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Postmortem: Where did Zanaco go wrong?

An impressive start to the 2017 CAF Champions league group stages phase by Zanaco but a heartbreaking ending. From top of the table to crushing out; football is indeed a cruel game.

The tussle at the Lion’s den–Mohamed V Stadium was just beyond their punching weight. However, this was expected and elimination could have been avoided prior that, with a win against Al Ahly at National Heroes Stadium.

But, to me it seemed like a case of counting the chicks before the eggs are hatched. Zanaco became relaxed against Al Ahly considering their table toppers status, thus forgetting about the permutations.

The red card of Taonga Bwembya and the hostile atmosphere are some of the things you anticipate in North Africa; in a matter of life and death.

Not even on the day that the Football Association of Zambia and their counterparts at the Royal Federation of Moroccan football signed a developmental deal could have prevented any dubiousness against Zanaco.

The bankers just suffered one defeat in this year’s competition

Hossam El Badry played his cards right. The Egypt U-23 and Al Ahly coach knew that getting a point against Zanaco in the penultimates and beating a weaker side of the group, Coton Sport in the final round, could cement a quarterfinal berth for him.

Numba Mumamba was always basking in how far his side has made it against all the odds. Big talks that “we are here [in Morroco] to pick an outright win.”

Of course it’s not wrong to be confident and I do not expect a coach to say “We are here to lose .” But such words must be uttered with caution, otherwise they will come back and haunt you.

Numba’s pre-match remarks shows that had not studied Wydad’s home form. This is why Zanaco became so relaxed against Al Ahly, because they thought that, winning at Mohamad V Stadium was easy.

Otherwise, tough luck to the bankers. Lessons must picked going forward: Study your opponent so as to be conversant of their kryptonite or Achilles heels.

8 Comments to Postmortem: Where did Zanaco go wrong?

  1. Anita says:

    The referee had to make sure that wydad qualified. All 50/50 balls went the way of the home team and at times he was even making mistakes pointing in the opposite direction for an obvious ZANACO ball and change in a flash.

    • Mingalato says:

      Numba to blame, why is not using foreign players? I hate coaches who are patriotic like Egyptians.
      Why play those Saith Sakala, Nyaende, Mbewe… With no stamina. Nyaende was better than those running around and fake falling Sakala and Mbewe… Even Mulao came in late.

  2. sly says:

    The goal that Wydad scored was handled by a Wydad player prior to the shot that ended in the net.We are watching.

  3. Billy says:

    African football will NEVER develop as long as we have biased referees.

  4. Amuna Onzuna says:

    In as much as Zanaco missed a chance to win it at Heroes, they were destined a either a win or draw in Morocco last night but the Ref spoiled the game.
    The first yellow card Bwembya recieved was not supposeductive to and the second was harsh. Zanaco was good

  5. Pungwa says:

    Painfull exit,. but we all know what happens in that part of the continent when crucial games are involved. Look at that ref when we played Guinea Bissau for the afcon Qualifier, the infamous Diramba – we have been mis treated that side such that we should all kniow what to expect. The best solution is simply win your home games and fight for draws. Anyway, well done Zanaco. it was very tight as evidenced by the points.

  6. Logic says:

    Tow things for me. Toaster should have dived for that ball instead of trying to kick it. He has enough room to get to it and was in a protected area. The other thing that stood out for me is how packed the Stadium was. The Wydad fans did their part by providing an intimidating atmosphere, something that we sadly fail to do in Zambia. I was very disappointed at the very sparse crowd that showed up to the game against Ahly. Zambian fans have to do better, we need to support our local teams like tey do in other nations. We fill bars to the rafters for EPL and La liga games but cannot support out own. The reason other countries have advanced leaguse is because of huge fan turnouts. Simple logic shows that if stadiums are filled, sponsors will follow and the league will benefit

  7. Benhadad says:

    It’s true the games played in west and north African countries are boring the best example is when one of the Guinea Bissau’s striker kicked the ball from the hand of Mweene and the referee allowed it to stand.Where is African football heeding?

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