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Renard: Zambia has already shown they can host senior AFCON

Former Chipolopolo Boys coach Herve Renard has said that Zambia has shown the continent they can host Africa’s premier competition, the African Cup of Nations.

Speaking in an interview with ZamFoot Crew in Lusaka, the Frenchman who also holds a Zambian passport also said that he is proud of the Zambia Under-20’s performance after he watched them at a full to capacity Heroes Stadium.

“I am also Zambian and proud of them, of the fans,” he said

“The atmosphere was amazing for an under-20 competition. Zambia has already shown they can host the senior AFCON,” adds the legendary coach.

Asked if he will be in VIP stand when Zambia take on Senegal, Renard had two words

“Of course.”

But the Frenchman who has been linked with vacant job of taking over Bafana Bafana won’t be in his legendary white shirt.

Zambia did bid to host the 2019 African Cup of Nations but lost out to Issa Hayatou’s Cameroon.

This is the first time the country has hosted any major continental age group tournament and the talking point across the globe has been how the 60, 000 capacity Heroes Stadium has been filled to capacity on match days involving the Junior Chipolopolo.

This has left many CAF officials including Hayatou impressed.

Zambia and Senegal play in the

19 Comments to Renard: Zambia has already shown they can host senior AFCON

  1. TC Soccerman says:

    Welcome home, HR, yes Zambia is your home. Enjoy your stay. Have fun. You did good while in Zambia, you took Sunzu, Mayuka, Sinkala to Europe and we still thank you for looking out for the boys by giving them a chance bravo and yes credit to Kalu on hiring and discovering HR as a headcoach.

  2. Don says:

    🇿🇲2 – 🇸🇳 1. 🍺🍺

  3. Mark c says:

    Zambia 3-Senegal 1 Zambia will carry the day.do not underestimate them.attack attack from the first whistle.

  4. Issa hayantou is a fool why did he take the AFcon to west Africa for the next ten years that been bias zambia have better stadiums than cameroon and ivory coast I have seen the stadiums of these two countries

  5. SMSoJC says:

    Great statement on HR and Viva JNR Chipolopolo! Shalom

  6. Babadabe says:

    Always a pleasure having you herve you are truly Zambian can be seen by the way you use the passport enjoy your stay and all the best to the boys in tomorrows​ encounter we shall prevail over juju

  7. Logic says:

    When and how did this man become a Zambian citizen?

    • Anonymous says:

      By virtual of his love for the national he comes from his base to come and support our boys inspire of the fact that all ties wit this country were cut. And besides he brought more joy to mother Zambia than “logic” by the way he holds a Zambian passport for your information

  8. HR became Zambian when he qualified the country to the afcon,
    and became citizen when stopila sunzu scored that penalty kick.

  9. GRAND says:

    HR zambia is proud of you

  10. tatu saad says:

    Luchanga is betterr than sakulanda,but he has not since action,chambeshi plz give him a chance(25min)

  11. Jbs SIMUBENARD says:

    Chipolopolo iyeeeeeee!!!for the first time we did it congratulations young Chipolopolo and going for the world cup as African champions congrats again

  12. Amandla says:

    Welcome home Renerd! We love you! You open the way for us to get this second one!

  13. Amandla says:

    It wouldn’t hurt if he came home again!

  14. mosag says:

    yha that’s my coach HR we still love you here in zambia

  15. Ibin Kalumba Mkandawire says:

    Welcome HR u did us proud in 2020.

  16. george musukula says:

    tupolopolo do it also 4 da world cup

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