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Botched deals!! How Power Dynamos lost Luchanga and Nsofwa to Lusaka Dynamos

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) Players Status and Transfer Committee recently made a verdict that striker Conlyde Luchanga and midfielder Mwansa Nsofwa are Lusaka Dynamos players.

According to a ruling made by the committee vice chairperson Given Simusamba on 21st January and made availed to the ZamFoot Crew  – Luchanga and Nsofwa were under contract with Lusaka Dynamos and the Power Dynamos contract are actually null and void.

A lot has been said by the fans following the ruling with fingers being pointed. The ZamFoot Crew will walk through the finer details of the case and ruling to try and simplify the whole issue for easy understanding.


This is in a case were Power Dynamos took Lusaka Dynamos to the Players Status and Transfer Committee following their refusal to authorise the transfer of the two players.

After players are signed to a new team that team request their transfer to be authorised in the Transfer Matching System (TMS) and the club were the player is coming from can either accept or deny the request based on the situation. Lusaka Dynamos refused to authorise the transfer because the two players in question still had running contracts.




On 30th October 2018 Conlyde Luchanga arrived at Power Dynamos asking to join them. The club immediately constituted a committee to assess the situation of the player.

Luchanga availed the club (Power Dynamos) with his contract at Lusaka Dynamos and a termination letter dated 16th July 2018 addressed to the club secretary. The committee feeling satisfied allowed the club to go ahead and they signed a pre-contract with the young striker on the 31st of October.


He then signed a permanent deal on the 16th of November. However on the 27th of the same month the club received a letter from Maestro Zambia (MUZA) that they should handle the transfer as the player was theirs.

Mwansa Nsofwa also arrived at Arthur Davies Stadium with the view of joining them and produced his Lusaka dynamos contract together with a termination letter dated 4th October addressed to the Club President.



The former Kabwe Warriors also satisfied the Kitwe side and penned a three year deal on 9th October.


Lusaka dynamos denied receiving the said termination letters and revealed that Luchanga’s contract at Lusaka Dynamos will come to an end on 31st December 2021 while Mwansa Nsofwa is on contract with the Lusaka side till December 2020.

Lusaka Dynamos was represented by Mr Oliver Shalala and Mr Francis Bwalya who stated that the two were bona-fide Lusaka dynamos players. The big question that came out was that why was Luchanga featuring for Lusaka dynamos even after writing the termination letter making Lusaka dynamos story of not having received the letters look very legitimate.


According to article 19(10) of the FAZ regulations on status and player transfer, A Professional player under contract may not leave his club as long as he is bound by his contract of service and by the rules and regulations of FAZ and FIFA while Article 12(1) of the regulations says; A player wishing to change a club shall inform the club by registered or recorded delivery letter of his desire to leave.

The two regulations above were key in passing the judgement and the committee argued that there was no evidence to shall that the regulations were followed and that the delivering of the letters to FAZ was not proof that the letters were delivered to the respondent club (Lusaka dynamos).

Mr Simusamba concluded that Lusaka Dynamos were within their rights to refuse to authorise the registration of the two players as there was no termination on mutual consent.



Another key article used was 12 (2) which states that the club with which a player wishes to be registered should not take him except on presentation of a transfer certificate from his parent club signing conclusion of the transaction. According to Mr Simusamba Power dynamos failed to take due diligence as they signed the two players in absence of the evidence of article 12(2).


The two players for all intents and purposes are Lusaka dynamos players and the contracts the players had with Power dynamos were declared null and void.

The two players have however been slapped with a K10 000 fine each and will have to compensate Power dynamos for the expenses incurred as the two parties may agree.


Luchanga is currently in Egypt and on the verge of joining Egyptian club El Gouna FC.

Egyptian billionaire family (Sawiris family) that own El Gouna also own a stake in FC Lupen in the Swiss super league and have recently Acquired Aston Villa in the English championship.

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