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Police receive statements from Ngonga and Lungu

Power Dynamos strikers Alex Ngonga and Luka Lungu yesterday recorded warn and caution statements at a police station in Chililabombwe according to a report by PDFF media. This follows an earlier report that the two had allegedly assaulted a Konkola Blades supporter.

The police have not made any formal charges.According to medical reports from both camps availed to PDFF media, the complainant had minor bruises on his finger arising from the fracas, contrary to what was circulated in the media that he had a deep cut on his forehead. Alex Ngonga also suffered minor bruises on his body from the fracas.

The Police after concluding their investigations believe the confusion could have been avoided if Konkola had done more to improve security on the day.

“After a thorough investigation, the police are of the view that the incident could have been avoided if the host team had provided enough security at the stadium to safe guard both players and fans” part of the statement read.

The duo are expected to resume training tomorrow with the rest of their teammates.

The fans forum of Power Dynamos habe also urged the powers that be to see to it that such incidents don’t occur in future.

“The Power Dynamos Fans Forum are strongly against any forms of violence and hooliganism and would like to urge the relevant authorities to see to it that such incidences in future do not occur”

“Host teams should ensure players and the technical teams including officials are protected from on rushing fans that invade the pitches during or after the game by providing enough security personnel”

They also encouraged fans and players to avoid reacting once provoked to avoid escalating a situation as football is an emotional game.

“Players and fans alike should as well exercise restraint when provoked as we know emotions tend to get out of hand.”

3 Comments to Police receive statements from Ngonga and Lungu

  1. STUMPY says:

    ama rifraf. we need these two in nigeria

  2. Dynamite says:

    Fans & players must never engage in physical confrontations during or even after the match no matter the situation,it just paints a bad picture on the sport! We should learn to co-exist because we need each other

  3. Logic says:

    Usually fans have nothing to lose and players have everything to lose. Think before you act.

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