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Player Ratings: Zambia 0 – 1 Sudan (CHAN 2018)

The Zambia national team was beaten 1 – 0 by Sudan to bow out of the CHAN tournament at the quarter final stage in Morocco.

The Chipolopolo lacked the cutting edge going forward but were also very poor in defense as Sudan capitalized on one of the defensive mistakes to strike the only goal of the match.

The ZamFoot Crew takes a look at how the players faired.

1. Toaster Nsabata 6/10 – Slowly claiming his spot as the Chipolopolo number 1. He aided his frail defense very well as he was quick to sort out the crosses into the box. Apart from the goal conceded, he hardly put a foot wrong.

2. Adrian Chama 5.5/10 – Was shunted to the right back position and his presence at centre back was clearly missed. The centre back partnership looked more stable once he was redeployed there in the second half. He did very little to influence play in the final third.

3. Fackson Kapumbu 5/10 – A much better display defensively in this game. He ventured forward at will but none of his crosses found his man. He set pieces were poor.

4. John Mwengani 2/10 – A disastrous debut to forget. He was jittery from the start and was always second best when the attackers ran at him. He was at fault for the goal conceded and it looked like a disaster was waiting to happen through his channel the longer the he stayed on the pitch, He was taken out of his misery in the 51st minute.

5. Ziyo Tembo 7/10 – A solid performance by the skipper. Bailed out his defense partner when caught out but was always up to the task on one on one situations. He took the responsibility to marshal Saifeldin Bakhit the goal scorer once Mwengani was off and he put him in his place.

6. Donashano Malama 8/10 – What a workhorse!! He lacks the clout of skill and flair on the ball but his determined performance cannot go without notice. He covered so much ground in the middle of the pack and was fighting for each ball, and trying to spread play. He was played in the right back position in the second half and even there, he was working his socks off to push for a goal.

7. Ernest Mbewe 4/10 – He was the catalyst of Zambia’s victories providing the strikers chance after chance in the group stages but failed to get out of his shell in this game. only once did he break on his wing but even then his square ball was not good enough as he was injured in the process.

8. Kondwani Mtonga 6/10 – A much better performance from the veteran midfielder. Twice his ran to the near post for the corner and got his header but the goal keeper was well positioned to deny him.

9. Martin Phiri 4/10 – His first game at the tournament but nothing to write home about. His first touch was poor and he lacked the punch to take on his marker and drive for the goal.

10. Lazarous Kambole 5/10 – He was full of running in the first half and looked like the likely source of the elusive goal. He was stretching the defense with his wide runs but he fizzled out in the second half with very little service from the ineffective wingers. He was substituted in the 60th minute.

11. Augustine Mulenga 5/10 – Saw a lot of the ball but his decision making was questionable at times. He had been the master mind of Zambia’s chances through the group stages and banging in the goals but he was well pocketed by the Sudanese defenders. When he found the space, his final ball or shot were poor.


Jack Chirwa 4/10 – Came in for John Mwengani to slot into the attacking midfield position. Seemed in a hurry to get things going but never stumped his authority in midfield.

Friday Samu 4/10 – He had 30 minutes to make a difference but it was a pedestrian performance from the GBFC lad who came in for Lazarous Kambole.

Chanda Mushili 3/10 – Another debutant who came in for Ernest Mbewe with 15 minutes to play but he quickly got lost in the crowd as the Nile Crocodile commanded the game towards the end and defended in numbers.

Coach Wedson Nyirenda 5/10 – While we can look at how he was not given any friendly match to gauge his players, his decision to start with Mwengani ahead of the more experienced Isaac Shamujopa in central defense backfired. He set the Chipolopolo up to create chances through the wide areas with very little attacking influence through the middle. Unfortunately there was no plan B once the Mbewe and Mulenga were shut out. He was brave to ring the changes very early in the second half but apart from stabilizing the defense, he did’t have a clue on how to break down the Sudanese defense.


7 Comments to Player Ratings: Zambia 0 – 1 Sudan (CHAN 2018)

  1. Martin Sikweti says:

    The blame for this loss solely falls wedson. He picked a weak team, you tell me those are the best players we have to offer. Our strike force was blunt, central midfield was purely defensive but I was impressed by Malama. Defense was OK apart from the selection that was wrong for the Sudan game. Wedson should not make excuses, he is to blame.

  2. Mark c says:

    Fire the coach is useless and pathetic how can you live creative players tembo and chama. This zambian coach is sturborn learn to listen. Your team selection is not on merit. Namibia will surprise you for Afcon.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The team played Sudan yesterday is the weakest team ever. Defence was pathetic. Nyirenda and his Liverpool degree should go to Germany and start a farm.
    You believe now that experiments in tornaments does not work?? The team hard no complete passes how do you coach a team without passes football is about passes and scoring not holding heads when you reach in the box. You leave sate sate, fawayo, felix Katongo, in zanaco Napsa stars and Zesco there are good players but you if you too Solomon Sakala better than mwengani. He wanted to score for Sudan as you directed him score more goals for Sudan.
    FAZ could you please fire Wada and replace him with Beston chambeshi???

  4. Prince says:

    The players were horrible…passing was never accurate and there was no football thinking throughout the game, Sir Alex would have failed with those boys last night…the team that played the final minutes of the game should have started and so the coach should be blamed as well…

  5. Bennny says:

    To me the selection was quite OK but am bit worried with Zambian football many coaches chose one player 4 each position without his fellow competitor for example Kapumbu and Simons’s positions need to be fight 4 not just 4 free look at how mwangeni played. I think wada played kapumbu and Simone in that friendly match against Orlando pirates.

  6. Dan says:

    John mwangeni 1/10, Friday Sam 2/10, martin Phiri 2.5/10.

  7. Positive thinking says:

    Lol. Firstly thanks Zamfoot.

    Football is funny, just yesterday Wadda was being praised and today we are calling for his head. He made mistakes yes, but maybe this was the wake up call he needed. You need a plan B, C, and even D at this level. He also should not have risked Silwimba against Namibia. Overall, he gets a C+ for the tournament. I think he will improve and FAZ also needs to get their act together for AFCON qualifiers. Start the logistics and planning for all known qualifiers now. Also work on real preparation.

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