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Part 1: Who is Zambia’s G.O.A.T?

When it comes to the Greatest Of All Time, four names will come to many Chipolopolo faithful’s minds?


He is the only Zambian captain to have ever lifted an African Cup of Nations trophy and brought it home in 2012. And was voted the player of the tournament, a feat that no other Zambian player has achieved!

The Warrant class officer is the only player from Eastern and Southern Africa to have been named as the BBC African Player of the Year.

In a career which started at Butondo Tigers in Mufulira to successful spells in South Africa, Denmark and Germany, Tsunami as he was known in his playing career deserves his name in the hall of fame.

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He also played in Greece and China.

Katongo finished as top scorer with 15 goals in the South African PSL despite leaving half way through the campaign.


‘I saw Kalusha play’ is what this author will tell his children and grand children.

Another Mufulira native on the list.

Great Kalu or King Kalu is arguably one of Africa’s best jersey no.11 known.

Who would forget about the hatrick he scored against Italy in the Olympics in 1988?

What about the injury time goals he scored at independence Stadium to send Gate D into rupture of chorus of ‘Lwisha Lwisha?’

Aged 41 years old, King Kalu came off the bench to score a stunning free kick against Liberia.

After his exploits at Mufulira Wanderers, Kalusha joined Belgian side Cercle Brugge before he left for Dutch side PSV where he was coached by the late Sir Bobby Robson.

It was at PSV where he played with Brazilian legend Romario and a young Ronald in the early 90s.

He remains still the only player from Eastern and Southern Africa to have been named as the CAF African Footballer of the year in 1988.

*P.S. Next week we will look at the other two G.O.A.Ts

12 Comments to Part 1: Who is Zambia’s G.O.A.T?

  1. Logic says:

    I would say Kalu, Ucar, Alex Chola, Zoom and Chris Katongo in that order. Chris Kantongo’s career in defined by one singular moment which is winning the Africa cup and he was not even the best player on that squad while Kalu’s body of work inspired multiple generations. His leadership after the Gabon disaster and the many memorable crucial goals he scored are second to none….in my humble opinion

  2. Chris Katongo is the best player Zambia has ever produce even though to didnt play in top EPL.he won afcon 2012.Excellent leadership skills.

  3. Chris Katongo is the best player Zambia has ever produced.yes he might not had played in top leagues.The class of 2012 is the best squred Zambia has ever assembled.The boys won the first ever afcon trophy.He displayed true leadership skills.

  4. Nostra says:

    Chris is overrated, let him be the National team coach. That I believe he can do very well, he is charismatic.

  5. Mingalato says:

    Who is writing this? Stop, and delete article. We have interesting games this weekend, and we can’t have these insults.
    1. First just g.o.a.t.s, is extremely insulting to our great players.
    2. You can’t compare Chris Katongo to legends. It’s insults in itself..
    Please guys we support all the time.
    We need come to website tomorrow to follow exciting lineups, not lineup of legends.
    Delete it.

    • Hunter Shilesa says:

      Yeap, i hear you not what these kids are saying. They have not watched the whole football career in the country. But effort chabala deserves a place. Ati GOAT!

  6. Chali says:

    Chris Katongo does not fit the bill, maybe the luckiest captain. You had Godfrey Chitalu, Bernard Chanda, Alex Chola and maybe, just maybe Kalusha Bwalya but definitely not the greatest.

  7. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    Zambians greatest football player of all time is Godfrey “Ucar” Chitala. Chitalu is number 5 on the list of 20 leading goal scorers in the world

    1. ALI DAEI, IRAN. 109 GOALS/149 GAMES
    3. FERENC PUSKAS (Hungary) 84 goals/89
    4. Kunishige Kamamoto (Japan) 80/84
    5. Godfrey Chitalu(Zambia) 79/108 games

    This data is from documented records. You can Google this. I watched Ucar and many others

    From what I watched no one in the history of Zambian football (to present) can match ba Ucar, maybe in future


  8. STUMPY says:

    really,, man. You couldn’t finish such a ka short article.

  9. Christopher Katongo is the best

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