumptions in other words. However, there is nothing wrong with us giving reasons when a question like the one at hand is asked. If my reasoning is not convincing enough another blogger can counter it, isn’t it so? However, that must happen in the smartest way possible as opposed to showing anger. No one hates Nkana. Nkana is a lovely team. The vibe they bring into ZPL is like no other. They are definitely unique.

  8. Prolific Winger says:

    All i can say is that sate sate knows where the goal is. He doesn’t have to dribble around the defense all have 110 touches in the game to make a difference. He could have two touches in the box and score twice.It is even better to have him on the bench if he wont start the game than leave him out completely i think. The ole gunner solskjaer kind of impact…know what i mean? Natural goal scorers are very hard to find. That is the kind of substitute that was needed in that sudan game at the CHAN. But it was left home because people still seem unsure of his ability. He may not be the complete package score a lot classy goals or play in europe but he still knows where the goal is and that is very priceless in football. We are talking about a player who has scored goals for zambia before.

  9. km says:

    Thanks “anonymous “.and prolific Winger,for your sense of humour. I apologise for writing in an emotional way,i deeply appreciate for your balance view of the matter

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