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Nyirenda: Kalaba is not indespensable

Chipolopolo Boys coach Wedson Nyirenda has said Rainford Kalaba is not indispensable, adding that he is just like any other player.

Responding to whether Kalaba’s absence will negatively effect Chipolopolo, Wada indicated that all the players in his roster are dependable.

“Kalaba is just a player like any other player. We have made this team consisting of the 23 players that will play tomorrow.

While it took time for him to stamp his authority, the axing of the so called big players with ego has seen the upturn of fortune for Zambia.

Without Kalaba, Collins Mbesuma, Fwayo Tembo and Clatus Chama, Zambia recorded back to back victories against a North African powerhouse against all odds.

Currently, it’s just the trio Kennedy Mweene, Stopilla Sunzu and Chisamba Lungu remaining from the golden generation which brought the African Cup of Nations trophy home.

“There is no player who is indispensable in Zambia this time. We only depend on who is going to deliver that day and according to our plans.

Despite those victories over Algeria, opinion is still divided over the continued snubbing of especially Kalaba and his TP Mazembe teammate Nathan Sinkala.

A decade ago, Kalaba and Nyirenda worked together at Zesco United as they helped the Ndola side establish itself.

Should Zambia hold their own on Saturday in Uyo State, then it will be unlikely that the Power Dynamos and Kaizer Chiefs legend will have to respond to a Kalaba query again.

19 Comments to Nyirenda: Kalaba is not indespensable

  1. lets support the current team and kalaba will join us in russia

  2. Zambian Buffalo says:

    Sorry Kalaba despline is very cardinal in the team. We still need you in the team.

  3. Anonymous says:

    kalaba must be descpline he is the good player but does not have character

  4. Anonymous says:

    Shut up, just shut up!, Zambia went into a very important match and egos much abound..pack your stupid bags after Uyo.when you lose…go coach a a club…you should have inherited Jacob Mulenga..scoring more goals than idiot Ighalo in China..holding his own and playing better football than Obi slow ass..much vaunted mickel so called ace..lol..lousy ads player…kalaba..woyld have taught those mother fucnkrss a lesson!

  5. C J from SA says:

    What time is the match?

  6. kampinda says:

    Kalaba has served Zambia well over the decade and must be a proud man. It’s a fact that he is getting a little tired…He hardly ever finishes a game at club level. He should be happy to see a new generation come through.

  7. Mako says:

    Ba Wada….it was just a ka Algeria game and don’t think you have reached the finest place…kalaba and his 2012 team mates worked very hard and codinated in all the games.
    We managed to beat big teams and got the cup in 2012,we all praised and here we are today.ZAMBIANS END SOMEONE’S CAREER THROUGH TALKING WHEN THE PERSON IS STILL IN FORM.
    We gonna end yours sooner..!!!!


  8. Benny says:

    Stop singing kalaba’s name do u think only kalaba can make a difference?? The answer is no these names listed as fwayo,chama etc lack discipline and they need to stay at there respective clubs until the end of their careers if they continue 2 be stubborns

  9. Papa says:

    I think this Zambian coach lacks wisdom. In his utterances, he speaks like an emotional woman and lacks poise. He has become arrogant after back to back wins against Algeria, but Kalaba is an exceptional player and is not like any other player. He is not indispensable but he is not like any other player. He can still add value to a team. If Zambia lose today his arrogance will come back to bite him. Zambia’s defence is another nightmare and whether we can survive the onslaught of the Nigerian attack only the 90 minutes will tell.

  10. Mboyo says:

    You will remember kalaba, Collins today after Nigerian match.they were the best for Zambians you are just jealous

  11. Anonymous says:

    you have said it all the were the best

  12. Logic says:

    This coach must learn to forgive. He holds grudges for too long and that is not a good thing. Kalaba was used to being on top and he simply didn’t know how to handle things when that changed. Around the world, many coaches will talk to start players in private and tell them things have changed and they should expect to be benched at times so that issues like what happened with Kalaba don’t show up in public. Much as I appreciate the youth movement, we have a tendency to diss our players once they are past their prime and that is not good. He has done a lot for the country and the coach should not belittle his contribution by saying things like that. He could have found a more diplomatic way to say this what he was saying without sounding arrogant.

  13. Logic says:

    What this coach forgets is that Zambians forget easily. The praises heaped on you will disappear should we lose today and it would serve you well to not antagonize those who may help you keep your job in the future. Like Kendrick Lamar says..Sit down.. be humble, lol


    Even before the game Zambians negative and as rude as ever with crude insults. I am just watching and won’t blame the Coach because he has tried his level best. I for one don’t support indiscipline not at all.

  15. BYONKABYO says:

    We need kalaba,fwayo,sinkala and chongo kabaso in the team ba coach never talk like that in public sit down with those player they need ur council. U need them too go go zambia go

  16. Kuku says:

    Kalaba fears injurrying himself when he plays for Zambia nowadays. That’s my only issue with him.

  17. Anonymous says:

    What do you about football ati coach?To me you know nothing Kalaba is the feared player in Africa. Then you are talking nonsense dull in your brain. You are a corrupt coach like your employer’s.

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