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Police arrest fans who attacked Ng’onga

POLICE in Kitwe have arrested five soccer fans in connection with the attacks on Chipolopolo striker Alex N’gonga’s family home in Chimwemwe Township.

N’gonga missed several chances on goal to book Chipolopolo’s debut ticket to the World Cup when Zambia played Nigeria away in Uyo last Saturday.

This angered football fans back in Kitwe, where the striker plays for Power Dynamos, as they resorted to harass his family.

Copperbelt province police commissioner Charity Katanga said the five soccer fans were arrested on Sunday morning.

“We have arrested five people for malicious damage to property and they are detained in police custody. We have Jeff Chavula 30, Dickson Chama 24, Peter Mwanga 21, Gift Zulu 18 and a 16 year old all of Kitwe Chimwemwe township,” Katanga said.

” A white Toyota Landcruiser ACC 5492 that was used has been impounded. The value of the damaged property is K450.”

Katanga has since warned the members of the public in the habit of harassing people that the long arm of the law will visit them.

Nigeria became the first African team to qualify for the global showpiece courtesy with a lone goal from N’gonga’s name sake Alex Iwobi in the second half.

20 Comments to Police arrest fans who attacked Ng’onga

  1. Positive thinking says:

    These are people who do not understand football. Alex Ng’onga had a good game. He was Zambias best goal threat.

  2. amk says:

    I don’t know which game they were watching ngonga played his socks out he was a biggest threat going forward he was just fed on crams a otherwise some movements he was able to fight for himself for me he fitted well in the attack it only that when luck is not with it becomes difficult Nigeria also could have scored a cricket score line they failed that’s football there is no need to harass him and his family that’s barbaric

  3. djeniko says:

    Faz should educate Zambians that beammmmmmlfootball game or any sport is entertainment. After the game, as a cultured people we shake hands, finish our beer and go home. Why kill, burn houses and abuse others. It is only people on hard drugs that do such things after a game has been won or lost. I will advice the police to really orientate these criminals that football is just a game. They should be made to work and pay for any damage. I am a Nigerian.

  4. Kanja Geoffrey says:

    Cage the Attackers,,Ng’onga played very well..

  5. Don says:

    He give the Nigerian centre backs a torrid tym, he’s only negative was that one on one he blasted over the bar otherwise 7/10.

  6. Some people don’t even understand football they think playing well is just scoring goals, alex played well as compared to last match against Algeria.

  7. Soccer pro says:

    Foolish people they should be jailed for a long time.
    Ngonga played very well and was a constant threat for the Nigeria defence . He tried his best to create scoring opportunities out of nothing.

  8. simmz says:

    Dont hate Bazo Ngonga hate the game.It was may be unfortunate our two strikers was not fit. Pairing Ngonga with either patson or Brian Mwila could have spelt doom for the super chickens.Ngo ‘nga s presence on chickens defenders was felt.Lets support him.

  9. Benny says:

    Cage those predators Ng’onga did his best the only problem was that he lacked modern shooting skills like Daka he was using old fashioned skills which he knows better. Please avoid harassing innocent people for the case of just football

  10. Muchinga says:

    Ng’onga should never be used again in an international football as a centre forward. May-by as wing he can do better. I have never seen a Strike like him world wide. Strikers scores when the goal keeper is there but Ng’onga wants us to move the goal keeper from the posts, that is when he can score. That is the reason why his contract was terminated as a professional player in Gabon. Find other positions for him before he goes to rot. Some of you blockers are saying he played well, how when he failed to beat the goal keeper three times. You don’t know football yourselves. I watched Stone Nyirenda at Nchanga Rangers, the elder brother to wada wada. I can tell you he was an excellent striker. The moment you see him with the ball in 18 area just start celebrating its a goal……………………

    • Positive thinking says:

      Muchinga, firstly Alex Ng’onga was not given any real service. His chance on the goalie was because he overpowered the defender to get to what was essentially a half chance. The other was a shot from outside the area after beating a defender. He also shot that ball on his weaker foot i.e. the left and it was Zambias only real shot on goal aside from the offside goal. So help me understand where he failed. He also ran tirelessly for the entire match. Let’s not forget he skinned a defender on the flank before putting in a cross at some point in time too.

      Alex is not the best striker I have seen either, but he did well. After the match against Algeria I said some very disparaging things about his performance (I mean he was offside 4 times in less than 20 minutes of play, he also shot the ball when he should have passed). He is a striker who needs to work on his decision making in the box. That only comes with game time and confidence. He can do better. His performance really surprised me.

  11. jones Lungu says:


  12. Leo says:

    These thugs must be caged period!
    However ng’onga is employed and deployed not to play well but to score goals… leave the playing well to midfielders
    If playing well was the yardstick for qualification Zambia would be in Russia next but the Nigerians knows it’s how you play but how to score and win Russia they otherwise we will end like arsenal FC
    People will not remember second best because it’s not good enough
    I don’t know where u can ng’onga he can’t score he can’t cross passes
    This doesn’t have football brain’s
    I don’t blame him I blame those increases him to national team

  13. Positive thinking says:

    Zamfoot when are we getting a player rater? This is what I was talking about before. Nga twa luza bola tamuchita player rater.

    • Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

      Lost ship have to have player ratings for what

      • Positive thinking says:

        So nga twa lusa ninshi we should not get a player rater? This is a blog designed to generate discussion among us fans. We are here talking about Alex Ng’onga already. A player rater is a good way to generate discussion on Zambias performance or lack there of. Anyway the ship has sailed so it is what it is

  14. STUMPY says:

    thats true @ positive

  15. discipline says:

    Am not for those who vandalized his family house but bazo is not even a centre foward but more of a wide midfielder ,number seven,or number eleven its just that wada had no options after the injuries all in all bazo is not national team material

  16. Mwamba says:

    Its terrible to have that kind of thinking….

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