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Dynamos out of top four as Appeals Committee rules in favor of Power

The football Association of Zambia (FAZ) Appeals Committee has upheld the Disciplinary Committee’s ruling to give Power Dynamos a two nil scoreline and three points for their disputed week one super league match against Lusaka Dynamos which ended in a three all draw.

Power petitioned the result citing Lusaka Dynamos’ use of Tresor Kanyinda who had no International Transfer certificate (ITC).

The Disciplinary Committee made ruled in favour of Power but Lusaka Dynamos appealed the Disciplinary Committee’s decision taking the matter to the Appeals Committee.

In their argument Lusaka Dynamos cited the fact that Tresor had already played for Nkana and had been given a registration number to feature for the 2017 season.

In response the Appeals Committee said the registration was erroneous in the absence of an ITC.

“We have considered ground two of the appellants heads of argument.We note that the player In question had played for Nkana in the previous season and had been given a ‘registration ‘ number to play in the 2017 season.We find the registration of the player to be erroneous in the absence of an International Transfer certificate (ITC).

However we also note that despite this irregularity the appellant sought an ITC on the player.This is a clear indication that the appellant knew that the player was not cleared to play in the absence of an ITC.
They therefore can not claim that the erroneous registration qualified the player to play.

In this regard we stand by the adage that –
He who comes before equity must come with clean hands”.

The Appellant (Lusaka Dynamos) raised the point of the eligibility of the Disciplinary Committee to make a rulling on the matter which was suppose to be handled by the players status and transfer committee but the Appeaals Committee quashed this argument saying Dynamos should have raised the matter before the Disciplinary Committee.

Power Dynamos now have 54 points but remain stuck on sixth position while Nkana move to fourth with a better goal difference displacing Lusaka Dynamos to fifth.


12 time Super league champions Nkana are the biggest beneficiary of the club’s not involved with the case as the rulling means they move back to fourth with a better goal difference.




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  1. Zambian Buffalo says:

    Awe Ba FAZ nabo, you just don’t want Lusaka Dynamos to be among the top four. Fimo muleikalafye and concentrate on not allowing ama pulanga nga Alex Gong’a not be part of the national team simple. Binene issue mwalikalilapo just because is on the books yaba Nkana imwe bambala. Kale mwayamba ukumucinga Aniff Adams and its not fare . Mukamo mailo we have the Golden kids but maybe only 3 will play the game but ninshi the game is a dead runner. Alex Gong’a have been tried and tested on so many occasions and we all know his class the likes of Festus Mbewe, Bonwell Mwape. But why do you always support midiocre ? Ala mukapatishamo fye umwaice for your own interests. He went to Carbon and totally totally failed to tick but you keep on hiding on the coach’s back. All the best to Chipolopolo tomorrow.

  2. jones Lungu says:


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