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Referees robbed us of about 15 points – Landi

City of Lusaka head coach Roberto Landi says Refereeing in Zambia is the worst he has seen in all his life as a coach . The former Liberia national team head coach believes poor referring decisons have cost his team more than 15 points.

” We are not asking that referees favour us but we ask them to be fair. The first two goals they scored were clear off sides. This is not the first time, against Napsa Stars, Green Buffaloes and in Chingola it was the same story,” he said

” Iam tired but not for myself no, For my players. If we have to grow football in Zambia we need good referees,he added.

The Italian says he may stay with City of Lusaka despite them being relegated to division one.

” Maybe , Why not but division one is not the problem, Its the referring decisions. We don’t have any power on the pitch anymore,” he said

A Chris Mugalu hatrick plus a goal each from Aubrey Funga and Joseph Ochaya confirmed City of Lusaka’s relegation to division one.


4 Comments to Referees robbed us of about 15 points – Landi

  1. Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure.

  2. yebo says:

    Cry babies.

  3. Benny says:

    Referees need improvement not only in Zambia but in entire Africa and Europe we lost to Nigeria because of the same problem

  4. General says:

    city of Lusaka mngmt are to be blamed. how do they hire a coach without prayers to deliver? they were suppose to buy players than bringing in an expatriate coach. luck of timing. let them improve and stop crying.

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