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Sate Sate gets a 1 while Kambole was Zambia's star man

Player Rater: Zambia 2-4 Zimbabwe

With only 90 seconds to go, Zambia gave away a 2-1 to concede a goal as the Chipolopolo Boys capitulated in South Africa.

Below the ZamFoot Crew takes a look at how the Beston Chambeshi’s men fared.

Toaster Nsabata -5/10 – it looked like his golden glove to take but he conceded 4 goals in the final game. Difficulty to fault him for the goals but when one lets in four it average.

Shemmy Mayembe – 6/10 – The 20 year old could be one the best things Zambia has come back with from the tournament. He defended well and and did his fair part when attacking. Even against a tricky Talent Chawapiwa, he stood strong and hardly let anything come through his side.

Martin Sikaonga – 3/10 -The weakest link in the Zambia defense. He was totally at fault for the opening goal and he was easy to beat when they attacked through his side.

At 30 years old, it’s difficult to see if the Nakambala Leopards left back will add to his three caps.

Billy Mutale – 5/10 – A very strong performance from the Power man. Very steady even under pressure. Even when Ziyo was pulled out of his socket by Billiat he remained the pillar at the back. He let Kawedere walk past him for the injury time equalizer and should have kept track of him he remained alert.

Ziyo Tembo– 6/10 – He stuck to the instructions of not letting Billiat play even it took fouling him. He covered a lot ground was first to all high balls sent into the box.

Benson Sakala – 5.5/10 – He will soon own the ‘number six’ position. He was there to mop-up just on top of the defense. He was showing great awareness to cover for the central defenders every time they were pulled out of their positions. When he tried to play long from the back, he hardly picked the right ball.

Jack Chirwa – 4/10 – He made a presence in the central areas and did enough to help break-up play. But his contribution in unlocking the Zimbabwe defense was insignificant. Even when he shot on target, he did not show conviction.

Talent Chawapiwa of Zimbabwe challenged by jackson Chirwa of Zambia during the 2018 COSAFA Cup final match between Zambia and Zimbabwe at Peter Mokaba Stadiuml, Polokwane on 09 June 2018 ©Samuel Shivambu/BackpagePix

Clatous Chota Chama of Zambia challenged by Tafadzwa Kutinyu of Zimbabwe during the 2018 COSAFA Cup final match between Zambia and Zimbabwe at Peter Mokaba Stadiuml, Polokwane on 09 June 2018 ©Samuel Shivambu/BackpagePix

John Chingandu -3/10 -One of the weak links in Chambeshi’s team. He lacked penetration in the wide areas and was second best on 50/50 balls. Aside the pass to start the move for the first goal, it is hard to remember his contributions going forward.

Kelvin Mubanga -3.5 -He saw a lot of the ball but just never seemed to have settled in the game with less inspiring ball control. Even when he went wide, he failed to create for the other strikers.

Clatous Chama -7/10 – He was the heart beat of the Zambian attack. Two great assists for the two goals but seemed out of ideas once he had a different striker to feed when Kambole was substituted.

Lazarous Kambole – 8/10 – What a striker! For the two goals, he showed that he has awareness, intelligence, pace, power and can bring other players into play as well. It was difficulty to see where the goal would come from once he was substituted.

Power Dynamos’ Billy Mutale


Collins Sikombe (in for Kelvin Mubanga) 4.5/10 – He brought some stability to the Zambia midfield making good runs and supporting defense well

Ngosa Sunzu (in for John Chingandu) 4/10 – Did very little to influence the game

Ronald Kampamba (in for Lazarous Kambole) 1/10 – Came in with 2 minute to play and he could have won it for Zambia but he planted his shot on to the upright with only the keeper to beat with a minute to play. He later carelessly conceded the penalty that saw Zimbabwe lead in the extra time. Poor performance from the landlord.

Coach Beston Chambeshi– 6/10

He set out his team well to defend and attack as a unit and he had the trophy within spitting distance but for the injury time goal by Zimbabwe or the miss the by Sate Sate. He stuck to the winning team despite the nit so strong performances by some of his midfielders in the previous games. When Zimbabwe attacked they were easily repelled by the dedense and willing runners in midfield. His first sub was timely on he 60th minute and he only went in defensive mode in the 84th minute when he played Sunzu. The Kambole sub was forced and unfortunately once Zambia had gone into Extra time the team was already set out to defend and not attack. When the team went down from the avoidable penalty, he didn’ not have resources on the pitch to dig out a goal.

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24 Comments to Player Rater: Zambia 2-4 Zimbabwe

  1. Prolific Winger says:

    clatous chama is so gifted. This guy should be given the No. 10 position in the senior national team. Just in behind the No. 9…..there is nobody else that can match his composure, intelligence, technique and his quality in that position. He also controls the tempo of play brilliantly.
    The commentators were so biased they only wanted to see what biliat was doing…..never even gave any credit to CCC. Such a classy player.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very true chama is the cream cake of Zambia the commentator were biased. The could not comment on Zambia. Plz include chama in the senior team what a player to watch. I don’t know why Wada use to drop him

  3. Mingalato says:

    Was surprised to see Zimbabwe lineup of nearly all foreign based players from goalkeeper to Billiant of Sundown.
    Shows Zambia intentions were not to WIN but to learn what annoyingly called “one of two things” .

  4. Positive thinking says:

    So even COSAFA continues to elude us. I have to wonder why the coach substituted Kambole when he looked to be Zambia’s best goal threat? Anyway, time to worry about AFCON and whoever FAZ will reveal as the next coach.

  5. CRESPO wapaZED says:

    We need an expatriate coach

  6. CRESPO wapaZED says:

    Zambia kuwayawayafye

  7. Anita says:

    We deserve a part on the back! All professionals against a young Zambian untested team of locally based players.

  8. Anita says:

    Commentators, so unprofessional. All they wanted to see is a Zimbabwe victory. No credit given to Zambia. But they must realize that we used our b team of untested players playing together for the first time.

  9. discipline says:

    They say what does not kill you just makes you strong, this cosafa region envy us big time William shongwe big bro was very disappointed with your comments but its OK your ka Swazi national team is not even better than our club zesco and your stupid swallows Will be humiliated in your back yard. Ati king billiat the boy just plays for a PSL club not even Europe where he wont even last a season.

  10. abram says:

    Local coaches have failed we need an expatriet coach.

  11. Mulenga Pulu says:

    We sure need an expartriate coach

  12. Anonymous says:

    What did Chambeshi expect from Sate Sate honestly?!! At that critical time a player with defensive qualities was required not the useless Sate Sate.

  13. Tony says:

    Chambeshi should continue as first assistance coach.faz they made a big blunter when they appoint sichone as technical director. His presence is not felt.. Lastly martin siakonga should be dropped is too old to develop him. Bring in young stars..

  14. tasman says:


  15. Slim says:

    The coach had other players such as Cjanula of Chingalika. This fella has defensive qualities and strong on the ball. Renard said 4 years ago that Sate Sate is no player to feature for Chipos. Here we are the fella cost us in the last minute; missed a sitter and caused a penalty! Drop him for goodness sake!

  16. Leo says:

    Chambeshi again showed his immature
    When the U20 was poised to qualify for semis last minute Italy equalised he could not impose the team to focus again again he made the same blunder few seconds to go he let it slip
    It means this man can’t learn
    That’s why he is no where near chipolopolo senior
    Again Moses sichone as technical director has been a huge blunder
    He can’t do anything technical

  17. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    Bring back Kalu chapwa. Tapali apa we are lost

  18. GSK11 says:

    Disappointed. Zimbabwe looked clueless until Kampamba missed.sate sate going backwards.c c chama on the other hand set up goals like a genius.
    In one moment the difference etween average and class was seen when cc passed an sate sate missed.
    Chambeshi deserves credit for resurrecting ccc.

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