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Player Rater: Zambia 2 – 2 Cameroon

Zambia conceded in injury time to draw 2 – 2 with Cameroon. It’s a game the Chipolopolo should have won but the fans can now only look back at what could have been.

Zambianfootball.co.zm looks at how the players rated in the dead rubber match.

Kennedy Mweene 6/10 – Caught flat footed for the first goal in a game he had little to do.

Adrian Chama 5/10 – Not solid in defense, sometimes gave his man a lot of space. Looked jittery at times.

Fackson Kapumbu 6/10 – A good game going forward. Was providing crosses for Zambia on the left flank. His ferocious free kick in the second half could have gone in if it was a yard or two on either side.

Ziyo Tembo 8/10 – Great performance. Very decisive. Covered well for Kapumbu whenever he went on his errands.

Stopilla Sunzu 7/10 – A calm and collected performance from the experienced centre back.

Donashano Malama 9/10 – Shielded the Zambia defense very well. He owned the midfield and let very little go past him. His cracking shot from range shot have given Zambia a third even from a rebound.

Augustine Mulenga 8/10 – Another great shift. He was giving Cameroon something extra to think about whenever he ran at them with the ball and could have come out with an assist if it wasn’t for the brilliance of Fabrice kept out a well taken Daka shot.

Enock Mwepu 9/10 – Between him and Malama, they gave Zambia the balance in the game. He fought hard and was giving Zambia the drive to attack. Heavily involved in the 2nd goal.

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Fashion Sakala 6/10 – His best performance in a senior Chipolopolo jersey. He provided the assist for the first goal but did very little to influence the game due to lack of an end product to his moves.

Brian Mwila 7/10 – His phenomenonal record for the national team continues as he again struck to make it 3 goals in two games in the campaign. His lack of match fitness was apparent but he ran he channels with excellence.

Patson Daka 8/10 – A goal and an assist. Well played by the young striker. He fought hard in the final third, created space for himself and colleagues but had a number of misplaced passes when he won the ball in midfield.


Alex Ng’onga 5/10 – Replaced Mwila. Did little to change the game but will be remembered for failing to convert a rebound which he was first to react to.

Emmanuel Banda – Not rated

Ernest Mbewe – Not rated


Wedson Nyirenda 6/10 – He fired up the boys well for the gane and did his homework ahead of the game as he nullified the effective forward play of the Cameroonians but remained effective in attack. Why he did not look at closing the game in the final minutes is anybody’s guess. With his players tiring and the fighter Mwepu out, it seemed logical that he would play an extra man in midfield but his substitutions were both for more attacking players in Alex Ngonga,  Emmanuel Banda, Ernest Mbewe.

13 Comments to Player Rater: Zambia 2 – 2 Cameroon

  1. General says:

    Mweene is a suspect. surely nsabata as at today is better than Mweene. nsunzu also is a suspect. let us organise our local players at the back and see how we can perform. coach also brot in MBEWE very late who wud have changed things. ngonga shud not be called at senior team. he is not a national team material.

    • Mingalato says:

      Mweene napwa, he should move to China,lost his self confidence, however he is the BEST captain. There is no other leader in team. Maybe Ziyo can take harm band. Stophila is too nice guy.

  2. Sydney says:

    Mweene was a suspect indeed,then ngonga ba wada what do you see in that youngman .you seem to be blind about him , on Adrian you should have played shamujompa.

    • Mingalato says:

      When Mwepu got injured, Samunjopa was supposed to be introduced and have 2 holdings.
      Enerst Mbewe & Ngonga I didn’t see any use. There was Chilufya, Roderick, shonga who could have added excitement.

  3. ANDAVINKS says:

    Better luck next time Zambia. With the conclusion of this qualifiers it means that Nigeria has gone 36 worldcup qualifier matches unbeaten equaling Germany in the process. The last time Nigeria lost a worldcup qualifier match was against Angola, the only goal was scored by their captain akwa in 2004. Spain currently holds the world record with 63 unbeaten matches

  4. Anonymous says:

    Each and every time Zambia is preparing a team, oh this time the boys played well, ah the referee was very bias etc.however while such comments are running,Zambia is busy making long strides away from serious football in as much as qulifying to the world cup winning it or even the africa cup is concerned I think its high time that we put big brains on the technical bench so that we don’t leave room for such helpless comments.

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. LAMECK ELLIAS says:

    Toaster NSABATA, should be in goal for all coming games! MWEENE has killed Zambia. Boyd Mkandawire to take left back defensive position and don’t overlook our observations please! Next time give Emmanuel BANDA a good chance!
    Yesterday game Adrian CHAMA and Fackson KAPUMBU were porus as a result ZIYO TEMBO had a lot of job to do, helping wing backs as well his central roĺl!
    Congratulations Mr. WADA, Good try! Cameroon is not a small team!

  7. Ler says:

    When is adrian chama going to stop shivering if put in a high profile game.?

  8. Tembo says:

    I think Chipolopolo punched above their weight through out the qualifiers. Drawing against Cameroon over two legs and blowing out Algeria is not an easy feat. The boys should be very proud of themselves. I think with a bit of believe Zambia will qualify in the future.

  9. LAMECK ELLIAS says:

    True story about this WADA WADA : He is a very good Coach! he has a vision for Zambia, he can be seen by his deadly selection of players!
    He has made an excellent national team for Zambia! In Zambian football history no Zambian did this before; all the past Zambian coaches were playing names and what they found but for his case is different is identifying talent!
    Zambia National Soccer Team is now respected around the grobe despite not qualify for World Cup!
    He can definately emulate Herve Renard it’s very possible!

  10. Mwebantu says:

    Beston for Zambia. Please stop this nonsense!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Beston chambeshi to head the team and Nyirenda to second him thanks for your efforts

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